How to Paint a Muzzle Flash: Deadly Print Studio

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muzzle flash how to paintLearning how to paint a muzzle flash effect on Warhammer 40k, or any sci-fi miniatures is easy when Deadly Print Studio shows you how to do it!

Deadly Print Studio has some of the coolest FXs for all kinds of miniature out there, which you can grab hereToday we’ll be talking about how to actually paint up their awesome bolter muzzle flash that can be used for Warhammer 40k or any sci-fi miniatures!

Let’s jump into their latest tutorial! 

How to Paint a Warhammer 40k Muzzle Flash Effect on Miniatures

muzzle flash how to paint 2First up, here are all the paints we’ll be using:

Step 1:

muzzle flash how to paint 4To start, he mixes the white with a 1:1 ratio and covers the entire FX. They also cover the bolter part that will also reflect the light from the flash.

Step 2:

muzzle flash how to paint 3Next, they are going to do a gradient and blend everything together. Starting from the inside and moving to the outside. Start with the fluorescent yellow, then fluorescent red. Because these are fluorescent, you will need a few layers as they don’t cover as well as traditional paints.

Step 3:

muzzle flash how to paint 5Now, you go all the way to pure red and cover about 50% of the orange. Again, moving from the inside out. You could leave it here, but they want to add some more contrast.

Step 4:

muzzle flash how to paint 6They go to the imperial blue and cover about 25% of the red parts with the blue to make even more contrast. Then they add dots to the smaller pointy edges of the bits.

Final Step:

muzzle flash how to paint 7They mix the lemon yellow and the white with a little water. This is used to brighten up the middle of the FX. Lastly, they just add a few scattered bits of white to the bolter.

Finished FX:

muzzle flash how to paint 8And there you have it! Some super cool effects that just look amazing. Don’t forget, if you want to grab any of these amazing miniatures effects 3d STL files, or bits, you can by clicking the link below.

Get Your Muzzle Flash Effects Here!

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