Unleash the Rage with Ferocious New Angron Alternative: Angry Nessa

Angry Ness FeatureSecure your Angry Nessa alternative Angron miniature from Hardcore Miniatures, and unlock a realm of possibilities for your Word Eaters army.

The hobby maniacs at Hardcore Miniatures are not stopping on their quest to make some of the coolest minis out there! Of course, they had to take some time off due to the conflict in Ukraine, and now they are back and operating from outside Russia!

This time around, they have a fantastic new mini that has been on the preview table for a while now. Perhaps even better, it’s on sale while it’s on pre-order! So if you want the model, you might as well get it now instead of waiting and paying more!

Just keep in mind that as of this writing, this miniature is on pre-order now and will be shipping out in June 2023.

Angry Nessa: $21 (sale price)

Angry Ness 4We’re pretty sure you can guess what model this is supposed to be an alternative for, but it just looks fantastic!

Angry Ness 2Just like every time they put something on pre-order, they give a pretty huge discount, so if you want the miniature, by buying it early, you actually save 16%, which is just awesome!

Angry NessHere’s what they have to say about the new miniature as it seems to be as tall as a Horus Heresy primarch model from Forge World.

This set consists of 18 resin details and 1 plastic base. The set allows the assembly of 1 miniature. The miniature has 4 head options.

This is a PRE-ORDER item which means it will be sent out at the beginning of June 2023 with the principle “buy first – get first”.

Angry Ness 3If you love what Hardcore Miniatures is up to, check out what else they have going on here! That does it for this one, now stop starting and go get yourself a fantastic new miniature!

Click Here to Get Your Angry Nessa From Hardcore Miniatures!

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