New Tau Codex 40k Rules & Models Revealed

new-tau-codex titleGW has confirmed a new Tau codex will be one of the Warhammer 40k releases of the new year in 2022- here’s all the new models and rules so far!

So now that the new codex is here, and we know what’s coming for sure, the credibility of the recent Tau codex rumors predicting other 40k releases and events has gone up for sure!

Let’s take a look at the most recent new Tau models and of course the new rules in the codex book as well!

New Tau 9th Edition Codex Cover & 40k Rules

These unique faction rules are collected from all the following reviews on YouTube, and Warhammer Community alike, so be sure to watch your favorite presenters talk about their take on the Tau codex at the links below!

Codex: Tau Empire Retail Price: $50 

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Codex T’au Empire


This 136-page book comprehensively covers the T’au Empire. It has everything you need to bring the technological might of the T’au to bear on the tabletop in order to expand the empire, plus a selection of lore and art to inspire your own collection.

Spotted on a wild thread over on Reddit, we also have what may be a ton of new codex Tau 40k rules “rumors”.

Hi there. Picture should prove my credentials. I promised not to give out more pictures, so I won’t. On the same front, I promise not to lie or embellish anything and to keep my personal commentary to an absolute minimum on any information I pass along.

Let’s first look at what we know is coming then check out the rumors.

Pathfinders made sense for Kill Team and they are coming alongside new sisters minis. Some people were upset that the sisters were the ones who grabbed brand new minis, but this is better than nothing.

The T’au Pathfinders are already incredibly versatile, but the Earth caste has outfitted them with a ton of new gear. Kill Team Chalnath comes with a comprehensive new upgrade sprue for the existing Pathfinder kit, meaning new heads, new gadgets, new guns, and even a few new poses – all you need to bring the Greater Good to the recalcitrant Imperial citizens of the Chalnath Expanse.

GW Confirms New Tau 40k Codex First in 2022

Pathfinders Sprue

Here’s what Warhammer Community had to say:

On the T’au side, the snazzy upgraded Pathfinders can be used as a normal unit in your T’au army. Their kit won’t remain ornamental for long, though – brand new options for Pathfinders will be arriving in an upcoming codex. In fact, Fire Caste commanders among you will be excited to discover that it’s one of the first new codexes coming in 2022. 

We were really, really hoping for a fully new Tau set in the box, but an upgrade sprue is better than nothing. Well, in a way it is however it could mean the cost of the box will go up, most likely to $50 similar to what we saw with the new Cadian release.


So getting new bits is cool, but paying more really isn’t. However, this could mean new kits in the future though, as it seems to be happening with Imperial Guard and the Death Korps of Krieg.

Tau Combat Patrol: What is it Worth?

This box looks like it may be coming out at the same time as the codex, so you might want to read the book first to make sure you want the units inside! Let’s check out the value.

Tau Combat Patrol

Just to note, we’re going to assume the new Tau Combat Patrol is a $140 price point as everyone else has been the same price so far. Let’s check out the value

  • Fire Warriors: $50
  • Fireblade: $29
  • Stealth Battlesuits: $34
  • Ghostkeel Battlesuit: $80
  • Ethereal: $30 (the Ethereal pictured is the one from the current Start Collecting box, so this is priced a little higher)

Total MSRP: $223

Total Value: $83

This doesn’t have the highest value we’ve seen, but pretty close to a lot of the boxes and still decent for the price. If you need the models inside then it does save you a decent amount of cash and will get you a lot of minis for fairly cheap.

New Tau Darkstrider Model & Rules

As you know the community had whispered that the Darkstrider would be the new character update. Since he is still Finecast it’s one of the only logical choices. Named characters are the most popular when GW decides on reworking a model for a faction update!

Darkstrider new

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Darkstrider new 2

Did you wonder who the mysterious silhouetted figure was in our Kill Team article on the T’au Empire? It was none other than Sub-commander El’Myamoto, better known as Darkstrider. 

