All 40k Magic: The Gathering Commander Cards & Accessories

abaddon-magic-card-no-text-commander-warhammer-40kHere are all the new Warhammer 40k Magic: The Gathering Universes Beyond, including commander cards, accessories, and where to buy yours!

It’s been almost a year since we first saw some of the artwork for the series. Now we’ve finally seen some actual Warhammer 40k Magic the Gathering cards, including iconic characters like Abaddon, Be’lakor, Greyfax, Marneus Calgar, The Swarmlord, The Silent King, and even more!

If you want to see more on the other Warhammer 40k Magic Cards factions’ cards, and even all the new playmats and accessories, click on the links below:

Let’s check out everything we have seen for the Warhammer 40k Magic: The Gathering Commander cards we’ve seen so far!

All 40k Magic: The Gathering Commander Cards & Accessories

Magic 40k Commander 5Click here to pre-order your Warhammer 40k Commander Cards

We had already seen Abaddon, starting with the first Magic: The Gathering Warhammer 40k reveals, but the other commander cards were a mystery until recently.

Magic 40k Commander

First up is Abaddon, the Despoiler, the face of “The Ruinous Powers” deck. “Ruinous” is not an understatement for the power of this iconic character, either. Abaddon and his forces are so powerful in Warhammer 40,000 lore that they literally tore the galaxy in two, divided by a tremendous warp rift known as the Cicatrix Maledictum.

Abaddon uses many different mana types, but it makes sense as he rules over so much!

Magic 40k Commander 4This card has probably grabbed the most flak, as his effect is pretty lackluster. Most people are saying it doesn’t make sense to not put that card into play. Basically, it’s super restrictive and just not that good.

Magic 40k Commander 2Really, it feels like some of the new rares coming out are actually stronger than these, but hey, if you love 40k, still might be worth the pickup.

Magic 40k Commander 3This is one of the cooler cards, with a token-style deck possible with it. Overall, it’s nice to see more cards and what they can do. Plus, it’s hard to judge just one card for each deck, so don’t be too upset yet.

Magic 40k Cards

“Blood for the blood god, Skulls for the skull throne” is the battle cry for the Warhammer 40,000 Chaos legions of Khorne and his followers. Drawing strength from battle, Khorne’s followers in the 41st Millennium are bloodthirsty zealots who live for war, and this card’s mechanics reflect that flavor. This card costs less to cast as things on the battlefield die, whether those are your forces or an opponent’s. Remember, “Khorne cares not from whence the blood flows, only that it flows.”

Obviously, the more that dies when this is in play, the cheaper it becomes, which just makes sense.

Magic 40k Cards

Vanguard Suppressors align with the Warhammer 40,000 Ultramarines faction, who are defenders of Humanity and among the greatest of the Emperor’s warriors. In addition to the great artwork, this card comes with an exciting new token-related mechanic.

It looks like the Space Marines will take over the blue decks.

Magic 40k Cards 2

The promo card, Fabricate, won’t appear in the Commander decks, but you can get your hands on it if you go to your local game store on launch day. This exciting card features Belisarius Cawl, one of the most powerful members of the Imperium and fabricator of some of Warhammer 40,000’s most legendary artifacts.

You’ll have to go on launch day if you want this card. Get ready to head to your local game store in October!

Be’lakor, Marneus Calgar, & More Magic 40k Cards Revealed!

40k Magic Cards

No muster of Imperial heroes would be complete without the Chapter Master of the Ultramarines. His titanic strength and keen tactical acumen stride proudly from the pages of Codex: Space Marines, with some heroic new artwork flush with the grit and fortitude that safeguarded Vigilus… for a time.

It’s awesome to see him grab a card, and he has some pretty cool rules. With Master Tactician and Chapter Master, you can create a lot of tokens and draw a bunch of cards. As the “second-in-command” for the Imperium deck, you can choose to run Greyfax or Calgar as the Commander right out of the box. Both look like decent options!


