Ork Warboss Warbike Conversion

Da Ork Warbosses need a propa ride, but dem guys at Games Workshop still don’t make a model for it. Here’s a quick and fun way to give yer Orky chief da kinda ride he deserves.

First, you’ll be needin’ a plastic Ork Warbike. One a da bikes from da current Ork Warbike plastic box set will do jus’ fine. Pick da one ya likes best fer da conversun job.

Den you’ll be needin’ an Orky Boss. I used a plastic Warboss model from da previous Warhammer 40,000 starta set, da Assault On Black Reach. Der wuz plenty a cool Boyz and udder Orky bits in dat fun box set.

I sawed da Boss at da waist and bent him so dat he’s sittin’ radder dan standin’ and den filled in da gap wid da Kneadatite (“Green Stuff”). Oh man, I luvs da Green Stuff, Orks likes any ting dats green! I also cut one a da legs and spread it a bit wider and repositioned one hand at da wrist to hold da handlebar of da bike. All gaps where da model wuz cut were filled and sculpted wit da Green Stuff.

I wanted da Boss’ bike to look bigger dan doze of da udder Orkses. I did dis by addin’ a ‘uge ‘orned fairing to it using extra parts from my Ork Deff Dread.

Here’s a picture of da bike after conversion, but before da paintin’.

Here’s a picture of da Warboss ridin’ his bike after it got dun bein’ painted. Da Boss sure is lookin’ sweet on his ride. Dis model was featured on Games Workshop’s daily blog on April 22, 2010.

Warboss Dakkarik now rides his Warbike at da head of his Fizzigoff tribe as dey charge into battle! You can see ‘im in da pictures below leadin’ his Biker Nobs into a rumble. Da Imperial ‘umie scum will not be ‘appy to see dat comin’ at ’em.

Notice da Painboy wid da ‘uge ‘urty syringe on his bike in da mob photos above and below. Dat is one ‘urty syringe!

If you want to see more of this collection a sampling of my Ork army was featured on GW’s What’s New Today blog on May 29, 2012 (though the text on the page describing it and crediting it seems to have disappeared and been lost over time). There are even more pictures of this massive army in the Customer Armies folder for the Games Workshop Bowie Battle Bunker.

This was a fun project that didn’t take a lot of time yet yielded a nicely amusing and noticeable HQ model for my Ork Army. The army is more than 200 models, so I tried not to put too much time into any one model in order to get it done with relative alacrity. However, I couldn’t resist having a few fun personal touches in it like the Warboss On Warbike. Orks lend themselves so well to conversion as nearly anything goes in their crazy bodged together world.

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