GW Confirms New Chaos Space Marines Profile & Rules

New-Chaos-Rules-Codex-Space-Marines-GW-Warhammer-40kAfter some possible trolling, GW has finally confirmed the new Chaos Space Marines stats with a lot of improvements- check it out!

It wasn’t that long ago GW made a little video where they revealed they will be going to 2 Wounds, but as it turns out, that’s not everything changing for the better!

If you were hoping for some big changes, well, it looks like they are coming. We’ve also heard rumors of a new Space Marine codex, so maybe GW is buffing up CSM to stay on par with the loyalists.

Warhammer Community unveiled the new statline today along with some weapon profiles! Let’s first take a look at some of the rumors we’ve seen, then jump into the new stuff!

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Some of those are super spicy for sure, and some are not. Either way, we know new Chaos Space Marines are on the way. Check out all the pages of the new Chaos Space Marine Codex rumors above!

Chaos Space Marines “Doctrines” Rules

 Supposedly these come from a playtester and match up with previous rumors we have seen out there.

chaos khorne walpaper

  • Similar to SM Doctrine, except exploding 6s (unmodified hits) instead of +1AP. Still, 3 levels that affect different weapons (the weapons listed below are not confirmed by my sources, but the ones in the Legion Traits are confirmed by my sources as well as the names, so what I am about to list may be subject to change)
  • Destruction ”Doctrine”: Heavy/grenade
  • Massacre ”Doctrine”: Rapid fire/assault
  • Slaughter ”Doctrine”: pistol/melee

Marks of Chaos

  • Can only be applied to CORE & CHARACTERS and cost points
  • Marks provide the keyword and a daemonic gift
  • ”Daemonic Gifts”: (Included with mark)
  • Khorne: +1S on the charge
  • Nurgle: -1 to wound, IF S=T or S/2>=T
  • Tzeentch: ignore all damage on the first missed save (this is per unit per turn)
  • Slaanesh: fight first in the fight phase

Icons: (Purchasable Upgrade)

  • Vengeance +1 CA
  • Wrath +1ap melee
  • Flame +1ap shooting
  • Excess +1 to hit melee
  • Despair 6’s to hit = autowound

GW Confirms New Chaos Space Marines Profile & Rules

Chaos Space Marines Stats

Legionaries are ferocious in close combat, with millennia of bloodshed as the perfect teacher. The new codex brings this viciousness to life by granting three attacks to each heretic – or four for the Aspiring Champion. That’s right, each Legionary fights with three times as much fury as before. The Great Rift definitely lit a fire under their power-armoured boots.

Welp, we saw them going to two wounds, but gaining two extra attacks and an LD really may really make a huge difference. If literally nothing else changes, this might be enough to bring them into 9th.

Unfortunately, we do have to do our due diligence and mention that this is different from the statline GW revealed during the end of the AdpetiCon video. Truth be told, sometimes it’s even hard to believe what GW tells us even, as they do make typos mistakes, and go back and change their content with no notice to the community.


This was the video from AdeptiCon, and either they didn’t tell their graphics guy to bump those attacks to 3, or they just recently made the decision…

Either way, we hope these rules stick, because when you add in the new balance sheet Armor of Contempt rules, Chaos looks to already be in a great place for it’s release.

New Weapon Profiles

Chaos Space Marines Stats 2

Kill Team’s Balefire Acolyte is sticking around as a unit upgrade for your rank-and-file squads – why should the Thousand Sons be the only ones to put apprentice sorcerers to work? With this insidious PSYKER on-side, you’ll be able to Smite your foes and turn basic troops into psychically-empowered killing machines.**

The Balefire Acolyte isn’t the only upgrade making a return from Kill Team – new melee weapon options are coming too. Take the Legionary Butcher’s mighty two-handed chainaxe, which takes a moment out of its busy operative-killing schedule to crack open tough targets in Warhammer 40,000.

With 3 attacks and S+4, -4AP, and D2, you can really deal a lot of damage! Then, giving your normal squads Smite is pretty sweet. Lastly, the Daemon Blade dealing Mortals with the additional attacks is always sweet.

From the looks of this that extra sprue that came in the Nachmund box looks to be needed in the new Chaos Space Marines rules, so fingers crossed they release it separately, and dont paywall it in Nachmund or an even more expensive box of legionnaires in the future.

The question is what else will we see for the followers of the dark gods this year?

Click Gallery below for full-size images.

Click Gallery below for full-size images.

Some of those are super spicy for sure, and some are not. Either way, we know new Chaos Space Marines are on the way. Check out all the pages of the new Chaos Space Marine Codex rumors above!

Here’s all the latest on the upcoming rules updates and points changes for Warhammer 40k.

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