40k Magic Cards 2

The infamous Daemon Prince Be’lakor loathes being overshadowed by other servants of Chaos and takes the spotlight from Abaddon with some powerful art to match his awe-inspiring model. 

He’s seriously strong, and being able to draw however many cards as you have demons is awesome. Then, demons being able to deal damage to any target is when they enter might be even stronger. This is a great commander, but if the deck doesn’t have many Demons in the box, you may have to wait until you make your own deck to really have Be’lakor shine!

Imotekh the Stormlord

40k Magic Cards 3

Imotekh is the most influential Necron Overlord after the Silent King himself, feared as much by his own ambitious subordinates as his enemies. Every last scarab of the Sautekh Dynasty is his to control, and he wields his power with ruthless efficiency.

Obviously, he’s all about artifacts! This will let you create a bunch of tokens, and you can also give them a ton of extra power. Considering what the Silent King’s card is, you may even want to play with Imotekh as the commander out of the box!

Magus Lucea Kane

40k Magic Cards 4

The Genestealer Cults rise for their Day of Ascension and join their Star Children idols – as they call the ravenous Tyranids – led by a fearsome psychic Magus. The revolution may not be televised, but it has some fantastic art nonetheless.

Being able to double-cast a spell (in essence) is just a really cool mechanic! This new card is possibly the best of the 4 main commanders and 4 alternative commanders, it is great! Being a 4-mana 1/1 is rough, but it can grow every turn and the potential for doubling gigantic spells/creatures is huge! We will have to wait and see how many X spells are in the deck.

Noise Marine

40k Magic Cards 5

A rogues’ gallery of your favourite Warhammer 40,000 characters are featured in these decks, and they’re joined by many of the classic tabletop units you know and love. Here’s a particularly nasty one to whet your appetite and hurt your ears…

We’re always for more Noise Marines anywhere we can get them! It will be interesting to see what else they come out with. This card is a bit of a sleeper, but with Cascade and Storm synergy, it has much more value than someone might think just by reading it!

Both of its mechanics are very strong. Especially with Abaddon as the commander, making you cascade and cast multiple spells each turn even more!

MTG Muddstah Reveals The Full Tyranid Magic Commander Deck

MTG Muddstah had a stream on September 12th, showing off all the Warhammer 40k Magic cards in the Tyranids Commander deck!

40k gsc abundance

First off, we got a reprint of an already existing magic card with brand-new art! Abundance is a fantastic card in nearly every single green deck since it lets you force draw into land or non-land exactly when you need it every turn! This is a staple and a great reprint/include in the Tyranid deck.

Hardened scales 40k mtg

Another fantastic reprint of an MTG card is Hardened Scales. This card is an all-star for only one mana and works in many combos, thanks to its utility. Not to mention the new art is amazing!

Broodlord 40k mtg

Onto the new cards, we’ve got Broodlord, a +1/+1 counter distributor or giant creature. The power here isn’t in either of those modes specifically, but rather that this card is super flexible! It also has great synergy with the Swarmlord!

deathleaper 40k mtg

Deathleaper is actually a great value card. It can combo with cards like Living end and Crashing Drawbridge for a one-turn kill or just be a one-card value engine. It essentially functions like a 4-mana 6/6 with haste and flash, making it super good in combat.

Old One eye 40k mtg

Old One Eye is another insane value card for the Tyranids. This card is 6-mana for 11/11 in stats across a 6/6 and 5/5 with trample! Not to mention it can keep coming back after your opponent kills it, making it even harder to really kill off. This could even be a commander for a mono-green deck its so good.

first tyrannic war 40k mt

Lastly, there’s this new Saga card, which is seemingly another all-star in value. Getting a creature for free from your hand is a VERY powerful effect. “13-mana game-ending creautre? Sure ill play it for 5-mana!”

Not to mention the card also double counters on one of your creatures twice after already doing that powerful effect, making this card extremely high value.

The stream confirmed that each deck is getting a saga, so it will be interesting to see what the other three are!

