Helbrute Plasma Crazy Conversion

Converting the older Dark Vengeance starter set Helbrute with parts from the new multi-part Chaos Space Marine Helbrute is easy.

I recently did this conversion with the plasma cannon arm from the multi-part kit and just finished painting it.

This was one of three Helbrutes I painted simultaneously. Each follows my custom chapter colors, but with different colored mutation effects.

I painted the plasma coils green to match the Forgefiends in my army. I gloss varnished the coils after the whole model was matte sealed to enhance the glowing effect.

I also painted the fleshy parts green as if the power of the plasma had infused the fleshy mutations of the Helbrute. It also hints at Nurgle influenced corruption, though I don’t actually paint my explicitly Nurgle models in green colors these days.

The right pauldron bears the star nebula pattern I’ve taken to painting on the models in my custom renegade legion.

In this rear view of the model you can see that I’ve painted the spinal mutations as if they are actually made of bone.

The helmet of the Helbrute also comes from the multi-part Helbrute kit. I painted it in the same blue shaded off-white color that I painted for the Chosen in my legion. He is a “chosen of Chaos”! The lava river basing is a common theme amongst my Chaos collection.

I’ll be covering the other two Helbrutes I recently painted in future articles here soon.

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