One For the Books: Life-Size Dreadnought Finally Complete

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Samsun Dreadnought 6

Samsun Lobe worked non-stop to make his Dreadnought cosplay display dream one awesome reality. Come take a look at this labor of love!

Early in May, Samsun Lobe finally displayed his long term project: a life-sized Dreadnought. Having been in production for several years, Samsun was able to finish his Dreadnought cosplay that stands at an amazing 20ft tall.

Samsun Dreadnought 7

Samsun Dreadnought 2

Samsun Dreadnought 4

And of course what dreadnought isn’t complete without the ability to blast dub-step from its VOX Grille?

To see what it took to make this 20ft cosplay a reality, check out our previous article below:

20 Ft Cosplay – 40k Dreadnought Becoming a Reality

dreadnought cosplay

Samsun Lobe has been working in his free time on making a life sized Dreadnought! It appears to be taking him a while to get this massive machine constructed but his progress is staggering! Lets take a look at some pictures and a video of where he is currently with this project.

Source for pictures and video: Samsum Lobe- Dreadnought

Update: More work has been completed!

Seasons greetings to all of the Emperor’s chosen. The resurrection of our fallen battle brother gathers pace. The main body and exhaust pack are all painted and complete as is the sarcophagus door. The frames in the picture are the arms. One with a power fist and the other a double flamer. My techmarine sibling has almost completed the sound system. It’s looking good for its public debut in April 2017.

“None can withstand the crusade of the righteous”

Oh and…

“Happy new year”

cosplay dreadnought14681873_1279435065442734_332882996073017248_n

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samsun lobe life size dreadnoughtsamsun lobe life size dreadnoughtsamsun lobe life size dreadnoughtsamsun lobe life size dreadnoughtsamsun lobe life size dreadnought

Samsun Lobe is 6’5″ tall and stands beside his Dreadnought to give you an idea of how massive this project really is.

samsun lobe life size dreadnought

For a more in-depth look into the project, be sure to check out Samsun’s vid on his Dreadnought project!

We are extremely happy that Samsun was able to complete his Dreadnought and share it with fans!

Be sure to stop by his Facebook page to stay up to date on his next project or when the Dreadnought could be coming to an event near you!

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