New Horus Heresy Lucius & Marduk Sedras Models Revealed!

Horus-Heresy-walGW has revealed new Horus Heresy Lucius and Marduk Sedras models-check out the new characters coming to the game!

With an insane amount of reveals from Warhammer Fest, there were some awesome characters that fell through the cracks! It’s always cool to see these models in the older setting of Horus Heresy, plus, they both look really cool!

Warhammer Community unveiled the new minis along with some of what to expect from them in the game! Let’s jump into the new minis.

Marduk Sedras

Horus Heresy Thursday

Sedras is one of the Dreadwing – a corps dedicated to the total annihilation of enemies, cultures, and even planets with terrifying weaponry – and one of the oldest Space Marines alive. He is a veteran of the Unification Wars who fought in the presence of the Emperor Himself and inspires excellence in all Dark Angels who march under his banner.

This is a really cool model lore-wise and you actually get to play with a model that fought in the presence of the Emperor! This is a pretty sweet little addition to the line. On top of that, they mention he will be plastic, so that means even most characters and heroes will all be plastic!

Horus Heresy Lucius


The Emperor’s Children are renowned for their pursuit of perfection, especially the arts of war, but one stands head and shoulders above the rest. That man is Lucius, known in the 31st Millennium as the Faultless Blade, and now he’s coming to etch his razor-sharp signature on the battlefields of the Horus Heresy.

This ambitious captain began to earn a name for himself in the latter years of the Great Crusade, gaining a reputation for excellence in personal combat, and for his arrogant, self-serving attitude. As his desire for perfection reached the point of obsession, Lucius fought solely for his own satisfaction, and he even came to welcome the Horus Heresy as an opportunity to test himself against the cream of other Legions.

It’s Lucius, the not-yet eternal! The model itself is really cool, while it’s not the most insane thing ever, it does really capture the feel of the lore and shows off what he’s all about. They also mention his dueling prowess, so hopefully, he’ll be able to cut down plenty of other characters! 

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Are you excited about all the new Horus Heresy miniatures on the way like Lucius?

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