The model is actually pretty interesting with him and the drones. Obviously, it’s much better than the old Finecast one and hey, it’s not Finecast! So that right there makes this way better. They also showed a couple of rules for the new mini.

darkstrider rules

The new miniature sees Darkstrider carefully releasing one of his drone familiars, with his trusty pulse carbine, Shade, tucked under his right arm.

This is a serious increase of both damage and AP from the last version, so nothing wrong with more firepower!

darkstrider rules 2

Darkstrider’s optical scanner incorporates a highly advanced structural analyser, enabling him to direct the fire of his kin at the weak points of their targets with ruthless precision.

This is very similar to his old ability. So not much changed here, we’ll just have to wait and see what else they give him in the new Tau Codex book!

New Tau Tactical Philosophy Mont’ka & Kauyon 40k Rules

Tau Tactical Philosophies

The Mont’ka Tactical Philosophy rewards decisive action in the first three turns, allowing its warriors to rapidly advance into enemy lines and blaze away with powerful close-range firepower. This allows players to move even their foot-slogging Fire Warriors into a commanding position early in the game, getting their new, improved pulse rifles into that all-important Rapid Fire range from the get-go. Mont’ka is a particular favourite of Crisis Battlesuit cadres deploying via Manta Strike, who aim to scrub elite troops from the field by dropping down at close range.

As we said, you pick these after the turn order has been decided and one helps with the first 3 turns, the other helps with the last three. If you need to get on objectives early and maneuver into a better position this is super strong. As advancing or moving gives you no negative effects. Then, if you’re getting up close and personal, you get some serious shooting benefits. An extra AP and re-rolling a wound is no joke.

Kauyon Philosophy

Tau Tactical Philosophies 2

Durable units get a lot of mileage out of the Kauyon Tactical Philosophy, as the army must be able to withstand several turns of enemy attacks before springing their trap. Stealth and Ghostkeel Battlesuits are well suited for the task, as their camouflage systems offer extra protection and their high rate of fire generates extra hits on the counter-attack.

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We’ll have to see how many people pick this one because it means you have to make it to turn three to start getting value. It is strong once you get there, but how many units will you have left to take advantage of it? However, if you make it to turns four and five with a decent amount of stuff, you’re gaining a lot of firepower and maneuverability

New 40k Tau Kroot Rules With Upgraded Stats!

Kroot Rules

With an extra point of Strength and Attacks, as well as increased Armour Penetration for their rifle blades, Kroot Carnivores are much more deadly in close combat. Their ability to surge forward as the battle begins is now shared across all Kroot units.

Finally, Kroot get more attacks and some AP in combat, let’s hope they will actually be able to do some damage in CC. Hopefully, this will let them see more play as the lore behind them is just so cool.

Kroot Rules 2Redeploying units or moving them to a more forward position is never a bad thing!

Kroot Rules 3

The leaders of a Kroot pack, known as Shapers, have received a long-deserved promotion to the HQ battlefield role. This means that you can now field Battle-forged armies composed entirely of Kroot units, while Shapers even get a choice of three bespoke Warlord Traits.

Rolling 3D6 and discarding the lowest is actually super strong. This will let your units get into combat so much easier and use that new strength, attacks, and AP. This also allows you to take a full Kroot army as this can be your warlord. Plus, you get three choices of Warlord Traits.

New Army Composition

Kroot Rules 4

If you prefer to fold them into your Fire Caste command structure, like the auxiliary-friendly Dal’yth Sept, you’ll find that Kroot now take up much less space in your roster. Kroot packs are comfortable organising their own hunting parties, and will bring Krootox and Kroot Hound packs along for the ride.

This is really cool as all you need to take up is one Troops slot and boom, you can get all kinds of Kroot without taking up additional force organization spots.

New Tau 40k Weapons & Wargear Rules

Just before Thanksgiving Warhammer Community started unveiling new Tau codex rules as previews ramped up.


Tau rules

You’ll no doubt be pleased to learn, then, that the range of both of their primary weapons has been increased. The pulse carbine, for example, now has a very healthy reach of 24″ (a handy boost for the Pathfinders you picked up in Kill Team: Chalnath, too!).

