How to Paint Dark Angels Armor: Galharen Tutorial

Painting Dark AngelsPainting Dark Angels armor doesn’t have to be complicated; check out this how-to-paint tutorial that will get your miniatures on point!

Galharen has some amazing hobby content, and if you need some sweet tips, you should follow him to get up on all your painting and conversion techniques.

In this painting tutorial, he shows how to paint really detailed Dark Angels Space Marines. It’s a pretty easy way to get a really cool effect without a ton of effort.

How to Paint Dark Angels Armor: Galharen Tutorial

Painting Dark Angels 2He starts off by priming the model black. Just one other thing to note, he’s going to show the majority of the techniques on the one leg, but you can just extrapolate that to the rest of the model. Let’s see how to do it!

Step 1:

Painting Dark Angels 3He starts with Nuclear White from GSW and does a zenithal highlight from the top down with the airbrush. Next, he uses Viridis Green and hits the majority of the model with this, and the zenithal will naturally highlight the model.

Step 2:

Painting Dark Angels 4Now we’re going to move on to the brushwork. The three colors we’re going to be using for this are Virdis Green, Hunter Green, and Flubber Green. He puts all three onto the wet palette along with Banana Split. His first color is Hunter Green; for this highlight, he tries to follow the Zenithal highlight from before for the light source.

To then smooth the transitions, he mixes in the Virdis Green and hits the slight outside of where he was painting before.

Step 3:

Painting Dark Angels 5Next, he adds Flubber Green to the mix and does some much higher highlights, as well as throwing in some small lines in the darker areas to add some flavor. The higher he goes in layers and highlights, the more the mix leans towards Flubber Green. For the final highlights, he adds a little bit of yellow.

Step 4:

Painting Dark Angels 7He painted the rest of the armor in the interim here, but with the same steps we just looked at. Next, he takes the Banana Split and does the highest highlights with just this color. Don’t go overboard here, or you will really take away some of the vibrant green.

Finished Model:

Painting Dark Angels 8There you have it! Some great-looking armor without that much trouble! Be sure to watch the video below for all the details: 

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Have you tried Painting Dark Angels armor yet? 

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