Since we’ve already seen a few of the Tyranid cards, Let’s quickly run down the rest!

tyranid 40k edh deck 1

This set of 4 features a reprint in Aetherize, which is a decent card but nothing too fancy. The other three are brand new! of these, the Atalan Jackal looks awesome with haste you’re pretty much always going to be able to hit someone on turn three and get some land ramp!

That’s especially nice when you consider some people will pay three mana for a spell that does the same thing without the creature that stays around and might get even more lands later!

tyranid 40k edh deck 2

This group has three decent reprints, while the Bone Sabers is the only new card. Nothing too insane, but good inside this deck that wants counters on creatures!

tyranid 40k edh deck 3

The two middle cards are both reprints but are also fantastic cards. Clamavus is nuts in this deck, essentially doubling all the counters you have, while the Exocrine can pump out a ton of damage if timed correctly.

tyranid 40k edh deck 4

These are all reprints and are all staples! even better, the new Tyranid art is great!

tyranid 40k edh deck 5

The two left cards are reprints, not expensive ones, but decent to play with. The Locus is a decent stax piece, but isn’t too insane. The Goliath truck is ok but works well in this counter-centric deck.

tyranid 40k edh deck 6

The only new card in this set is the Haruspex, and it’s fantastic. Herald’s Horn is a fantastic reprint as it was starting to get expensive, and pretty much every tribal deck wants one!

tyranid 40k edh deck 7

Lictor is the only new card in this set and is ok but not super amazing. The flash makes it look good, but you will only play it after your opponent plays a creature, which they might not always do.

tyranid 40k edh deck 8

This set only has one reprint as the land, but all other cards look great! Screamer-killer will zap stuff whenever you play a big creature, which this deck likes! Shadow in the Warp is an insane card, even outside of this deck. It will be in demand for any control deck in Red and Green. Sporocyst is also a great card that ramps you can give you a defender. The card is also better, thanks to the flexibility.

tyranid 40k edh deck 9

All of these are reprints and are mostly ok, nothing too insane.

tyranid 40k edh deck 10

The land here is a reprint, while the three new creatures are good. The best card is probably Termagant Swarm, once again, thanks to its value and flexibility!

tyranid 40k edh deck 11

Again just like the last set, the three creatures are new! Tyranid Invasion is great early (since you usually have three opponents), Tyranid Prime is absolutely bonkers, one of the best cards in the deck, and Tyrant Guard is pretty good, offering protection to your board.

tyranid 40k edh deck 12

All 4 of these are new with each one being pretty good! Venomthrope might be the best as it just has great keywords at a great value.

tyranid 40k edh deck 13

All four of these are also new. Each of these has good value, but Ravener is the most interesting. You’ll be able to catch so many people off guard with this, and better yet, it doesn’t even have to live! you can cast it for x=0 and have it die right away as a 0/0, but still get the effect! Nice!

tyranid 40k edh deck 14

Trygon Prime is the only new one here, and it’s pretty okay. Nothing to write home about.

tyranid 40k edh deck 15

Nexos is the last new card for the Tyranid deck, and its pretty insane in this deck and any other deck that plays X spells! Icon of Ancestry is also a great reprint, as most tribal decks want to run it and most tribal cards like it keep value for a while.

Loading Ready Run MTG Reveals All the Chaos Magic Commander Deck & Cards

With the full decklist and all cards spoiled, let’s go over the rest of the new Chaos Magic: The Gathering Warhammer 40k cards!

chaos 40k edh deck 1

This first set is all reprints, but two great board wipes with amazing new art are a good start, even if they aren’t expensive cards.

chaos 40k edh deck 2

Four more reprints, this time really shining on the whole Chaos theme! Storm, cascade, chaos, and copying spells are all very Chaos-like!

chaos 40k edh deck 3

Another set of 4 reprints, the two talismans are great with Warstorm Surge having the power to end games on its own! A great set of cards.

chaos 40k edh deck 4

Four more reprints, this time all artifacts, with the only “meh” one being the Assault suit. The other three rocks are staples.

