New Commander Farsight 40k Model Revealed for Arks of Omens

Tau-commander-farsight-arks-of-omensIt’s official a new Commander Farsight model is here, along with a new Arks of Omen book and a Tau Boarding Patrol in the latest reveal from Warhammer World Open Day.  

This is what Warhammer TV  and Warhammer Community had to say about the new Commander Farsight, along with our commentary on it!

Be sure to take a look at all the latest on the new releases and reveals as we dive into the previous rumors in an attempt to divine more about the upcoming Space Marine releases…

New Reveals For Warhammer 40k & AoS at Warhammer World Open Day

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An unannounced 5 am preview on a Saturday morning here in the states, what a time to be alive! Crowds looked sparse in this header image from Warhammer Community. 

Commander Farsight New 40k Model Revealed for Arks of Omens

Puretide’s protege is now piloting a bleeding-edge XV-86 Supernova battlesuit, designed specifically to suit his needs by O’Vesa, the Earth Caste scientist who fights by his side as one of the Eight – Farsight’s hand-picked crew of companions. Though similar to the XV-8 Crisis suit, this hot rod sports greatly enhanced command and control suites, all guided by a fancy on-board AI – dubbed Supernova.

Warhammer 40k 2023 minis 2

Our look ahead at the Arks of Omen series revealed a fourth book lurking beyond the shadows, its details shrouded by decree of the Ordo Xenos. What dreadful alien threat could cause such drastic action to be taken, so far beyond the Imperium’s sight?

We had seen a shadowy preview of this model back at the beginning of 2023, and now we know it is, in fact a newly updated Commander Oshovah!

XV-86 Supernova battlesuit commnader farsight oshovah XV-86 Supernova battlesuit commnader farsight oshovah 1

Don’t let the imperium hear the word “AI”; they probably would not approve one bit.  From the looks of the model, it is much bigger than a standard Crisis suit and appears from the scale to be on a 60mm base instead of a 50mm.

These upgrades come just in time for his greatest challenge yet in Arks of Omen: Farsight. The infamous Bad Moons warlord Nazdreg, master of tellyporta taktiks, has taken up the reins of the War of Dakka – a never-ending conflict fuelled by the Orks’ desire to beat the Farsight Enclaves at their own shooting game.

arks of omens farsight

Strange visions draw O’Shovah back to the ominous world of Arthas Moloch, and just as he seems to be ready to vanquish the Orks once and for all, disaster strikes. It wouldn’t be an Arks of Omen book without an Ark or two showing up, after all…

As with all Arks of Omen books, Farsight contains additional rules for playing Boarding Actions, adding Enhancements and Stratagems for the T’au Empire, Asuryani and Ynnari, Drukhari, Harlequins, and Adepta Sororitas. 

New rules as well are coming for the above xenos factions as well as the Sisters of battle. We imagine there will also be new rules downloads for both Sknitrot and Farsight, just like we saw for Azrael and Vashtorr 40k Datasheets.

XV-86 Supernova battlesuit commnader farsight oshovah tau boarding patrol 1

This is hard-hitting force includes three Crisis Battlesuits and a squad of 10 Fire Warriors, who are perfectly suited for close-quarters combat when assembled as a Breacher Team. The battlesuits have numerous short-ranged weapon options, which offer great utility against many different enemy types in tight spaces.

XV-86 Supernova battlesuit commnader farsight oshovah tau boarding patrol 2

You’ll also find O’Shovah himself – arguably the T’au Commander best-suited to tangling with foes in claustrophobic corridors – as well as enough spare Tactical Drones to form a small shipside squadron.

Previous rumors of a two-player battlebox appear to be incorrect, as both the new Snikrot and Farshight will be releasing for the first time inside the new Boarding Patrol boxes.

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