Just what Tau needed, more range to sit further back… Seriously though, this is a pretty good buff overall.

Tau rules 2

With an enormous 36″ range, Fire Warriors armed with pulse rifles will be able to outrange the Troops units of almost any other faction, giving them a crucial early advantage as well as the ability to Rapid Fire up to 18″. What’s more, they now come with a handy pip of AP for some added punch.

With more range and getting a small bump in AP, we might see more footsloggers than ever for Tau.

tau broadside

Some of the early highlights spotted are below:

  • Plasma Rifle is Assault 1, S8, AP-4, Dmg 3.
  • Broadside Rail Gun is Heavy 2 S9, AP -4, d3+3 damage, 1 auto MW on a successful wound.
  • Seeker Missile: 72″, Heavy 1, S9, AP -3, Dmg 2d3, one shot per seeker.
  • Sky Rays have a Seeker Missile Rack – 72″, Heavy d3+1, S9, AP-3, 2d3 dmg
  • Vespid Neutron Blasters are 18″ Assault 2, S5, AP-3, D2

tau new weapons 1Other than keeping the definitions official, the first page of weapon profiles goes over the less-used melee weapons for Tau. As the faction is known for its heavy ranged focus, these kinda go under the radar, however, some still look decent!

Farsight’s Dawnblade for example now has two profiles, giving him the same flexibility so many other top-dog named characters have. With a sweeping attack for chaff and a strike for a single target, he might be even more deadly in melee now!

tau new weapons 2

As for the second page, we get into the meat of Tau… All those ranged weapons! Across the board pretty much all missiles got an extra AP and Burst cannons got even better. Burst cannons were already the weapon of choice for many units, so this buff might just push it over the edge to be the auto-include weapon for a majority of the models who can take them.

tau new weapons 3Closing out the weapons we see more of the widespread missile and burst cannon buffs, but also the huge change to plasma rifles! They are now even more long-range, with higher AP and damage, making them even better at taking out armor from range.

    Tau Codex Markerlight 40k Rules

    According to the rumors these are the new Tau Markerlight Rules for 9th Edition.

    tau pathfinder team by slipgatecentral hor

    Fire Markerlights (Action): One or more Markerlight units from your army can start to perform this action at the start of your movement phase. Aircraft Markerlight units can perform this action. The action is completed at the start of your next shooting phase. If this action is successfully completed, for each model in that unit that is equipped with one or more markerlights, for each markerlight that model is equipped with, select one enemy unit within 36″ of that model that would be an eligible target for that model if its unit had been selected to shoot, and roll one D6: on a 3+, that enemy unit gains one Markerlight token.

    While a VEHICLE or DRONE unit is performing the Fire Markerlights action, that unit can move without that action failing. If it does, until the end of the turn, models in that unit without the VEHICLE or DRONE keyword that are equipped with any markerlights are treated as not being equipped with any markerlights for the purpose of the Fire Markerlights action.

    Each time a Tau Empire unit (not Aux) is selected to shoot:

    • Each time a model in that unit makes a ranged attack against a unit with one or more Markerlight Tokens, add 1 to that attack’s hit roll.
    • After that unit has finished making attacks, for each enemy unit targeted by those attacks, remove one Markerlight token from that enemy unit.
    • Remove all Markerlight tokens at the end of your shooting phase.

    Pathfinders can move then apply Markerlights

    Battlesuit rules 2

    While all weapons carried by battlesuits are just as effective fired directly into someone’s face as they are over a long distance, the closer-ranged armaments benefit from shooting into close quarters. Quite a few of these guns have been upgraded in the new codex, now firing more shots than before.

    Even though neither have AP or D2 against infantry hordes, you will be able to seriously dish out the damage! Jump down in their face and roast ’em at that sweet 12″ range!

    Tau Railgun 40k Rules

    Railgun Rules

    There are a few things to break down here. With an AP of -6 and the ability to ignore invulnerable saves, your payload will be making it through almost any kind of energy field, daemonic protection, or battle plate that might stand in its way.