chaos 40k edh deck 5

Another four reprints feature a must-have in 3-color decks, a Chromatic lantern. On the other hand, the Instants offer some great support by Bile Blight killing a board of tokens (this will obliterate Tyranid players), Dark Ritual helping to cast things earlier in the game, and Brainstorm helping you smooth out future turns!

chaos 40k edh deck 6

Four more reprints are just some lands, all okay, nothing special.

chaos 40k edh deck 7

Again, four more land re-prints. Some people don’t like Temple of the false god, so you may want to remove it, but in general, it’s okay.

chaos 40k edh deck 8This just wouldn’t be a commander pre-con without Evolving Wilds and Terramorphi Expanse! Both of these are ok when playing on a budget. If you can spend some extra money, you’ll want to replace those with better fetch lands.

chaos 40k edh deck 9

Finally getting into new cards… Bloodthirster is insane! potentially getting you three extra combats each turn! This will end games! Dark Apostle is a fun card, hammering home the Chaos theme, while Kharn shows off his namesake by going around the table so that he can hit more stuff!

chaos 40k edh deck 10

The next set of new cards features a Chaos knight, which isn’t amazing but has a certain fun factor of being random. The Defiler is fantastic at destroying a ton of nonlands, and Chaos Mutation puts the chaos into the board state by allowing you to Chaos Warp every creature! Drach’Nyen is ok but a little expensive for its effect. Still a cool card and an iconic weapon, though!

chaos 40k edh deck 11

Out of these four new cards, Lucius looks super fun and on the theme. He’s the threat that never truly dies! The Flamer of Tzeentch is a powerful effect that all Izzet spell decks will want to play!

chaos 40k edh deck 12

This next set of four brings in FANTASTIC demon support. Herald of Slaanesh is now an auto-include in any Demon decks, probably alongside Bloodcrusher too! Cheap demons are scarce, especially good ones.

chaos 40k edh deck 13

The next set of new cards has four pretty good cards, with another cheap demon for tribal decks, some card draw, great removal, and a token generator!

chaos 40k edh deck 14

This set has two exciting cards in it! Mandate of Abaddon, is a four mana board wipe that lets your biggest creature stay alive! (or let’s say you have an army of 6/6 demons, then they all live!) The other card here is Mortarion, who is obviously a fan favorite. His effect is actually pretty good, too; he is easily a good commander if you wanted to try to build a deck around him.

chaos 40k edh deck 15

More demon support coming in the form of cheap well-stated creatures! Along with the very annoying pox walkers and the Tallyman, which can draw a ton of cards in Aristocrat decks!

chaos 40k edh deck 16

Pink Horrors are a staple for spell decks now! while Heralds and Bilepiper add some fun Chaos to the deck!

chaos 40k edh deck 17

Nearing the end of the road, Ruinous Powers has a powerful effect that’s on theme and at an okay mana cost. And, of course, the other fan-favorite, Magnus the Red, is a fantastic build-around if you want to make a spell-slinging deck with all the support we already had in this deck!

The final set of cards has Aspiring Champion, an amazing card for demon decks, and Let the Galaxy Burn, a new board wipe that looks decent thanks to the cascade trigger.

Command Zone Reveals Warhammer 40k Necron Magic Commander Deck & Cards

Command Zone did the full deck reveal, but we will also give our thoughts on all the cards below!

Necron 40k edh deck 14

This first set of 4 cards are nuts, specifically Trazyn and Biotransference. Both of these are combo cards that work together. Biogenic Ooze is an old combo deck using creature cards in the grave, but now with Trazyn, he can be your commander and instead wants artifacts! The easiest combo will be for infinite colorless mana.

Any rock that taps for two or more and either a Pili-pala or a Staff of domination, boom!

Necron 40k edh deck 13

Anrakyr is another fantastic card; trading health for mana to cast from hand or graveyard is insane! 8+ health for something that could end the game is an easy trade-off to make.

Necron 40k edh deck 12

The Hexmark Destroyer is fun and thematic but not insanely powerful. The Flayed One gets added to a long list of 3 mana cards that self-mill, but as an artifact, is better than those other options in this deck that cares about artifacts!

