All of The Imperium Warhammer 40,000 MTG Commander Cards

imperial-imperium-commander-deck-magic-the-gathering-warhammer-40kHere are all the new Warhammer 40k Magic: The Gathering Universes Beyond cards for the Imperium commander deck!

It’s been almost a year since we first saw some of the artwork for the series. Now we’ve finally seen some actual Warhammer Magic the Gathering cards, including iconic characters like Abaddon, Be’lakor, Greyfax, Marneus Calgar, The Swarmlord, The Silent King, and even more!

If you want to see more on the other Warhammer 40k Magic Cards factions’ cards, and even all the new playmats and accessories, click on the links below:

Let’s check out all of the Warhammer 40k Magic: The Gathering Universes Beyond cards for the Imperium commander deck!

All of The Imperium Warhammer 40,000 MTG Commander Cards

Magic 40k Commander 5Click here to pre-order your Warhammer 40k Commander Cards

Magic 40k Commander 2Really, it feels like some of the new rares coming out are actually stronger than these, but hey, if you love 40k, still might be worth the pickup.

Magic 40k Cards

Vanguard Suppressors align with the Warhammer 40,000 Ultramarines faction, who are defenders of Humanity and among the greatest of the Emperor’s warriors. In addition to the great artwork, this card comes with an exciting new token-related mechanic.

It looks like the Space Marines will take over the blue decks.

Magic 40k Cards 2

The promo card, Fabricate, won’t appear in the Commander decks, but you can get your hands on it if you go to your local game store on launch day. This exciting card features Belisarius Cawl, one of the most powerful members of the Imperium and fabricator of some of Warhammer 40,000’s most legendary artifacts.

You’ll have to go on launch day if you want this card. Get ready to head to your local game store in October!

40k Magic Cards

No muster of Imperial heroes would be complete without the Chapter Master of the Ultramarines. His titanic strength and keen tactical acumen stride proudly from the pages of Codex: Space Marines, with some heroic new artwork flush with the grit and fortitude that safeguarded Vigilus… for a time.

It’s awesome to see him grab a card, and he has some pretty cool rules. With Master Tactician and Chapter Master, you can create a lot of tokens and draw a bunch of cards. As the “second-in-command” for the Imperium deck, you can choose to run Greyfax or Calgar as the Commander right out of the box. Both look like decent options!

PleasantKenobi Reveals Warhammer 40k Imperium Magic Commander Deck & Cards

With the full decklist and all cards spoiled, let’s go over the rest of the new Imperium cards!

Imperium 40k edh deck 1

The first set of three has a THUNDERHAWK! Sadly, not a new plastic 40k model once again… but this is a fantastic magic card that uses the Raven Guard Shadowhawk art!

Imperium 40k edh deck 2

Next up, we’ve got two Imperial knights, with the Paladin being a fantastic card! Four damage to three people and a 6/6 trample only needing a crew 1 is pretty good! The Reaver Titan is also good, just a bigger Paladin!

Imperium 40k edh deck 3

Next up, we get a hint at one of the minor themes of the deck… Miracle! getting a 5-mana creature for 2-mana is nuts! Simple as that!

Imperium 40k edh deck 4

Another one of the themes is attacking. Specifically, getting benefits for several attacking creatures! For that reason, the librarian seems pretty good in this deck.

Imperium 40k edh deck 5

The Primaris Eliminator is a great card. Flexibility and a huge potential for removal are always good.

Imperium 40k edh deck 6

Squad is a great mechanic giving all the cards with it extra flexibility… The Sister of Silence is also a great card that might save you from defeat or prevent your opponent from winning!

Imperium 40k edh deck 7

Vexilus Praetor looks unassuming, but with flash and giving your commander protection from everything, it is absolutely bonkers, like, probably the best card in the deck bonkers.

Imperium 40k edh deck 8

Space Marine Scout is very similar to the knight of the white orchid, a mono-white staple, so this is probably a great card!

Imperium 40k edh deck 9

Triumph of Saint Katherine is a nuts card. Almost always, it’s a 2-mana 5/5 with lifelink, and even better, it just keeps coming back! Skull Clamp was the scourge of the tournament scene nearly 20 years ago, but with only one in the deck, it could still be hugely useful.

Imperium 40k edh deck 10

This row is all reprints of all fantastic cards.

Imperium 40k edh deck 11

Swords to Plowshares is a staple in EDH period. Any deck that has white probably runs this card!

Imperium 40k edh deck 12

These three cards care about making tokens and killing non-tokens, helping you make a big board and prevent your opponents from doing the same.

Imperium 40k edh deck 13

Neyam is a new legendary that is actually super unique! It might be a super fun deck to try and make!

Imperium 40k edh deck 14

Eisenhorn is another new legendary that looks super fun to try and make a deck around for!

Imperium 40k edh deck 15

Three land reprints, nothing special here.

Imperium 40k edh deck 16

Three land reprints, nothing special here, except some dope art on Memorial to Glory.

Imperium 40k edh deck 17

Sister Hospitaller is a great card; returning something to the battlefield gives it combo potential!

Imperium 40k edh deck 18

Callidus Assassin is a neat card, killing something AND giving you a copy!

Imperium 40k edh deck 19

Exterminatus is hype, thanks to its source material for inspiration, and Celestine is a fantastic new commander for a new deck-type mono-white-recursion!

Imperium 40k edh deck 20Lastly, there’s an iconic card, The Golden Throne! This will probably see the play with two decent effects, although it is also just an instant flavor win! For those of you not in the know, not only will it keep you alive at least temporality, but also has the same ability as a Black Lotus (as long as you have a creature).

With that, those are all the cards! Keep your eyes up for the full release on October 7th!

Price & Where To Get the New Warhammer 40k Magic Cards

Let’s check out the price of the new Warhammer 40k magic cards, spotted directly from Wizards, and where you can buy them now.

Each deck with have every card in 40k art, with a split of 58 reprints and 42 new cards in each of the 4 decks, making these attractive to MTG and 40k players who are interested alike!

40k Magic PriceYou can actually pre-order these here from Amazon right now; however, this isn’t some random person putting it up for a bunch of cash. This is direct from Wizards’ store and could mean that this is one of the cheapest prices you will find them online for.  Remember the new release date of October 7th when you order!

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