How to Paint Dark Skin Tones: Sergio Calvo Tutorial

dark skin tones paintingLearn how to paint dark skin tones by painting up this Samuel L Jackson in this tutorial from Sergio Calvo- check it out!

Sergio Calvo is one of the premier painters out there right now and has a ton of great painting tutorials (as well as awards under his belt). Each is quite in-depth and shows you how to accomplish a certain look. Most of the videos are broken down into parts for a single model, so just keep that in mind.

In this painting tutorial, we’re painting up a head from start to finish, that is based on a famous actor you might well know!

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How to Paint Dark Skin Tones: Sergio Calvo Tutorial

dark skin tones painting 2He starts out by doing a zenithal style highlight on the head, now let’s see how to do the rest!

Step 1:

dark skin tones painting 3He starts by mixing water, Rhinox Hide, and Hexed Lichen on his wet palette and covers the entire head. Once that is on, he mixes in more purple and starts picking out some of the highlights. After that, he added an even lighter purple to the mix and hits the majority of the head and highlights.

Step 2:

dark skin tones painting 7After that, he adds a decent amount of water to Saddle Brown and continues to highlight the raised areas, however, he’s still covering the majority of the head here, leaving just the recesses with the previous mix. As you can see above. He also does this in a few passes.

Step 3:

dark skin tones painting 5Next, he adds Pastel Pink to the mix and just starts picking out the highest highlights like the nose, chin, and cheekbones. He then blends more Pastel Pink into the mix and hits an even smaller highlight.

Step 4:

dark skin tones painting 5Now, takes water and Mahogany mixed together and hits the recesses of the face with this and any spot he wants to darken, like some of the pastel areas from step 3.

Finished Head:

dark skin tones painting 6There you have it an amazing piece of work that looks a lot like the inspiration! Now go get painting.

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