Heck Ghosts New Traitor Guard 3D STL Kickstarter Dropped!

Heck Ghosts featureThe new 3D STL Kickstarter project, Heck Ghosts, make for some of the coolest alternative Traitor Guard we’ve seen in a while…

If you want a full army of fantastic Traitor Guard alternatives, this is going to be the project for you! With so many amazing files and at a good price, you really can’t go wrong with this project. This is run by ThatEvilOne, and his projects always run smoothly and get funded extremely well, which means more stretch goals for all of us.

This project just kicked off, but it’s better to support it now while you’re thinking of it instead of missing out! Let’s take a closer look.

New 3D STL Heck Ghosts Traitor Guard Kickstarter Just Dropped!

Heck Ghosts

Heck Ghosts 2Everything below (and above) is in the core set, meaning you get all kinds of files! Here’s what they have to say about the project:

The HECK GHOSTS is a Kickstarter for the vengeful remnants of a dead world. Virus Bombed in retaliation for a colonial rebellion, the already beleaguered people of Heckgan were almost entirely exterminated with only a few million surviving in deep underground bunkers out of the billion souls that used to live on the world. 

Heck Ghosts 3


Heck Ghosts 4

Now after generations and galvanized by the stories of The Scholar and The Colonel, long dead heroes of the rebellion, the people of Heckgan rise from their Bunkers. They have masterrd their poisoned world and now set their eyes on the Empire that sought to destroy them. They are the wraiths of a dead people, they are the Heck Ghosts and they will have their revenge.

Heck Ghosts 5


Heck Ghosts 6

Every sculpt I make will be exported as a high fidelity STL file, that you can print at home with a resin 3D printer. My Goal is to provide you the ability to muster a warband, gang or army that your friends and local gaming group has never seen before. Something you can truly feel proud of setting on the table or display self. The files I’ll provide are for personal use. Sharing Links and STLs is extremely prohibited (check the rules at the end of the this page).

Heck Ghosts 7


Heck Ghosts 8

Depending on your pledge point you will be eligible for the Infantry Elements or the Infantry and Vehicle Elements together. All models shall be presupported for ease of printing and will include the ChituBox File so that supports can be tweaked to suit your machines and support settings. 

Heck Ghosts 9


Heck Ghosts 10That’s it for the core collection, but more will be added when stretch goals are hit.

Stretch Goals

Heck Ghosts 11The project just kicked off, so it makes sense they haven’t hit a ton of goals yet, but we expect them to very soon!

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