Black Library Announces New Angron: The Red Angel Novel

angron-red-angel-novel-black-libraryBlack Library teased their new novel Angron: The Red Angel that’s leading the charge for Khorne and Chaos!

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Angron: The Red Angel Limited Edition

Angron Red Angel

Angron has returned to the mortal plane and the World Eaters will heed his call to slaughter – whether they like it or not. Aboard the World Eaters’ malevolent flagship, the Conqueror, Kossolax the Foresworn, self-appointed lord regent of the XII, fights to keep his old dreams of the Legion alive. Will the return of his hated father prove to be an opportunity or a threat to the fragile unity he’s forged amongst his warriors?

Meanwhile, half a galaxy away, the Grey Knights are setting plans that have been centuries in the making into motion. Can they finally eradicate the Emperor’s greatest mistake once and for all?

More lore about Angron in the Red Angel novel is always a good thing. Plus, with the model coming out soon, might as well get hyped for the release! Plus, who doesn’t want to learn more about the insane exploits of Angron? Just keep in mind the limited editions are always really cool but will cost you more.

Luckily they are doing a normal release as well.


Angron Red Angel 2

Angron: The Red Angel will be available in hardback and as a truly amazing limited edition. Let the chanting commence: “books for the book god!”

Whatever version you get, it’s bound to be pretty awesome! There’s really nothing to get you excited for a new release like a Black Library book about your army!

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Are you excited about the new Angron: The Red Angel Black Library book?

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