Get a Look At These Beautiful & Deadly Death Korps of Krieg Tanks

DkoK Army 9Check out these beautiful Death Korps of Krieg Imperial Guard Tanks brought to us by the hobby maniacs at Castle Brush EU!

The artistic team at Castle Brush is pumping out some amazing-looking projects for the worldwide hobby community. This level of painting is extremely crisp, and it lets you get an entire army on the field quickly. Sometimes we just don’t have time to paint; let Castle Brush do it for you! If you love what Castle Brush is doing, check out some of their other stuff here.

Today, we’re going to let them walk you through this wild project. That way, you can hear from them how much work went into it.

Death Korps of Krieg Imperial Guard Tanks:

DKoK TanksIs there a more distinct and climactic Astra Militarum regiment than DKoK? Perhaps not, and we finally got a chance to paint our version of it. We were asked to paint several FW tanks and some additional characters, taking inspiration from WWII Wehrmacht tanks. We had a chance to show off our freehanding skills in several instances, as well as play a little with the camo patterns, and there is even some cool conversion work and weapon magnetization. Bases resemble mud and trenches of WWI.

Commission list:

  • Macharius Vanquisher – ‘Overlord’ quality
  • Solar Auxilia Leman Russ Incinerator x3 – ‘Overlord’ quality
  • 3x Tech-Priests – ‘Overlord’ quality
  • 1x Imperial Commissar – ‘Overlord’ quality


DkoK Army 8


DkoK ArmyThe paint scheme for all of the Tech-Priests is supposed to resemble the tanks they maintain, hence the camo pattern visible on their cloaks – this accent ties them stronger with the overall scheme. Other than that, they are rather classic robotic preachers, with lots of metallic surfaces, cables, and strange equipment: 

  • Heresy Hunter Dominator Mechanic – another miniature from Wargames Exclusive; this time we were asked to give her a proper ‘front plate’ armor piece since she was a bit exposed in this section (look up the original miniature to get the idea). 
  • Mechanic Adept Female Tech-Priest Domina – last WE sculpt in this commission, with a really nice, spacious base. 
  • Domina – Heresy Lab miniature; a bit more fragile than the WE, but nonetheless great sculpture – her ‘hovering’ pose is just pure awesomeness.

DkoK Army 2Imperial Commissar – this handsome fellow comes from Wargame Exclusive (‘Imperial Iron Commissar’). Sculpt was great, really easy to work with, and full of character – true pleasure to paint him up to our ‘Overlord’ standard. The base was further enhanced with some mud and barbed wire, but it didn’t really need any additional work – the guys at Wargame Exclusive made it really interesting.


DkoK Army 3


DkoK Army 5


DkoK Army 4We were asked to paint the tanks in one specific camo pattern, provided by the client – it was one of the WWII German camo schemes; apart from that, all tanks received specific freehand pieces and additional magnetization:

Solar Auxilia Leman Russ Incinerators: each tank has its gunner, hunter-killer missile, and front hull weapon options magnetized; we also magnetized the turrets for easier transportation. Tanks received a bit of weathering and environmental effects – a bit of rust here and there to show they are operating in the field for some time, and rich mud on the tracks.

Each tank is a bit different in terms of cosmetic equipment – fuel canisters, shovels, and other pieces can be found in different places on the back hull. All three tanks proudly display DKOK-inspired freehand on both sides of the hull. Each tank represents our ‘Overlord’ quality paint job, with extra freehand symbols.

The Crowning Jewel:

DkoK Army 6


DkoK Army 7


DkoK Army 9Macharius Vanquisher – the centerpiece of the whole commission – and a real beast in terms of what was needed to be done here. Apart from receiving sponsons, main turret, and gunner/navigator magnetization, we were asked to convert one of the crew members, so he could inspect a map of the nearby area. We took inspiration from the old Polish military map from the ’30s, depicting our local area.

Macharius displays two large freehand pieces – one is a classic artwork from ‘Siege of Vraks’, the other is a ‘Charge of Krieg’, some WWI artwork adjusted to WH40K needs – with combatants switched to Kriegsmen and Iron Warriors. There is also an additional freehand visible on the side of the turret. Of course, we didn’t miss the camouflage and weathering, as well as heat damage to the main barrels.

That does it today for this awesome project. If you are looking for a studio that can handle anything from dioramas to full-scale armies, make sure you check out the creative team at Castle Brush today!

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