New SM Brutalis Dreadnought & Desolation Squad 40k Rules!

New-Space-Marines-rules-desolatorsHere are the full Space Marines Brutalis Dreadnought and Desolation Squad Warhammer 40k rules- check out what the new units can do!

With the box out on the streets, we have seen the new datasheets and everything the units can do! If you’ve been on the fence about buying the box, well, this might tip you either way. We saw a bunch of previews from GW, but it’s nice to just have everything in one place.

Both of the squads have some really strong rules, but what else would you expect from new minis? Let’s start with the Dreadnought and then get into the Desolation Squad and points.

Space Marines Brutalis Dreadnought & Desolation Squad Warhammer 40k Rules!

Space Marines Desolation Squad Rules 3This is quite a beast with a 10″ move, 7 Strength, 7 Toughness, and 13 wounds. Then, it has -1 damage on all attacks and can have an insane amount of weaponry. Just the standard loadout is wild with five guns and two fists.

If you leave the normal loadout, it gets 15 shots and the fists dish out some serious damage still.

However, if you want to go the more melee route, you give up the twin bolt rifles, but you can get 10+ attacks in melee or have a -4AP attack that has wound re-rolls. Either way, this is super powerful! Here’s a closer look at the talons.

Space Marines Brutalis Dreadnought Rules These confirmed rules come from this Warhammer Community post.

Those who endure such exertions still find their minds drifting away from their former selves, though in the eyes of the Chapter it is a small price to pay for their martial might. They fight with a pair of terrifying talons, which can rip tanks and infantry asunder.

The Strike profile of the Brutalis talon is utterly monstrous, packing enough Damage to tear the legs off a Chaos Knight. It’ll happily turn lesser infantry into canid chow, but a Sweep is more efficient – doubling the number of attacks is far more important against measly one-wound mortals.

This makes it very versatile in combat, with the ability to either smash through high-wound targets (and get wound re-rolls) or you can sweep and double your attacks and still have -3AP.

Space Marines Desolation Squad Rules

Space Marines Desolation Squad Rules 4The models have received some flak (get it) online, but they are Primaris with giant rockets! Nothing too crazy in the profile, but the weapons are quite interesting.

It also looks like the rumors about the Signum are true, and can more or less guarantee at least one hit. Let’s take a closer look.

Desolation Squad New rules These confirmed rules come from this Warhammer Community post.

With a minimum of 4 shots and AP1, this should be decent for taking out squads of weaker troops. Especially considering you would have a minimum of 20 shots from a squad of 5, they can really do some damage.

Desolation Squad New rules 2

You can also go the other way and get five shots from the squad to dish out an insane number of wounds at long range. But it doesn’t stop here, as each weapon also has an underslung option.

Desolation Squad New rules 3

First, the Vengor Launcher at Heavy D6, S6, and D2, is very versatile and can take out two wound models decently. Then, the Castellan Launcher also doesn’t need LoS, and every weapon has one. So, if you pick the heavy option, you will still have the ability to shoot a bunch of shots at smaller targets.

Lieutenant Rules

Space Marines Desolation Squad Rules 2

So, some new options here, including the Heavy Bolt Pistol, Master-crafted bolt rifle, and a Power Fist. Other than that, the profile seems to be the same, so just some extra weaponry to go along with the new kit.


Space Marines Desolation Squad RulesThe points aren’t anything too crazy (and 170 points is pretty good for the Brutalis), but as you can see, you will have to pay for meltas and the Vengor Launchers.

Then, at 35 points, the Desolation Squad really isn’t too bad either, especially considering they can just shoot from forever away and will be hard to target back…

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What do you think about the new rules for the Desolation Squad and Brutalis Dread? Will you be picking them up?

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