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lightning effect power weapons black templarsDon’t miss GW’s latest 40k rules reveal for Chaos, and Space Marines as we run down everything we know about Psychic Awakening: Faith & Fury.

Rumors and official GW previews are swirling around the web once again. Sisters of Battle, Black Templars, and a ton of Chaos are gearing up to appear in the next Psychic Awakening book. Get caught up on everything there is to know about the next expansion that’s about to hit the shelves.

faith and fury supplement

Psychic Awakening Book #2 – Terra-ish?

Sablednah found that the Sisters of Battle icon was next in line, which along with the Iron Warriors, Word Bearers, Night Lords, Emperor’s Children, World Eaters, White Scars, and Black Templars were spotted in the October 20th preview:

SOB psychic awakening

Map icon #2 found right after the Aeldari symbol.

Psychic awakening book 2

This area of the map was zoomed in on using the code on the page for event #2.

map 1 psychic awakening

Compare the map above that was labeled Terra and Mars with the map that showed

psyhic awakening latest map

Somewhere in here is the Talledus system, where the action of Faith & Fury will be taking place.

GW’s Psychic Awakening Preview:

blood and glory sisters of battle

Warhammer Community confirmed the new supplement and more at the Blood & Glory event late Saturday, November 2nd.

In the 41st Millennium, things are getting intense. We’ve got characters new and old joining the fray, the hotly anticipated arrival of the Sisters of Battle, and of course the ongoing saga of the Psychic Awakening. With Phoenix Rising now on shelves, this epic conflict has officially begun – and we’re just getting started. The next book in the series sees us turn to the Imperium and their chaotic enemies in Faith & Fury. 

This tome will see the Psychic Awakening’s effects begin to take hold in the Imperium, as the Emperor’s most faithful warriors go head to head with the Heretic Astartes. What’s more, the book will include codex supplement-tier content for the Black Templars, Night Lords, Alpha Legion, World Eaters, Emperor’s Children, Iron Warriors and Word Bearers.

So per the symbols on their teaser, it looks like we’ll be getting updates for the remainder of the traitor legions sans Black Legion (updated in Vigilus) and the two with existing Chaos supplements; Thousand Sons, and Death Gaurd respectively.

Plus another recent rumor looks to be confirmed as Chaos is indeed getting a new Sorceror model that was the subject of a Rumor Engine many, many months ago…

2019 chaos sorcerer

Combining visual touches from classic Chaos Sorcerer models with the aesthetic of the new Heretic Astartes, this malevolent mage will be the ideal leader for your forces in the battles to come.

Posted on Warhammer TV Saturday, November 9th we have a conformed pre-order date, as well as confirmation of the factions involved in Faith & Fury:

According to GW new supplement will go on pre-order November 16th for what is currently a rumored release date of two weeks later on Black Friday weekend.

faith and fury pre-order date

Psychic Awakening “Faith & Fury” Rumors:

From these previews, It looks like the only box sets for this release may be a new Chaos Sorceror and the Sisters of Battle Army Box. Which is further supported the recent release sheet leak.

november 29 product pricing rumors

So now that we have a good idea what releases are happening around the end of the month for 40k, here is the latest rumored rules updates:

Sisters of battle army set

Back to Kikasstou on B&C, he gave some possible (very) good insight on what’s ahead:

  • Black Templars and Chaos would be the main two factions in Volume 2.
  • Librarians, Chaplains, and Techmarines will have the leveling system introduced. (Level 2 Chaplains know one extra litany, for example).
  • Level 2 Techmarines will head flat 3 instead of D3 when they repair.
  • Making a character a level 2 unit will come in the form of a 1CP Stratagem.
  • All Space Marine Chapters will have access to upgrading characters to level 2.
  • Black Templars can’t use any Imperial Fist supplement rules; Psychic Awakening vol. 2 will be their “supplement”.
  • Sadly, there won’t be any new Black Templar Primaris models for Helbrecht, Grimaldus, or the Emperor’s Champion.
  • The possibilities are open for a new Chaos Sorcerer.
  • Imperial Guard and Sisters of Battle will also be present. However, would not be the main focus.

