GW Reveals New Chaos Daemon Prince & AoS Roadmap!

New-Chaos-Slaves-To-Darkness-Daemon-PriceIt’s official! Games Workshop revealed the brand new Chaos Daemon Prince Model, along with their 2002 Age of Sigmar Battletome Release Roadmap!

It’s a three-for! Not only do we have images of a new Daemon Prince of Chaos model, but we also have its new warscroll rules, and the Age of Sigmar New Release Roadmap for Battletomes in 2022!

New Chaos Daemon Prince & Warhammer Rules SPOTTED!

Spotted on the Waaagh Studios, what looks to be a brand new Daemon Prince of Chaos is on the way along with new rules for Age of Sigmar as well!

Looks like there’s a new Daemon Prince model coming soon!

Yikes, Khorne seems to be losing its “auto charge” combo in Age of Sigmar in what we assume to be an upcoming Slaves to Darkness Battletome?

Size-wise this guy looks to be bigger than the existing Daemon price of Chaos whose sculpt is nearing college age by now.games workshop daemon price for sale

The existing Games Workshop Daemon Prince even comes in an AoS box but contains the Warhammer 40k version, wild!

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But wait there IS more. Another image was also spotted of the new Chaos Daemon Prince model! By this point, everyone seems to think it is presumedly plastic as we see it appearing in a Warscroll book as a standard army choice, and is in this background image as well.

Seeing as how the current kit has dual builds for Warhammer 40k and Age of Sigmar there is no reason to think that this model also won’t be for both systems too at this point.


new chaos and daemon princeThe model at the top of this image looks to be a variant of the Deamon Prince kitted out more like a Chaos Space Marine with armor and trophy racks.

GW Reveals New Chaos Daemon Prince Model & AoS Roadmap!

Chaos Daemon Prince official GW image hor

After those images were spotted on the internet GW did their best to either follow up their own leaks, or just one-up the leakers. Either way, they both chose violence, and we get shiny new previews! Yah!

Yes, Battletome: Slaves to Darkness is on its way. Archaon’s armies are riding out from the Eightpoints to stoke the fires of Chaos, and lay claim to the Mortal Realms with an iron gauntlet in the name of the Ruinous Powers.

Chaos Slaves To Darkness Battletome

The new battletome also heralds new miniatures – lots and lots of spiky new miniatures – and the crowning jewel of this release is an all-new Daemon Prince, who towers above the mortals under their command.

Chaos Daemon Prince official GW image

There’s more to this miniature than meets the eye, but you’ll have to stay tuned to Warhammer Community next week for more information.

That sounds like they are hitting at what some photato quality images have already revealed, that there is a Chaos Space Marines bits for this model too!

Age of Sigmar 2022 Roadmap for releases and battletomes

We even have a shiny new roadmap for you to check out.

6 More New Chaos Warhammer Models & Rules Leaked!

According to the new Chaos Slaves to Darkness Table of Contents, it looks like there will be at least five new plastic kits, and perhaps even we will see some of the start collecting models released separately as well.

All of these were leaked on Reddit, as someone clearly has the new Slaves to Darkness battletome (among others) way before it is scheduled to be released this winter…

new table of contents Chaos battletome

The new kits appear to be:

  • Ogroid Theridons
  • Chaos Chosen
  • Chaos Lord on Daemonic Mount 
  • Eternus Blade of the First Prince
  • Horns of Hashut
  • Chaos Daemon Prince
  • Centaurian Marshal

The new Chaos Lord on Daemonic mount appears to be in the image above with the new chosen, however, that could also just be a model from the Slaves to Darkness Start Collecting box as well.

Here is a better look at the new Chaos Chosen:

new chaos chosen

Eteruns appears towering over what may be more Chosen in the image below, flanked by a new Centaur model that may just be the Centaurian Marshal?

Centaurian Marshal eternus

Ogroids have been a huge hit since 2016’s silver tower, and it looks like they are getting the full kit treatment for Slaves to Darkness with these Ogroid Theridons!

ogroid theridons 1 new rules slaves to darkness

New Chaos Slaves To Darkness Battletome Rules!

Here are some of the new warscrolls rules that have been spotted on Reddit for the Chaos Slaves to Darkness battletome.

eternus rules slaves to darkness

It’s hard to tell from the model images but this *could* be an alternate build for a new mounted Chaos lord as well.

horns of hashut new rules slaves to darkness

Some good news for Chaos Dwarves players as Hashut is making the jump to the main Age of Sigmar. The bad news is they are probably human with a 5″ move lol.

ogroid theridons new rules slaves to darkness

These rules seem to confirm a squad-type unit for the Ogroid Theridons.  Either way there looks to be a ton of variety in units for the new Chaos Slaves to Darkness Battletome that is slated for release this December according to Games Workshop.

This is the New Daemon Prince Kit For Chaos Space Marines!

Chaos Daemon Prince official GW imageThis is the section of the kit we saw last week, but the one kit will be able to make all kinds of variations!

Daemon Prince

This fearsome arch-fiend can be built in numerous ways, with different options to pay homage to each of the four dark gods, or Chaos Undivided! You’ll note that he bears some of the marks of his former existence as a Chaos Space Marine, now rippling and twisted into a horrifying new form.

Chaos Daemon Prince

Of course, this battlefield behemoth will have a datasheet to match his prowess. We aren’t quite ready to reveal that just yet, but you can bet your bottom credit that he’ll be a match for the best the Dark Millennium has to offer.Daemon Prince 2

This massive, evil-eye-popping miniature – if you can even call it a “miniature” – won’t be out for a while yet. We’ll certainly have more information on what this fantastic fiend can do in due course, however. Incredibly, he’s part of a dual kit – you’re also able to build the Daemon Prince for Warhammer Age of Sigmar, albeit with very different accessories.

Click Gallery below for full-size images.

Here’s the most up-to-date list of new Games Workshop bits from preview models that we should keep an eye out for. Click on the gallery above to see dozens of Rumor Engines with new models still left to be revealed!

All the Newest GW Model & Rules Previews For 2022

What do you think about the new Chaos Daemon Prince and the new Age of Sigmar Roadmap?

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