New Horus Heresy White Scars Rules & Rumors Revealed

GW revealed some Horus Heresy White Scars rules, but we’ve also seen a ton of rumors for their legion rules as well- here is the latest!

With the release of the starter and new edition imminent, it’s time for GW to start revealing rules. This time around, they are focusing on the White Scars, but we’ve also seen some Horus Heresy playtest rumors for the White Scars, so while they might change a little, they’ve been pretty accurate so far.

Warhammer Community showed off some new legion-specific rules, let’s check them out!

New Horus Heresy White Scars Rules & Rumors Revealed

White Scars rules

The White Scars’ love of the wind whipping through their topknots is enshrined in the new edition of Warhammer: The Horus Heresy with a suite of high-speed rules. Want to trade the whining of your footsloggers for the lovely purr of a powerful engine? Select Chogorian Brotherhood as your Rite of War to field an entire army of speed demons, each biker competing to catch the sweetest air.

It makes sense they would be able to take high-speed armies, so we’re glad to see them keeping it going in the new edition.

White Scars rules 2

Like every good Legion, the White Scars take their defining trait to the hilt – of course, you can field infantry… but why would you? A Warlord Born to the Saddle can juice his riding skills to the point that his troops will be doing rad wheel flicks and barspins through even the roughest terrain – and making surprise reaction moves with deadly synchronicity.

Ignoring difficult terrain is honestly pretty strong and then grabbing a 4+ save from dangerous terrain will let you ride with abandon into the enemy!

Jaghatai Khan Rules

White Scars rules 3They didn’t show off rules, but we’ve seen playtest rules, so take them with a grain of salt as they could change, but look pretty good.

Primarchs Horus Heresy 3

Primarchs Horus Heresy 4The master of speed has some super strong weapons and quite the profile, but not as good as all of his brothers, however, all his special rules and wargear make up for it. Plus, you can actually mount him up on a bike, so that’s always a good thing!

Legion Specific Rules Rumors

  • New Legion Trait: every unit with the Legiones Astartes: White Scars special rule increases their movement characteristic by 1”, and whenever rolling to decide first player/ seize the initiative, a White Scars playermay roll two dice and discard the lowest
  • Unique Reaction: when an enemy unit moves within 12” of a unit with the Legiones Astartes: White Scars special rule, all friendly units within 12” inches of the enemy unit may immediately make a normal move (jump infantry can choose to activate their jump packs as part of this) – all units which do so cannot run this turn
  • Warlord Trait 1 (Loyalist only): this model & any unit they join are Stubborn, if this model is slain every Legiones Astartes: White Scars unit within Line of Sight gains the Fearless special rule for the remainder of the battle – may also make an additional reaction during the assault phase
  • Warlord Trait 2: this model & any unit their join ignore all difficult terrain rules & gain a +4 (invulnerable?) save against wounds inflicted by dangerous terrain – gain an additional reaction during the movement phase
  • Warlord Trait 3 (Traitors Only): when this army includes a Sons of Horus allied detachment, the Warlord & any unit they join automatically pass any morale or pinning tests they are required to make
  • Chogorian Brotherhood Rite Alterations: Bikes & Jetbikes gain the Line special rule & the detachment may not take any Heavy Support or Fortification choices unless they have the Fly keyword
  • Sagyar Mazan Rite Alterations: Ebon Keshig may only be taken as troop choices in this detachment and all such units gain the Fearless special rule during the assault phase
  • Stormseer Consul (+45 points): gains the Psyker & Adamantium Will special rules, may take a Psychic Hood for +20 points, gains access to two new White Scars psychic powers

While these are rumors, they have been quite accurate so far, so take them with some suspicion, but they have been right so far.

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What do you think about the new rules and rumors for Horus Heresy White Scars so far?

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