It appears that the rumors of Templars getting their rules in Faith & Fury may have some merit after seeing the pre-order preview on the 10th of November:

Faith datatcards

It then presents a host of new rules for the Space Marines – including a codex expansion’s worth of rules for the storied Black Templars Chapter – and loads of awesome new content for the story’s antagonists, the Heretic Astartes.

chaos wal lord discordantSpotted on Faeit 212, there’s a screenshot of a user on Facebook named Lagrath who is pulling some “rumors” from the Tizcan 40k Podcast. (Yes this looks like a he said-she said rumor). However, as we know nothing aside from the factions that will be in the second wave of Psychic Awakening, we can’t ignore what comes up. Check out the latest as we move into the second wave of Psychic Awakening.

Originally spotted somewhere on Facebook by a user named Lagrath:

chaos rumors psychic awakening

Pulling out the highlights of these rumors, the mention of two-wound units coming to Plague Marines, Noise Marines, Berzerkers, and Rubric Marines is definitely nice. However, it’ll be interesting to see the lore standpoint behind all this. As Chaos Marines don’t have explicit access to a Rubicon Primaris (which is what gave regular Marines an additional wound and such), GW may just say that these guys are warp-fueled or maybe Fabius Bile has done some genetic “upgrades”.

plaguebearer sm hor wal

As for the points going up on Plaguebearers and Lord Discordants, which are two of the obviously most-used and probably most-powerful units to pull from Chaos, it will be interesting to see how GW alters them.

Chances are updates for the T-Sons would be coming from the Chapter Approved, and perhaps new rules for the other legions will be in Faith & Fury the week before.

Clues To the Lore & Table of Contents

psychic awakening 3 preview avenging son

Starting off with more clues to the lore advancement, a heretic named Thaneus (who was executed) gave some unpopular opinions about the human race. He then mentions Daemons coming out of the Cicatrix Maledictum in untold numbers that will essentially devour everything in existence. To sum it all up, these were the words that got him killed with the Ordo Hereticus stamp of approval on the bottom of the page.

We had also heard rumors that a Chaos Daemon 2.0 codex was on the horizon now as well, which may make sense in the near future from this missive…

It’s always nice to see the lore move forward. But it looks like things haven’t gotten any better since we saw the Aeldari chime in with the first Psychic Awakening book.

psychic awakening 3 table of contents

Moving to the Table of Contents, it looks like generic Space marine support is on its way to Librarians, Apothecaries, Ancients, and Champions. We heard rumors about upgrades coming to these battlefield roles earlier (above) as well. 

You’ll soon be able to spend Command Points before the battle to promote a Chaplain, Techmarine, Librarian, Apothecary, Company Ancient and Company Champion to the highest-ranking members of their order in the Chapter.

psychic awakening 3 master of sanctity

Just how the rumors mentioned above, we will be able to spend an extra CP to beef up some of our characters. For the Master of Sanctity,  this stratagem lets our Chaplain know an additional litany, Just keep in mind that he’ll also have a big target on his back and this Strat is only usable once per battle.

Black Templars with all of their named characters look to be making it into the book as well as the previewed Traitor Legions getting a few pages of support as well!

More Space Marine Support Revealed

psychic awakening 3 master of the librarius

As for more Warlord Traits coming to the Astartes, High Scholar of the Librarius can give them access to powers in a different tree as well! That means Phobos Librarians will be able to make a unit of Infiltrators reroll all their hits and then Shadowstep away if they’re Raven Guard, for example.

psychic awakening 3 the endourant protector

Master of the Forge looks to be only for an upgraded Techmarine. You can give them the Endourant Protector relic to give them +1 toughness and give them a 4++ invuln save. That’s decent if you’re someone who runs a ton of vehicles and plays aggressively with Techmarines. It might not be worth it if you prefer keeping them back with Thunderfire Cannons.

Heretic Astartes Rules & Relics Revealed

chaos wal lord discordant


psychic awakening 3 daemon weapon

Daemon Weapons are going to be a whole list of relic weapons given to the Heretic Astartes by the dark gods. They’ll all give something different, but also come with the Daemon Weapon rule. This rule looks to be just the bad half of Abaddon’s named Daemon sword. There’s always a 1/6 chance that you won’t get to fight with the weapon.

psychic awakening 3 zaal khorne relic

GW gave us an early look at the Khornate weapon, Zaall. This sword gets beefed up depending on how well you roll for the Daemon Weapon rule from above. If you roll a 5+ on your dice, you’ll also be adding +5 to the strength of the weapon at -5 AP and two damage flat.

While none of the specific Chapter/Legion rules were covered, Which character will you be upgrading in your army with Stratagems? Will you be grabbing a Chaos Sorcerer or two? How many Sisters Army Sets are you going to snatch up?

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Psychic Awakening Rumors: 40k Daemons Getting A New Codex

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