    Once that shot hits home, it delivers eye-watering damage with the potential to knock out vehicles and large monsters in a single shot. 

    With a giant range, ignoring Invulnerable saves, S 14, and D3+6 Damage, this will blast stuff off the table. Then not to mention you also just suffer 3 mortal wounds for the heck of it! This can easily take out all light vehicles in a single shot and nearly kill (or bracket) the majority of models in one go.

    Tau Stormsurge Pulse Blastcannon Rules!

    While this doesn’t ignore basically every save in the game as the new Railgun does, it does get 2 shots at Strength 16, and not that it’s a big deal, it deals 12 Damage with each shot!

    Pulse Blastcannon

    Acting rather like a colossal shotgun, the pulse blastcannon can lob its payload over long ranges, but it really shines when concentrating its immense power into a close-range blast. Although it lacks the shield-busting power of the Hammerhead railgun’s hypersonic slugs, with a whopping Strength 16, it will still wreak plenty of havoc on even the sturdiest targets – Knights or even Titans included.

    Either way, you shoot this thing it’s going to deal damage. Somehow, it almost feels better to play against because at least you can take your Invulnerable saves. So that’s something… However, if you fail any of your saves, get ready to take basically any model off the table!

    Then, the other mode of fire is still insanely strong and will be perfect for taking out things like bikes and high would unit-type models. Still, this has the ability to deal 24 wounds in either form! Plus at Strength 16, it will wound almost everything on 2’s.


    Stabilizing Anchors

    When you have enough firepower at your disposal to terrify Imperial Knights, you’ll want to make sure that your shots hit. The Earth Caste couldn’t agree more, and Stormsurges are thus equipped with retractable anchors to absorb the massive recoil. By deploying these in lieu of moving, pilots can significantly improve their accuracy.

    Ah, then you’ll get to re-roll all your missed hits, so while you give up maneuverability, you will be re-rolling everything. Some pretty insane stuff overall! It doesn’t stop there though, no, no…

    Tau Stratagems

    Let’s start with the stratagems we know and then dive into the rumored ones.  This first one is geared towards the Stormsurge, but it looks like it will work with more than just that unit…

    Counterfire Defense System

    Such a large war machine is naturally a big target on the battlefield, so no expense has been spared protecting it from enemy fire. Improvements to its Toughness, Wounds, and Save join a built-in shield generator, while a total redesign of the counterfire defence system now unlocks a powerful Stratagem that nullifies attacks before they even reach the armoured shell.

    Well, one thing we said about the new Hammerhead is that it might be super easy to kill, doesn’t look the same for the Stormsurge as it’s getting better toughness, save, and a shield generator.

    Then, you can just change any weapon’s damage to 1, so if you thought you would take this down with Lascannons or such, not so fast.

    Battlesuit rules 4

    Veteran T’au commanders may remember that moving after shooting was a hallmark of the battlesuits of old, and those days are here again with the Strike and Fade stratagem.

    A staple stratagem honestly, and it can let you jump out of terrain, shoot, then get back out of sight. It’s always been annoying and strong and probably will continue to be.

    The King is dead, long live the King!

    Battlesuit rules 5

    When dodging back behind cover isn’t an option, battlesuits deploying from a low-flying Manta can use the Drop Threat Acquisition stratagem for extra accuracy.

    This might seem expensive at first, but this is for each model in the unit and rerolling all hits. So this will seriously make that first strike when they come down insanely strong!

    Tau Stratagems

    The Hammerhead is shockingly effective at turning single targets into smoking wrecks, but what if the enemy is coming in numbers? Faced with smaller foes, Hammerhead pilots can load short-ranged Submunitions.

    This isn’t the best against smaller units, but against hordes, this will most likely dish out the full 8 Mortals. For 1 CP this makes the Hammerhead so much more versatile!

