These New Kromlech Orktober Releases are Awesome!

orktober 2022 kromlechThe new Kromlech Orktober releases this year are pretty insane, with some giant models all the way to Orc squads and bits!

Kromlech is always putting out some of the coolest alternative minis and bits on the market! If you haven’t checked them out before, they are definitely worth looking into. This time though, we’ll be focusing on what new minis they will add to the line in October.

orktober 2022 kromlech

This has been quite a good year for Orcs, and we’re super excited to see what Kromlech adds to the game. We saw some big previews for everything, but now that it’s here, it’s time to get buying! Plus, a lot of the sets are on sale; nothing wrong with saving money!


Orktober releases 2This mini is amazing and will make for the perfect leader of your forces! If you’ve been waiting to find the leader of your WAAAAGH! You might have just found one.

Kromlech OrktoberHere are the specs on this one:

This set contains one Orc Corsair Warlord Deffkrooza – an imposing chosen of the Orc Gods. He is armed with Ship-Killa cannon, and his right arm ends with a massive looted anchor, Sea Toof. The set includes three different heads and one smoking pipe.


Orktober releases 5


Kromlech Orktober 2

This set contains one Boomfighta Bomber with a crew and an unreasonable amount of bombs or any other explosive stuff, including terrifying “Deth Bomb” at the front, smaller, detachable bombs at the back, and two pairs of machine guns, one operated by the pilot and the second one operated by the passenger.

ORC STORM RIDERZ TEAM: $38.99 (Sale Price)

They are not kidding around and are just releasing an insane number of kits this year. These aren’t even close to everything coming out this month! 

Kromlech Orktober 3

This set contains one Storm Riderz Team of five Orcs – armed with a spear and explosive charge and portrayed in landing or taking off position. All arms, jump packs, and heads are interchangeable.


Orktober releases 3Everything in this release is just so Orky and amazing! The Battle Rig is one of the biggest and wildest sets we’ve ever seen from them. 

Kromlech Orktober 4


Kromlech Orktober 5

This set contains one huge Orc Corsairs Battle Rig with a gutsy three-Orc crew, including wicked Orc Warr Freak. Additionally, there are two brave Gnaws hidden within the wheels. The Battle Rig is armed with a devastating Boom-lobber Cannon at the front and contains three interchangeable posts: ship’s wheel, stork’s nest, and harpoon launcher called Jabba Cannon.

If you love what Kromlech is up to, check out what else they have going on hereThat does it for this one; now get some insane models!

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