RUMORS: New Imperial Guard Army Box Set Contents

imperial-guard-rumors-roadmapNew rumors are here for what appears to be a new Imperial Guard Army Box that could be on the way soon for Warhammer 40k.

First off, these are rumors, so take them with as much salt as you need, but considering almost every reworked faction with a bunch of new miniatures gets a new army box, we could see something similar for the Imperial Guard.

We’ll take a look at some of the other new miniatures and rules rumors, but if you want to see everything, you can check that out here!

New Imperial Guard Models Confirmed by GW

Okay, first up is Ursula Creed with #pattonpistols, then the new armored top sentinel as well (note open-topped version far right in red light).

Then the long-awaited Kasrkin models that look true to their metal counterparts from the 2000s, which are on what appears to be either Kill Team style or Blackstone Fortress style bases?

Then the middle appears to be new Cadian Shock Troopers who were rumored to be “more elite” now than regular guard.  However, they could just be the old models with the new upgrade sprue as well- it’s really hard to tell (and not fully confirmed by WarCom).

Also hard to tell (and rumors once again), but the five-man command squad pictured far right could be a new kit, as even the tassels do not match the current plastic kit from the mid-2000s. Now, let’s check out the new rumors!

RUMORS: New Imperial Guard Army Box Set Contents

New Imperial Guard 4

The rumors come from Valrak over on B&C, and while he doesn’t say army box specifically, this list appears to have  datacards and codex.

Here are the rumored contents of the new box:

    • New Command Squad
    • New Squads of Cadians
    • New Sentinel
    • New Ordinance Battery (Super Heavy Weapon team)
    • Cards, Codex, Etc

Again, just because I trust the source doesn’t mean you have to, anyway, have a good day 🙂

As we said, this list of contents looks like an army box, sort of like the Leagues of Votann one we just saw.


While we aren’t sure how many minis will be in the box, it would make sense (at least when looking at Votann) that maybe you would get 20 Guardsmen and then one of everything else. However, if you get all the cards, codex, and accessories, it would be set up just like an army box.

It would just be really cool to get a box with all new minis, plus if these rumors are true, and it is an army box, that would mean this would also get you early access to the codex and minis about a month or two ahead of everyone else.

However, we’ve also heard rumors of a combat patrol as well, which sort of in a way match some of what was mentioned above.

imperial guard weapons squads old(as posted on B&C; edited for grammar)

New Guard Combat Patrol:

  • Cadian Shock Troops 
  • Field ordinance battery 
  • Armored Sentinel 
  • Cadian Command Squad

This looks pretty similar, but with a couple of differences. Note the name Field Ordinance Battery, which could, in theory, just be a rebranded name for the current Heavy Weapons team box, which is rumored to be no longer a selection for Infantry squads to take.

So there is a bit of a match between two sets of rumors.

Leagues of Votann Combat Patrol

This could be closer to the truth than a rumor, as the image of what may be the new Leagues of Votann Combat Patrol box is basically the army box with one unit changed out and no codex or datacards.

So, while these are rumors, they are good to see as long as you take them as rumors!

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