New Warcry Bloodhunt & Underwolds Boxes are on the Way!

warcry-bloodhuntNew Warcry Bloodhunt and Underworld boxes were revealed at the LVO 2023 preview for three different factions- check it out! 

This is what Warhammer TV  and Warhammer Community had to say about them, along with our commentary on it!

LVO 2023 GW Preview

LVO 2023 GW previews 2

If you’re stateside, tune in on Thursday the 26th of January at 10pm PST. In the UK, that’s 6am GMT on Friday the 27th of January. That’s early, but it’ll be worth it! If you’re at the event itself, doors for your preview open at 8:30pm. Congratulations, you get to see it all first!

A 1 am preview on a Friday morning here in the states, what a time to be alive!

New Warcry Bloodhunt & Underwolds Boxes are on the Way!

Warcry bloodhuntFirst, we have the new Warcry Bloodhunt box with Soulblight Gravelords and Blades of Khorne!

Warcry bloodhunt


Warcry bloodhuntThe Khorne models are pretty deadly looking and are obviously hunting for as many skulls as possible.

Warcry bloodhuntThese vampires are a little different and thrive off hunting the biggest beasts out there! They even said sometimes they would lock themselves with mortals in a room and see if they could resist the urge for blood, so definitely something we’ve not seen before.

Warcry bloodhuntLast but not least, in the box, you’ll get a ton of terrain.

New Underworld Warband

underworlds 2They mentioned these will be quite tricky and can actually dodge attacks.

underworldsIf you want something that can mitigate damage and play quite trickily, this will be the warband for you.

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