New Primaris Aggressor Datasheet Arrives

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Here is the datasheet for the new Primaris Aggressors from the Codex: Space Marines. Come check the info on these bad boys!

Thanks to Winter SEO review video for the Codex: Space Marines, we now have a lot of datasheets and information to sift through. The Primaris Aggressors are costly, coming in at 6 power points for a unit of three and take an additional three for +12. They come with T5, W2, A2, Sv+3.

Their firepower is impressive with gauntlets that can equip auto bolters and flamerstorms. They have the option to replace their auto bolter and fragstorm launcher with the flamestorm gauntlets. Their special abilities allow them to fire twice if they have not moved during their turn including in Overwatch. They also do not have any penalties for Advancing and firing Assault weapons.Aggressor Datasheet betterBelow is a quick summary of what little was known or teased about the Primaris Aggressors.

The new Primaris Aggressors look a lot like some drawings from the past we just saw again recently.

Aggressor Squad

An Aggressor Squad is a Primaris Space Marine unit, that is equipped with shoulder mounted missile racks, that are reloaded from internal armour stores located within the Agressors’ Gravis power armour. They also wield Flame Gauntlets, that billow forth burning promethium.

That picture was originally on display back in 2004 during the Games Day event. Have we know about these for almost 13 years? While the pictures of the supposed new boxes were being leaked,

Games Workshop decided to give us a preview as well with the image below. The image came from their Codex: Space Marine First Look.

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