New Horus Heresy Dark Angels Rules & Rumors Revealed

Dark-Angels-Legion-Primarch-rules-horus-heresy-iconGW revealed some Horus Heresy Dark Angels rules, but we’ve also seen a ton of rumors for legion rules as well- here is the latest!

With the release of the starter and new edition imminent, it’s time for GW to start revealing rules. This time around, they are focusing on the Dark Angels, but we’ve also seen some Horus Heresy playtest rules rumors for the Dark Angels, so while they might change a little, they’ve been pretty accurate so far.

Warhammer Community showed off some new legion-specific rules, let’s check them out!

Horus Heresy Dark Angels Rules Revealed!

Dark Angels Horus Heresy Rules

Flexibility plays into their rules in the new edition of Warhammer: The Horus Heresy, with Dark Angels’ commanders able to give their units a sub-type from one of the six Hexagrammaton Wings – the Stormwing, the Deathwing, the Ravenwing, the Dreadwing, the Ironwing, and the Firewing.

Dark Angels Horus Heresy Rules 2

These sub-types come with their own flavourful rules in the Loyalist Legiones book, available alongside the massive upcoming boxed set. The line infantry of the Stormwing turns humble bolters into deadly instruments, while the Ironwing excels at massed tank battles. Let’s take a look at what that means in terms of rules for the new edition of the game.

Planning on bringing all the bolters to the battle, then the Stormwing is the way to go! Getting +1 to hit for the majority of your army (if you grab a lot of bolters) is just really strong. Then, if you’re going up against a ton of tanks, the Ironwing is going to be the way to go with plenty of rerolls.

Dark Angels Horus Heresy Rules 3

Would you want to end up in combat with this lot? Other Legions may end up regretting their decisions thanks to the Dark Angels’ unique Advanced Reaction. Not only does it solidify the resolve of a unit under threat, it also puts the fear of the Emperor into their foolish assailants.

With good leadership, you should pass the test the majority of the time and gain some serious special rules. Just remember, this is once per battle, so use it wisely.

Lion El’Jonson Rules

Lion El'jonsonThey didn’t show off rules, but we’ve seen playtest rules, so take them with a grain of salt as they could change, but look pretty good.

Primarchs Horus Heresy

Primarchs Horus Heresy 2

Often known simply as ‘the Lion’, El’Jonson is one of the greatest military leaders in the galaxy and inherited every bit of the Emperor’s strategic brilliance. Few can match him in a fight**, and his example spurs the rest of the First Legion to ever greater feats of bravery. He’s also the head of uncounted knightly orders and secret organisations, and a rather handsome chap to boot.

His commitment to mastery in warfare and unswerving loyalty lead many to whisper that he, not Horus, would be the most suitable candidate for Warmaster when the Emperor departed the Great Crusade. However, Lion El’Jonson accepted his brother’s appointment, as ever placing duty above glory.

The Lion has a ton of special weapons and rules, but what else would you expect? He has plenty of combat power along with a ton of special rules, but his real focus lies in melee.

Legion Specific Rules & Rumors

Dark Angels rulesAdding 1 to the leadership is okay, but getting to make a reaction in any phase is really awesome!

Dark Angels rules 2It makes sense they have better plasma and greatswords!

Dark Angels rules 3Obviously, they have an insane amount of wargear options and plenty of special rules!

Dark Angels rules 4As you would expect, they are super hard to kill, have some great invuln saves, and can be taken as a retinue.

  • New Legion Trait: every unit unless specified on their unit entry can select a single Hexagrammaton Wing which will confer a specific bonus – e.g Firewing = +1 to wound against units containing a model with the Independent Character special rule
  • Unique Reaction “Angels of Death”: when a charge is declared against a unit with the Legiones Astartes: Dark Angels special rule that unit must take a Leadership test – if passed the unit being charged gains the Fearless & Fear special rules if failed it gains Stubborn & Fear instead
  • Warlord Trait 1: All Dark Angels units in the detachment gain +1 Ld while in line of sight of the Warlord, and the Warlord can take an additional reaction in a specific phase depending upon which Hexagrammaton Wing they have selected
  • Warlord Trait 2: Select a single faction (e.g Legiones Astartes), once per battle for a single turn the Warlord and any unit they have joined can increased either their WS or BS when targetting units that belong to the selected faction – the Warlord can also take an additional reaction during the Assault phase
  • Unique Consul (+30 points): may select an Order of the Hekatonystika option for free, increase WS to 6 & Ld to 10, and take a Terranic Greatsword.

While these are rumors, you can see the unique reaction is correct, giving tons of credibility to the other rumors. Then, the Firewing look similar to the other rules, but this one is for killing characters.

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