GW Reveals Spicy New 40k Eldar Wraithknight Rules

wraithknight-wraitguard-rules-eldar-40kIt looks like the new Eldar Wraithknight 40k Rules might actually make it decent to bring to the big guy to the table once again!

We saw a ton of rumors for this entry, but now with the codex pre-order announced, it’s nice to see some confirmed rules by GW. They showed a lot of the weapon profiles, but we have seen a full rumored datasheet, so we have a pretty decent idea of everything now. Unfortunately, the rumor pics were taken with a potato phone, but still, it’s readable if you try.

Warhammer Community unveiled the new rules along with some weapon profiles and abilities. Let’s first look at the rumors, then check out the confirmed rules!

9th edition Aeldari eldar codex

So what’s waiting for you in the pages of this massive new 200-page codex? Let’s start with new ways to build the mixed-faction Aeldari armies of your dreams. Their race may be in decline, but they’re full of vibrant factions who can be called on for aid.

As well as rules for Asuryani Aeldari (that’s craftworlds to me and you), this new codex also has rules for fielding Harlequins – we’ll have more info on adding these deadly clowns to your armies later in the week. We saw the first Corsairs miniature at LVO, and you can also include them in an army. You can even dedicate yourself to the Aeldari god of death and take a Ynnari army – all using the same codex!

Wraithknight Rumors

eldar leaks 7These are pretty hard to read as it almost looks like someone blew up a tiny screenshot for the Eldar Wraithknight rules (or purposefully blurred one). To us, that looks like 22 Wounds, and a 3+ save. The Heavy Wraithcannon looks to be Heavy D3 with d3+6 Damage and the ability to deal Mortals and a 6+ Invulnerable save (maybe, hard to see the number).

The good news is this image seems to match the previous Wraithknight Eldar datasheet rules already spotted for 9th Edition here. Now let’s check out all the confirmed rules.

New Eldar Wraithknight 40k Rules Revealed by GW

wraithknight rules

Their legendary robustness is reflected by a new ability that reduces incoming damage from enemy attacks.

Reducing damage is never a bad thing! With 22 wounds and a 3+ save, a 5+ Invuln, and this, let’s hope it will make it through some serious enemy firepower.

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wraithknight rules 1

As if that weren’t enough, the Wraithknight’s agility means that they can dance between incoming attacks. In the past, you’d have to decide between the protection of a scattershield or adding another devastating weapon. Now, you can have the best of both worlds. Don’t worry if you’re a fan of the scattershield, though – if you include one of these defensive devices, you can boost your invulnerable save to 4+.

It’s nice you can still grab the 4+ Invuln, as there are plenty of high AP weapons out there.

wraithknight rules 2

Those new abilities will help you march across the battlefield with impunity, so you can chop things up with your titanic ghostglave. It now has a choice of profiles, meaning you can sweep aside weaker opponents or strike down bigger scarier targets.

Both profiles are really powerful, the first one with -4 AP and 6D should be able to cut down big vehicles and monsters. Then, the sweep attack will just smash through pretty much all infantry with 15 attacks and D3.

wraithknight rules 3

The suncannon was always pretty good at killing armoured infantry, but it’s now upgraded to the sweet spot of Damage 3. That means that even elite or durable infantry such as Custodian Guard and Plague Marines will quiver at the sight of it. At Strength 8, it can vaporise medium-sized vehicles in a single volley. 

With Blast and 2D6 shots at S8, -3 AP, and D3, this is a serious weapon! On average you should be getting 7 shots, so really good at killing tanks or infantry.

Other than that though, we think Eldar players will be happy so far with this tidal wave of news and rumors for all things Aeldari. Use the links below to check out our other coverage:

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What do you think about the new Eldar Wraithknight 40k rules and datasheet?

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