Top 40k Homebrew Army List: The Mighty Meeple GT

40k-homebrew-army-listsGrey Knights score a spot behind the best armies as a new homebrew Warhammer 40k army list emerged at The Mighty Meeple GT!

9th Edition’s meta is again in flux, but some players take lists with units that nobody expected. Check out this awesome homebrew list that emerged in a tournament over the weekend. This shows us that sometimes it’s more about the general’s skill than what you play.

The Mighty Meeple GT: Top 40k Homebrew Army List

Thanks to Best Coast Pairings, we can look back at the event as if we were all there ourselves. Check out the details here.

If you wanted to see the names and factions of the overall winners, we’ve included that below.

The Mighty Meeple GT top 8

However, we aren’t covering all those lists. Instead, we will look at just one of our favorites this week.

The Mighty Meeple GT: Luke Henderson – Grey Knights 8th Place



Luke Henderson 1

Luke’s Grey Knight list brings the faction back into a Top 8! Even better, he’s not running the previously standard max Nemesis Dreadnought style list.

He went with a single battalion led by a Librarian for Psychic support, Kaldor Draigo, for a fantastic melee model and more psychic support, and a Grand Master in Nemesis Dread for a huge armored threat who is great in melee and ranged combat while also bringing some psychic support to the table.

Troops bring in a standard selection of 15 Grey Knights to fill out the requirement.

Luke Henderson 2

Elites also remain relatively simple, with an Apothecary for healing and 10 Paladins for a slightly more elite foot slogging choice that can perform in both melee and ranged combat.

Fast Attacks bring in 15 Interceptors for some mobility and even more flexible dual-purpose models that can do well in pretty much any situation.

Finally, the list closes with one more Nemesis Dread. It’s slightly cheaper and worse than the Grand Master variant, but it still holds almost all of the combat prowess, making it an easy include!

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What do you think about this homebrew 40k army list from The Mighty Meeple GT?

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