Necron 40k edh deck 11

Here we’ve got another insane 2-card combo, Convergence of Dominion and Ghost Ark gives all artifact creatures in your grave unearth one if you control your commander! Nutty!

Necron 40k edh deck 10

Necron Overlord and Canoptek Scarab Swarm seem to have a good synergy with each other, making a ton of small tokens and then zapping someone equal to the number of tokens made.

Necron 40k edh deck 9

Chronomancer is a simple and good card draw for cheap; Lokhust Heavy Destroyer is a new Fleshbag Marauder effect, this time as an artifact and having Unearth!

Necron 40k edh deck 8

Psychomancer is a wincon, allowing you to kill people with your sacrifice and recursion engines, while Sautekh Immortal can come in as a huge body after you have your engine running!

Necron 40k edh deck 7

Speaking of engines, Resurrection Orb is nuts! it will absolutely be a combo piece in many different sacrifice/recursion combos. Sceptre of eternal glory is also good, just a better Gilded lotus for mono-colored decks.

Necron 40k edh deck 6

Technomancer is good, getting you a bigger graveyard and recurring a few things. Void Dragon is also great, especially if you can play it from the graveyard or pay for it with Anrakyr.

Necron 40k edh deck 5

The other Shard, the Nightbringer, is also pretty nuts; if you can get him in play with a resurrection orb, you will lose friends; it will be SO brutal!

Necron 40k edh deck 4

Onto the reprints, these new swamps are stunning, and Dread Return is a staple in all-black decks that want to combo off or cast big creatures for cheap.

Necron 40k edh deck 3

All four of these aren’t insane, but rather all decent cards that see play in a lot of more “budget-friendly” decks. Thought vessel always was and probably will be a staple.

Necron 40k edh deck 2

Caged Sun is a fantastic card for Mono-colored decks, so this reprint is nice, while Gilded lotus and Mystic Forge are both great in this deck in particular! Darkness also needed a reprint, it was getting a little expensive.

Necron 40k edh deck

The final set of 4 has another insane combo card in Living Death, another game-ending combo card that is simply nuts in every deck that can play it or wants to. Endless Atlas is a great card in any mono-colored deck, and Reliquary tower is always good in decks that like drawing cards.

PleasantKenobi Reveals Warhammer 40k Imperium Magic Commander Deck & Cards

With the full decklist and all cards spoiled, let’s go over the rest of the new Imperium cards!

Imperium 40k edh deck 1

The first set of three has a THUNDERHAWK! Sadly, not a new plastic 40k model once again… but this is a fantastic magic card that uses the Raven Guard Shadowhawk art!

Imperium 40k edh deck 2

Next up, we’ve got two Imperial knights, with the Paladin being a fantastic card! Four damage to three people and a 6/6 trample only needing a crew 1 is pretty good! The Reaver Titan is also good, just a bigger Paladin!

Imperium 40k edh deck 3

Next up, we get a hint at one of the minor themes of the deck… Miracle! getting a 5-mana creature for 2-mana is nuts! Simple as that!

Imperium 40k edh deck 4

Another one of the themes is attacking. Specifically, getting benefits for several attacking creatures! For that reason, the librarian seems pretty good in this deck.

Imperium 40k edh deck 5

The Primaris Eliminator is a great card. Flexibility and a huge potential for removal are always good.

Imperium 40k edh deck 6

Squad is a great mechanic giving all the cards with it extra flexibility… The Sister of Silence is also a great card that might save you from defeat or prevent your opponent from winning!

Imperium 40k edh deck 7

Vexilus Praetor looks unassuming, but with flash and giving your commander protection from everything, it is absolutely bonkers, like, probably the best card in the deck bonkers.

Imperium 40k edh deck 8

Space Marine Scout is very similar to the knight of the white orchid, a mono-white staple, so this is probably a great card!

