How To Paint Imperial Guard Kasrkin With Peachy!

Kasrkins How to PaintLearn how to speed paint your Warhammer 40k Imperial Guard Kasrkin with this painting tutorial from Peachy himself!

Peachy has recently joined the Painting Phase and has started making awesome painting tutorials on YouTube! They also have a Patreon, so if you want to show some extra support and get great rewards, go check that out here!

If you’re looking for an easy way to paint your new Imperial Guard minis but don’t want to spend too much time on them, this tutorial will help you tackle the steps without much hassle!

How To Paint Imperial Gaurd Kasrkin: Peachy Painting Tutorial

Kasrkins How to Paint 3Starting off this painting tutorial, Peachy primed these with Mechanicus Standard Grey. Just keep in mind this is for painting fast, so not for the highest quality!

Before we get into all the steps, let’s check out the paints used in this video!

Step 1:

Kasrkins How to Paint 2The color scheme and unit were actually chosen by a Patreon and YouTube poll. Cool to see them following up on the poll! He starts with Rakarth Flesh and drybrushes the whole model with it.

Next, he takes Flesh Tearers Red as a base coat for all the cloth and does a second coat just to be safe. He then takes Iron Hands Steel and hits all the silver areas with it. After that, he then takes Black Legion and does a basecoat on all the armor with that. He then thins it down with 50/50 water and does the coats, a second coat where it needs it, and a quick coat on the guns to tone them down.

Step 2:

Kasrkins How to Paint 4For the gold details, he just picks them out with Retributor Armour, and then for the flesh, he uses Bloodreaver Flesh and Rakarth Flesh (for different minis). Next up, he takes the Rakarth Flesh and paints the shoulder pads and helmets with that. For the skin details, he thins down Guilliman Flesh and does a wash on all the skin.

For the lenses, he does a base coat with Bold Titanium White. To get a plasma to glow, he thins down Frostheart and just does a quick coat. To finish off the lenses ha does a watered-down coat of Baal Red.

Step 3:

Kasrkins How to Paint 5It’s time for basing. He starts with Astro Granite and does this all over the base. Once dry, he thins down Guilliman Flesh and applies this all over. Next, he drybrushes the whole base with Rakarth Flesh. To brighten up the bases, he then takes The Army Painter tufts and sticks them on the base where he feels it fits the best.

Now, you could totally play games with them like this, but he’s going to take it a step further.

Step 4:

Kasrkins How to Paint 6He chips up the armor with Iron Hands Steel, he does this with a brush along the edges of the armor, but don’t be too uninformed, or it will look odd. Next, he highlights the red with Wazdakka Red and the armor with Stormvermin Fur. To add some pop to the red buttons and lenses, he does a very small highlight with Bold Titanium White and then thins it way down and does a small glaze on the plasma weapons.

For the skin, he just does a quick highlight of Rakarth Flesh. To finish, he draws an I in white on the shoulder pads, then adds three lines through the middle to make the inquisitorial I.

Finished Models

Kasrkins How to Paint 7


Kasrkins How to Paint 8There you have it, a super fast way to get great-looking minis on the tabletop in under 25 minutes a model, not too shabby! Be sure to check out the full video below for all the tips, or you can check out the links below for more content! 

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