This Team List Builder Works Great For MCP Rosters

marvel crisis protocol list builder team rosterThis Marvel Crisis Protocol List Builder works great and has all the tokens and such built-in for your team rosters.

If you’re looking for a quick way to build your roster and team lists with accuracy, you might need to check Cerebro Marvel Crisis Protocol and make it easy on yourself! It’s always nice to have a list builder out there that works, and this one is already great. Plus, they are constantly updating it, so just nice when compared to many of the other games out there.

This isn’t an app from AMG but 3rd party, so if you really like it, you can donate to help thank them for their work. Let’s check out what it can do!

This Marvel Crisis Protocol Team List Builder Works Great for Rosters

MCP List BuilderAs you can see, when you build a list, it gives you options for different points, shows their affiliations, and you can click through to see what each model has.

You can even name all your lists and keep track of wins and losses, which lets you see how your lists are performing and which ones are doing the best! Overall, the interface is pretty easy to use and will let you build your lists up in no time!

MCP list builder 2You can also browse through all the cards to see what they do as you’re list-building. This is a nice little reference as you’re deciding what to include, but it also lets you theory-craft lists before spending the cash.

While this is the biggest part of the app, it’s not everything it does by a long shot.

MCP list builder

They have tons of resources for download or just seeing on there. It also comes with setups, Timing Charts, and more!

MCP list builder 3They even have a damage calculator, which lets you see how you should fare on average; just another cool tool while building a list to see what you should include.

DesktopOne thing to note, they recommend you add it to your screen for a real app-like experience. So if you’re looking for a way to build team roster lists for Marvel Crisis Protocol, we would give this a shot!

Click Here to Visit the Cerebro Builder!

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Have you used this yet? Will you be trying it out?

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