List of What Supplements are Valid in Warhammer 40k Matched Play

By Travis Pasch | April 23rd, 2022 | Categories: Games Workshop, News / Rumors, Tyranids, Warhammer 40k

valid-supplements-list warhammer 40k GW has announced what supplements are actually valid in Warhammer 40k Matched Play, check out what rules you can actually use.

Considering there are dozens of supplements for Warhammer 40k, it was only a matter of time before GW did something like this. Now, with this and the recent Warhammer 40k balance dataslate, this should hopefully keep the game in check for a while now. The annoying thing is if you built an army around any of these rules, or just even spent money on the rules, well, you’re out of luck sadly.

The Tyranids are getting hit the hardest as even the majority of their new supplements are getting thrown to the wayside. Obviously, this is for Matched Play, so if you want to still use them in your local group, it shouldn’t matter, as long as your opponent doesn’t mind!

We’ll cover everything here for you, and of course, if you want to download the whole thing for yourself, you can here.

GW Announces What Supplements are Valid in 40k Matched Play

MAtched Play supplementsConsidering most of these are so old, we really don’t mind seeing the PA books being rotated out. It’s actually pretty crazy that any of these are still usable, but armies like Imperial Guard need all the help they can get right now so we’re not complaining. It’s also wild looking at just how many supplements they have put out!

Also notice, that they say “valid until” and “superseded by a codex”, so that most likely means they are hoping to have all the new books, at least for the included armies, until then. Or, that is when they will just re-update this list.

MAtched Play supplements 2The majority of the newer books can still be used, even though they can no longer be bought from GW, which is good because they aren’t cheap.

However, if you play Tyranids, basically everything is now useless other than the codex. This is just so strange to see because Crusher Stampede isn’t old at all and now it’s useless in matched play… which is just wild too.

Overall though, hopefully, this will keep the meta in check for a little while.

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Do you like that they are rotating these supplements and books out 40k Matched Play? Will this take away your favorite army?

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