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new chaos space marines

If you missed any of the big teasers on all the new products Games Workshop has coming to shelves in 2019, don’t miss the latest from the New Year’s Open!

Games Workshop has had a busy year in 2018 and they aren’t slowing down for 2019 either. Take a look at what the latest batch of previews we’ve seen for 2019 from the Warhammer New Year’s Open roundup.

coming in 2019

GW just previewed their top 5’s of what is coming in 2019 recently so we’re breaking down the latest previews and rumors that are out there now:

Humanity has always looked to the stars for enlightenment…

Genestealer Cult models and new codex are rumored to be Jan/Feb. speaking of new models, a video preview, as well as a handful of new characters, were showcased at the Warhammer event.

gsc video preview 5

A new model was spotted in the video as well looking to be some kind of field medic for the Neophytes putting in the Tyranid-Lord’s work. He’s even got the classic Doctor’s coat so you know you can trust him with your life. This is just speculation, but we’re guessing he will give units around him some sort of Feel no Pain rule. (Bringing a single Neophyte back on a 4+ like a normal Apothecary is meaningless in an army like the Cult).

gsc previews 1

gsc previews 2

This time around, we’re bringing the upper echelons of the cults to life with a cast of new Characters. These are an unlikely pack of civilian revolutionaries – from freedom-fighting assassins to vox-hacking technicians who use cunning rather than brute force to help you claim victory for your cult

tectonic frag drill

GSC are getting their own terrain piece called the Tectonic Fragdrill. One thing is for certain, there’s going to be some underground shenanigans going on with this baby.

If you’ve been playing Warhammer Quest: Blackstone Fortress and you’re already hungry for more, you won’t have to wait long – 2019 will see new models for this game of dark quests, and new expansions to boot. If you thought a Man of Iron was cool, you haven’t seen anything yet…

BSF expansion 1

An expansion is on the way for Blackstone Fortress and some kind of monstrous Xenos creature is set to run into the band of explorers. More encounters, a new ship, and a slew of new discovery cards are just a few things that are looking to be inside the expansion.

BSF expansion 2


bsf expansion 3

Kill Team – the game of Skirmish Warfare in the 41st Millennium – will continue to grow in 2019, with further expansions that’ll offer you new ways to play and let you use even more of your favourite units and factions in the game.


It looks like we might have already gotten a taste of what’s on the way for Kill Team in 2019 with the Kroot Kill Team rules previewed in January’s White Dwarf issue. Taking a look at what’s been previewed by GW at the Warhammer New Year’s Open, a new game called the Kill Team Arena is on the way as well as two new teams featuring Admech and Genestealer Cult.

40k Kill Team Areana

Looking similar to Kill Team Rogue Trader, but featuring 32mm squares for figures, this board combines 3D miniature elements from the GW Armored Container kits, and a new armored door bit to make a truly standardize game that can be played competitively at any level.

That’s not all – Kill Team Arena also features terrain, as well as rules for fighting in ultra-close confines, representing battle fought in endless corridors of Space Hulks or the caverns of an underground base.

Hobby Hero Garro was at the New Years Open and took this shot of the new set, which seems to suggest there are Pre-Con maps inside, along with additional tactics and the like:

Coming inside a hard-shell box it appears to mimic the Commanders Expansion, but should also include boards and terrain as well.  Commanders were priced at $60 on release but the White Dwarf had it listed at $75 by mistake (perhaps another reason why ads and previews are disappearing from the magazine).  I would expect a price tag between the two prices upon release.

What’s more, it’ll be released alongside two new sets – Starn’s Disciples and Theta-7 Acquisitus, both featuring all-new Commander miniatures – each a brand-new unit for their faction, for both Kill Team and Warhammer 40,000.

40k Kill Team Areana

40k Kill Team Areana


With Vigilus Defiant now on shelves and in the hands of gamers across the world, the stage is set for the epic second chapter of this massive conflict. With the Black Legion set to arrive on this beleaguered sentinel world, the 41st Millennium could be in for even more major developments…

Haarken Worldclaimer

There are rumors of Chaos models getting updated and with Haarken’s 80-day countdown to take Vigilus, could Chaos models be hiding just around the corner?

At the New Years Open Games Workshop dropped one little image that seems to support the return of Chaos and possibly a Vigilus part two campaign book

new chaos new years open sm

While we can’t tell you anything about this guy yet, it’s safe to say he’s not a good guy – and the Imperium is in for some very dark days indeed…

From the picture itself, it appears that not only are there Primaris Space Marines depicted, but also the outstretched Talon of Horus in the top right seems to indicate the presence of Abaddon himself.

Also out of left field, we saw the newest Expansion for Warhammer 40k, Urban Conquest that appears to be more geared towards narrative campaign tracking.

Urban Conquest

Urban Conquest makes it simpler than ever to set up and play campaigns of street-to-street warfare. This boxed set is designed to let any player build an epic campaign. By interlinking your games, you’ll be able to keep your gaming group busy for weeks, with each battle seeing players gain territory and resources. You’ll be able to create rich narratives, as well as testing your strategy skills as you plan your next move.

urban conquest set

You’ll find rules for playing Urban Conquest in the Urban Conquest rulebook – your guide to street combat in the 41st Millennium. This rulebook has Cities of Death rules for adding extra depth to your battlefields, Urban Battlezones, new missions, Stratagems, lore and more, making it an invaluable resource for any would-be campaign master.

The Streets of Death Cityscape Map, meanwhile, lets you create sprawling campaign maps in moments just by slotting cards into a plastic wallet, allowing you huge creative freedom when you play your campaigns as well as giving you a meaningful sense of progression when you play, as your holdings increase. Between games, you’ll be able to pin your map to the wall between games, or simply fold it away.

From the looks of it, this is the Cities of Death expansion we have always wanted, complete with the terrain, cards, missions and more.

aos wal 1

Destruction is coming to the Mortal Realms – in the form of the Gloomspite Gitz and the Bad Moon they worship. This annihilatory alliance of grots, troggoths, gargants and giant spiders will be hitting shelves early in 2019, featuring a massive range of new models and some madcap army mechanics…

dankhold troggboss


Games Workshop has been pulling out all the stops on these guys here lately with videos and talk of what’s to come. Check out the latest in-depth peek at what’s ahead for the Gloomspite Gitz. 

gloomspite open

Gloomspite Gitz were just showcased at the event. No new models or rules were dropped. GW is just trying to keep the hype train rolling!

The ultimate competitive miniatures game is set for some major expansions next year, with more warbands and cards to get your teeth into – including Mollog’s Mob and the Godsworn Hunt

troggoth wal

New Warhammer Underworlds Warbands are going to be the Mollogs Mob and the Godsworn Hunt. There’s not been an official date on these warbands just yet, but previews are suggesting that we can’t be too far off from seeing them hit the shelves.

nightvault troggoth

Garro, got a first-hand look at the Mollog’s Mob Warband assembled.

With our first steps into 2019, we can already tell it’ll be jam-packed with exciting releases. Warhammer New Year’s Open gave us a hefty look into the future for GW’s projects and this is only the beginning of the year!

What are your overall thoughts from what was shown at the New Year’s Open? What are you most excited for? Let us know in the comments of our Facebook Hobby Group.

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