The Best Alternatives to GW Miniatures: REVEALED

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They say competition breeds innovation and lower prices, and for this industry that seems to hold true. Come see the amazing sampling of independent company alternatives to Games Workshop’s Citadel miniatures.

It’s hard to deny that Games Workshop’s designs for miniatures have made a quantum leap in the last few years. Part of that is sure to stem from the new 3D computer design and printing technology our there, BUT how much of it was also inspired by necessity?chapterhouse

Do they need to stay ahead of the tidal wave of independent bits, and figure manufactures out there? 

Checkout these best alternatives to GW Miniatures!

List Via Spikey Bits Hobbies FB Group: Updated Aug 2017

Future Alternative Miniatures 

cogmind lord iron hand bloodthirster creature caster

Creature Caster War Demon


Wargameexclusive’s commissar


Puppets War – Enforcer

Kromlech’s Rotten Butcher
chapter master1


Fantasy Alternative Miniatures 

Pleasure Demon Ultraforge

Mini Monsters  Alternate and themed Terrain

That is a TON of amazing alternate sources for your miniatures needs. Plus with the prevalence of 3D printing technology, new companies are popping up all the time. For now it seems like Games Workshop is staying ahead of the curve with all this, BUT the future is anyone’s guess.

If you liked that, checkout some closeup of even more amazing minis!

wargame exclusive

New Miniatures GW Doesn’t Want You To See


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  • and Bookmarked, nice job

  • denzark

    Some awesome stuff here. Rating CHS amongst ‘the best GW alternatives’ is laughable though.

  • Justin

    Worth noting that the image of the Storm Raven was used without being cited from the following DA page:

    Not the first time this has happened but if you are going to use someone else’s image/art please cite the source.

    • spikeybits

      No worries Justin, just so you know this was on Chapterhouses’ site a few months back. Ill update the post for you, as we always provide link backs to original work where possible.

      • Justin

        I didn’t know that either. Not a ‘huge’ ordeal I just always try to toss links up when I reference other people’s stuff (and in my case I get paid to paint so makes sense to want citations).

        That being said hopefully I didn’t come across too abrasiveness, interweb words don’t always convey the same feeling as verbal delivery.

        • spikeybits

          It’s all good, my apologies for not checking the picture in the first place.

  • JetcityJustin

    Ive been trying to get to all day and the DNS wont resolve, does anybody know whats going on? I need my SR extensions!

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