New Tyranids Codex Hive Fleet 40k Rules

tyranids-codex-rules-rumors-bookHere are all the new Tyranids 40k Codex rules for what the different Hive Fleet keywords will do for your army in 9th Edition!

The internet has struck once again with some big leaks from the upcoming codex! If you play Tyranids these rules are a great way to decide what to build your new army around from the upcoming codex book!

The leaks come from Reddit and are quite robust. Let’s first check out what we’ve seen so far, then jump into all the new rules!

Tyranids Reddit

Click Gallery below for full-size images.

Here’s the most up-to-date review of the new Tyranids rules. Click on the gallery above to see all the new 9th Edition rules from the Tyranids codex!

GW Confirms New Tyranids 40k Codex Rules With Preview

Tyranids codex


Inside the book you’ll find fully updated rules for the Tyranids and their key hive fleets, as well as background information leading from their first contact with mankind right up to the present day’s apocalyptic Octarian War. Despite the Imperium’s best efforts, Hive Fleet Leviathan runs rampant, and it seems that not even the largest Ork empire in the galaxy can stop them.

As befits a new codex, there’ll be a wealth of rules content from Stratagems and Warlord Traits to Hive Fleet adaptations and the return of Synaptic Link abilities. You’ll also be able to take your fleet on a Crusade campaign of its own, and while we can’t say anything about the specifics just yet, it’s safe to say you’ll be doing the complete opposite of any local T’au Empire players.

The new art is actually pretty cool we have somewhat of an expectation from this book, however, don’t judge too soon as we need to see how everything works together rules-wise.

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Hive Fleet Behemoth Tyranids Codex Rules

Hive Fleet RulesAdding 1 to the Strength of all units that charged is quite strong, meaning your army will always hit hard in the first round of combat! Next, re-rolling all charges in a melee-centric army is also preferred. The Psychic Power is solid as well, you’ll be getting that +1 Strength and re-rolling all wound rolls.

Lastly, attacking one last time for a couple of CP can be insanely good if done with the right unit!

Hive Fleet Kraken Rules

Hive Fleet Rules 2Improving the AP by one can be super strong if you’re attacking with huge units, as it will make their attacks actually cut through armor. Next, regaining CP on a 5+ can be really good, but isn’t anything too crazy from what else we’ve seen in the book and 9th edition in general.

Hive Fleet Leviathan Rules

Hive Fleet Rules 3This will make your Synapse units have free Transhuman, meaning rolls of 1-3 always fail! Then, it will give your smaller units in range a mini version of it with no wounds on a 1-2. Next, a free re-roll is always nice, but it is just on hit rolls.

Being able to have one unit taking advantage of a different Synaptic Imperative can be super strong and take your opponent by surprise! For 1CP, increasing all your AP by one is just awesome when you need it too!

Hive Fleet Gorgon Rules

Hive Fleet Rules 4Adaptive Toxins may not be the craziest thing, but if you have a ton of weaker units against a high toughness army, this will come in clutch. Then, re-rolling a wound roll is just always strong for free. The Warlord Trait might not be the best thing ever, but if you can get in combat with 2 or 3 units, you can start racking up the wounds.

The Psychic Power can also be super strong for bigger units, as you’re bound to roll plenty of 6’s with all those attacks!

Hive Fleet Jormungandr Rules

Hive Fleet Rules 5Getting Dense Cover for all your units is pretty sweet, especially against an army that wants to shoot you from afar, this will be super helpful- just ask the Raven Guard.

Tyranids have a lot centered around extra AP as this is another power based on that. Next, stopping actions is always really strong and really annoying! Buried in Wait is nice to put one big unit in the ground, meaning they can then ambush!

Kronos Hive Fleet Rules

Hive Fleet Rules 6Adding 4″ to the range can be really noteworthy as there are plenty of weapons in the book with short-ranged weapons. Then, this is another one that improves AP by 1 (seeing a pattern yet?). The Warlord Trait is interesting because it makes Perils so much more likely and might force them into re-rolls when they don’t want to.

Then, when combined with the Psychic Power to add one to the Strength, this is looking good.

Hydra Hive Fleet Rules

Hive Fleet Rules 7If you have big swarms, you will pretty much always be adding 1 to your hit rolls and that’s just super strong, Plus you can consolidate an additional 3″, so again, quite nice. If you have like 10-15 models within 3″ of one unit, you will really dish out the Mortal Wounds.

For 1CP re-rolling all wounds is honestly insane, especially since you’ll already be getting the +1 to hit.

Either way, exciting times are on the way for Tyranids along with rules and models via all the latest rumors and reveals.  Here’s all the latest on the upcoming rules updates and points changes for Warhammer 40k.

Click Gallery below for full-size images.

Here’s the most up-to-date review of the new Tyranids rules. Click on the gallery above to see all the new 9th Edition rules from the Tyranids codex!

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