Imperium 40k edh deck 9

Triumph of Saint Katherine is a nuts card. Almost always, it’s a 2-mana 5/5 with lifelink, and even better, it just keeps coming back! Skull Clamp was the scourge of the tournament scene nearly 20 years ago, but with only one in the deck, it could still be hugely useful.

Imperium 40k edh deck 10

This row is all reprints of all fantastic cards.

Imperium 40k edh deck 11

Swords to Plowshares is a staple in EDH period. Any deck that has white probably runs this card!

Imperium 40k edh deck 12

These three cards care about making tokens and killing non-tokens, helping you make a big board and prevent your opponents from doing the same.

Imperium 40k edh deck 13

Neyam is a new legendary that is actually super unique! It might be a super fun deck to try and make!

Imperium 40k edh deck 14

Eisenhorn is another new legendary that looks super fun to try and make a deck around for!

Imperium 40k edh deck 15

Three land reprints, nothing special here.

Imperium 40k edh deck 16

Three land reprints, nothing special here, except some dope art on Memorial to Glory.

Imperium 40k edh deck 17

Sister Hospitaller is a great card; returning something to the battlefield gives it combo potential!

Imperium 40k edh deck 18

Callidus Assassin is a neat card, killing something AND giving you a copy!

Imperium 40k edh deck 19

Exterminatus is hype, thanks to its source material for inspiration, and Celestine is a fantastic new commander for a new deck-type mono-white-recursion!

Imperium 40k edh deck 20Lastly, there’s an iconic card, The Golden Throne! This will probably see the play with two decent effects, although it is also just an instant flavor win! For those of you not in the know, not only will it keep you alive at least temporality, but also has the same ability as a Black Lotus (as long as you have a creature).

Ultra Pro Magic: The Gathering Warhammer 40k Accessories Lineup

40k magic accessoriesEach box will be 100+ over cards; obviously, the playmats will be cool with all that 40k artwork. While we have the pricing for this out, it shouldn’t be too long before we see them hit pre-order.

With the new cards being out in October, the accessories should hit right around the same time.

40k magic accessories 2Let’s check out all the pricing!

  • UPR19436 Magic: The Gathering x Warhammer 40,000 Playmat V1 $21.99
  • UPR19437 Magic: The Gathering x Warhammer 40,000 Playmat V2 $21.99
  • UPR19438 Magic: The Gathering x Warhammer 40,000 Playmat V3 $21.99
  • UPR19439 Magic: The Gathering x Warhammer 40,000 Playmat V4 $21.99
  • UPR19444 Magic: The Gathering x Warhammer 40,000 100ct Sleeves V1 $13.49
  • UPR19445 Magic: The Gathering x Warhammer 40,000 100ct Sleeves V2 $13.49
  • UPR19446 Magic: The Gathering x Warhammer 40,000 100ct Sleeves V3 $13.49
  • UPR19447 Magic: The Gathering x Warhammer 40,000 100ct Sleeves V4 $13.49
  • UPR19440 Magic: The Gathering x Warhammer 40,000 Deck Box V1 $4.99
  • UPR19441 Magic: The Gathering x Warhammer 40,000 Deck Box V2 $4.99
  • UPR19442 Magic: The Gathering x Warhammer 40,000 Deck Box V3 $4.99
  • UPR19443 Magic: The Gathering x Warhammer 40,000 Deck Box V4 $4.99

With that, those are all the Warhammer 40k Magic cards we’ve seen so far, with more Secret Lair drops on the way; keep your eyes open!

Price & Where To Get the New Warhammer 40k Magic Cards

Let’s check out the price of the new Warhammer 40k magic cards, spotted directly from Wizards, and where you can buy them now.

Each deck with have every card in 40k art, with a split of 58 reprints and 42 new cards in each of the 4 decks, making these attractive to MTG and 40k players who are interested alike!

40k Magic PriceYou can actually pre-order these here from Amazon right now; however, this isn’t some random person putting it up for a bunch of cash. This is direct from Wizards’ store and could mean that this is one of the cheapest prices you will find them online for.

Just keep in mind the new release date of October 7th when you order!

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