Rocky Base Set & Hive Walls Terrain Game Mat EU Unboxing

Rocky Base Set & Hive Walls Terrain Game Mat EU UnboxingIf you’ve been looking for some quick and easy terrain that doesn’t require painting, check out our unboxing of the new Game Mat EU Table Ready Terrain.

This week we are cracking open Game Mat Eu’s terrain set and seeing how the prepainted and prebuilt pieces look on the tabletop and how you can build your board with them.

We are going to show you everything that comes with the kit and how the paint job and build looks. That way you can decide if this box is worth your hard-earned hobby dollars. Let’s go!

Game Mat EU Table Ready Terrain: Unboxing

From Concept To Reality: 135.00



Concept RendersAs you can see this whole project had been very well planned out in advance. Most times when the terrain is made up of rocks you can’t really fit minis on it. They made sure to make plenty of room for models on the table to make gameplay more interesting. Also, just as a note, anytime Rob gets something from them he’s always impressed. If you’re looking for prepainted terrain he wouldn’t go anywhere else.

Terrain SetThis can be used entirely on its own or be used as a way to expand your current collection. It’s great for expanding a collection because you don’t have to paint any of it up! Rob also talks about just how fast they are with shipping. It takes almost the same amount of time to get something from the west coast as it does from them if you’re on the east coast of the USA.  If you love all things Game Mate EU, check what else they have going on.

Converting a 4×6 mat to 44×60

Tapping off


Cat and TapeBefore we move to the set, Rob wanted to show you how the tape on his mats has held up. Rob tapped off his old mats for the new sized games a while ago now. It has held true just from using some Low Tack black tape. So no need to worry about picking up a new mat or changing a ton of things. And, of course, we had to get the cat in here for you.

Setting The Stage With the Right Mat – Double Sided Mat: 99.00 

Double Sided Mat


Sand Side Of Mat


Game Mat EU MatThe mat comes in a really cool carrying case if you need to bring it anywhere or for storing it. On one side you have a dessert battlefield and the other a lost world. This is super awesome to have because you can change the entire feel of the game just by flipping this thing over. The mats are super high quality, nice and dense with tons of detail. They can be used for bunches of game systems and if you need to change the size, just tape it off!

Rocky Base Set: €135.00

Terrain and Models


All the TerrainThe terrain looks amazing on this mat! This is more of an expansion set off of their main set. But, depending on the size of the game you’re playing, this could be all you need.

Close Up Terrain


You can see just how great this stuff looks! Like we said before, you can fit minis all over the place. Making for more dynamic games and scenarios. Not only can you fit the guys inside and on top, but you can also perch them on the rocks on the side as well.

Tall Piece Close Upthe big Kahuna! It’s over 9 inches tall and is a great centerpiece for your collection.

Removable Terrain


2 peice


Bottom of the TerrainRob’s favorite piece is the one with the crater and ruins. It is also removable so you can have a ruin by itself and a crater. Or, if you like it together, you can have one really cool piece. The bottoms of these are also smooth and well made. That way you don’t have to worry about messing up your mat when moving the terrain around.

Bonus Terrain! Hive Walls: 169.00 

Sentinal Comparison


Hive Walls


All the Walls




CorridorAll the walls are fairly light and you get a ton of them! The set also comes with doors and bulkheads to make corridors, rooms, and such. This is perfect for smaller skirmish style games, but you can also load up an entire table with these.

They are pretty tall as you can see, almost as tall as the sentinel. And just like the other terrain, these all come prepainted.

Everything is removable and fits together perfectly. This just gives you the freedom to make it any way you want. Rob really likes using this set for anything skirmish style.

That does it for the majority of their new releases of the past couple of months. What is your favorite piece out of all of these?

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