7 BIG Codex Guard Changes & Point Costs

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Checkout these 7 big codex changes for the new Astra Militarum codex book that may have tread-heads and Valkyrie fans everywhere cracking the biggest smile!

Appearing on YouTube via a Winters SEO review, the 8th Edition Codex: Astra Militarum has given Guard players lots of tools and tactics to take their armies to the next level. If you aren’t tracking the most recent coverage of the Codex: Astra Militarum that delves more into Doctrines and Orders at length checkout the latest here.

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Codex: Astra Militarum is bringing a lot of power to your Imperial Guard regiments with some serious point cost and unit/weapon stat changes that are having some players claiming that this codex will make the Guard overpowered. Other claim that the changes seek to add balance and give players that opportunity to play their armies more thematically and give units that were not great a chance to shine. Whichever the case may be, here are the changes that we have seen so far.

Points Cost

  • Baneblades, Shadowswords, Hellhammers have dropped 40 points. The power levels for most of the super heavy tanks have gone up by 1-2 points. Their Steel Behemoth ability has been updated and now includes: “This model does not suffer the penalty to hit rolls for moving and firing Heavy Weapons. Their namesake cannons have also been given an extra D6 shots, with the Volcano Cannon now 3D3 shots.
  • Valkyries are now 20 points cheaper and have the new ability called Roving Gunship. This allows them to move in hover mode and not suffer the penalty to their hit rolls when firing Heavy Weapons.
  • Hydras and Leman Russ tanks have dropped 10 points in cost. Hydras have risen by 1 Power Point and Russ tanks have dropped by 1. Leman Russ tanks now have Grinding Advance which grants them double the shots with a turret weapon if they move half distance and they do not suffer the hit roll penalty for moving and firing Heavy Weapons. Their Emergency Plasma Vent rule has changed as well. Now it is worded that you will lose a mortal wound for every 1 that is rolled to hit. The wounds are added after the shots have been resolved.
  • Basilisks are now 1 Power Point higher and their Earthshaker Cannon now has -3AP instead of -2AP.
  • Conscripts have limited to a squad maximum of 30 and now have the Raw Recruit ability that has them successfully following order on a roll of 4+.
  • Rough Riders and Death Korp of Krieg were not included in this codex. No word as whether they will be added in.
  • Colonel Straken has dropped 15 points in cost and dropped 1 Power Level. Knight Commander Pask has also dropped 1 Power Level but no point cost change.

AM Ogryn Bodyguard

One new unit that has been added with this codex is the Ogryn Bodyguard. He clocks in at 55 points without gear. He comes with 6 wounds, Toughness 3, and a 5+ Save. You can equip the Brute Shield, which replaces his huge knife, for a 4+ invulnerable save at no cost. If you opt for the Brute Plate, it will cost 5 points. His grenadier gauntlet costs 10 points and the Bullgryn maul costs 7 points. The slabshield has no cost and will allow you to achieve a 3+ save. His Bodyguard ability will allow this model take a wound meant for an Astra Militarum character that is 3″ away. On a 3+, the Bodyguard suffers a mortal wound. An Ogryn Bodyguard cannot be a Warlord.

These are the changes that we have noticed so far. When our very own Rob Baer is able to review it, we will undoubtedly see more.

What changes were you hoping to see? Were you hoping for new units or perhaps rules for Death Korp of Krieg? Let us know in the comments below!

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