Adeptus Titanicus Ursus Claws & Shock Lance Rules Are Mean

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titanicus warhound lavaHide your tiny titans cause Warhounds are getting new weapon rules in Adeptus Titanicus. Ursus Claws and Shock Lance are mean!

Warhammer Community previewed the Ursus Claws for Adeptus Titanicus Warhounds. But they didn’t stop there, and also revealed the alternate (upgraded form) of the Ursus Claw, the Shock Lance.

Check out the stats as we break down all the ins and outs of the new weapons.

UPDATE: The latest Titanicus FAQ has given a description of the “Bypass” Rule on the Lancer for the Warhound.

Warhound Ursus Claw Stats Revealed

warhound ursus claw 1

The bigger they are the harder they will fall!

Right away, at 10 pts, you get a weapon that gets no bonus to accuracy whether you’re in short or long range. You only get one shot and it’s only at S3, which might make you question why anyone would ever bring a claw….Until you read the Impale rule.

The Impale trait means that when an Ursus Claw hits, you don’t make an Armour roll. Instead, you roll a D6 and add the Strength of the attack – plus an extra 1 for each additional Impale weapon firing. Compare the final result to the Scale of the enemy you’re attacking – if it equals it, you force the Titan to randomly turn to the left or right. If it exceeds it, the Titan’s legs take D3+1 Devastating Hits – and any resulting Catastrophic Damage automatically results in the target being Laid Low! 

This is a bully weapon- it’s mean, lol. You can use the claw to shift enemy Titan’s facing for big brain plays. But if you have a thirst for blood in a game of Titans, you can have a greater chance at completely wrecking a Titan if you squad up your Warhounds as a pack. We’re looking at you Lupercal maniple. 

If you brought something like a group of Warhounds all armed with the Mega-Bolter to drop shields and the Ursus Claw to rip literal chunks out of the Titan’s body, you might find that you can punch through the armor of targets relatively easy.

Remember, you get to add +1 to the roll for every model shooting its weapon if they are in a squad at the same target with Co-ordinated strike. And if you’ve got a gaggled up squad of Warhounds about to go Warlord-tipping, you should expect some pretty hilarious results.

adeptus titanicus laid low ruleBully Warlords into submission and watch them stumble on each other

Natrix Shock Lance For More Up-Close Spice

warhound shock lance


warhound shock lance rulesDoubling in points, you can also bring the Natrix Shock Lance. While it has a shorter range, it does get +1 to hit up close and is +1 strength over the claw. But the biggest bonus to the weapon is Bypass and Shock. 

…the Shock trait, means that if it causes a Direct, Devastating or Catastrophic Hit to an enemy Titan, that engine immediately issues a Shutdown Order.

adeptus titanicus shutdown ruleBy the way, if you didn’t already know…shutting down is really bad. It essentially makes your Titan reboot itself for a turn, dropping its defenses and all functioning systems. It might not be a bad idea to seed a few Warhounds with Shock Lances into your gaggle of Claws to squeeze out that extra bit of devastation.

If you like what you see, they’ve been announced as a resin kit from Forge World that will build either weapon!  Looking at past weapon upgrades, they will probably sell like hotcakes…

After seeing these stats, will you be doubling down on Warhounds to grapple enemy Titans to death? Which weapon looks better to you?

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