    Devilfish Rules 2

    Once the Fire Warriors have reached their destination, they waste no time in springing from their transport and blazing away with pulse fire. The most dedicated will leap while their ride is still in motion, landing with a roll heedless of their own safety.

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    Disembarking after moving will really increase your mobility and with this being a Stratagem for up to three Devilfish, you can really cover a lot of ground and take your opponent by surprise.

    Devilfish Rules 3

    Even without passengers, the Devilfish provides ample firepower and can support nearby infantry with a suite of sensor equipment. Sophisticated onboard systems guide Fire Warriors towards priority targets, and are especially good for getting the most out of the ion rifles and rail rifles carried by Pathfinder teams.

    Getting that many re-rolls for only one CP is pretty crazy. While it’s only on one unit, you will really up your chances of hitting, and again, it’s only one CP.

    Tau Sept rules 4

    Then there are the stratagems. Bork’an reminds its sister septs that time spent in the laboratory can bear bountiful fruit on the battlefield, and it live-tests powerful Experimental Weaponry on the battlefield.

    When they said the Railgun was the only weapon that could innately get rid of invulns, they weren’t lying. However, just use this instead and take away their saves! This combined with the Stormsurge is going to be insane, as it does all the damage of the Railgun, and for 2 CP gets the ignore Invulnerable saves.

    Kroot Rules 5

    Despite their gory mealtime tendencies, Kroot can deploy their finely honed hunting instincts to great effect on the battlefield. That doesn’t mean they’re above stopping for a mid-melee snack though, especially when they catch a juicy target unawares.

    Considering this id for the rest of the battle, for 1 CP it’s pretty strong. Especially if you can get in combat with a really small unit and get this going in turn 2.

    • Nova Reactor no longer has a risk of damaging the model. Instead, it burns out for the rest of the battle if you fail the test. Branched Nova Reactor turns a failed test into a success.
    • There is a stratagem that allows a unit to hop out of a devilfish after the devilfish moves (Combat Debarkation- confirmed).
    • No stratagems that modify Montka or Kauyon (which I thought would have been a gimme for the rules team) by advancing or rolling back the turn number for a specific unit or giving the OTHER one to a unit for a single-phase or something.
    • Saviour Protocols is a Stratagem. It works on ANY unit (that has the same Sept as the Drone), but the drone model must be within 3″ and dies as part of the strat. Drone controllers boost the range to within 6″… but SS and Riptides can’t have them. Shield drones do not have FNP.
    • There is a Strat that allows you to shoot at things out of LoS with Seeker Missiles if they have a Markerlight token (and you get +1 to Wound for the attack)
    • Breachers have the Sweep and Clear Strat (Ignore cover, reroll wounds) Strikes have the Relentless Fusillade Strat (Ignore Rapid Fire rules, double shots, additional point of AP), BOTH can use Pulse Onslaught (unmodified 6 to Hit auto wounds the target). They can use Point Blank Volley (Pulse weapons are Pistol 2) if… like, somebody charged you as a joke or you want to waste a CP.
    • A strat gives a re-roll 1 to hit aura to a devilfish that only works on Fire warriors.
    • Fireblade Volley Fire is an aura of 6s to hit gives an additional hit for Core units with pulse weapons.

    New 40k Tau Prototype Systems Rules

    New Tau rules

    We’ve all been there – you power up your fusion blaster to give a Repulsor or Battlewagon what for, and then a whole tank column shows up at once. Now, thanks to the wonders of Earth Caste science, one gun can bore through anything that stands between your battlesuit and your target. The Alternating Fusion Blaster is a serious investment in points, and as with all Prototype Systems it can only be taken once per army – but there’s nothing better for turning enemies into a neat row of molten scrap.

    We’re not sure how many points this will be but if you get off a perfectly lined up attack with this, wow, you can do a ton of damage! If you can pass over two other tanks, you’ll be doing D6+2 Damage to 3 vehicles at Strength 8 and -4 AP! Pretty sweet. This is also not once per battle, so if you can do this twice in a game, the points should be easily made up.

    Tau Prototype Systems

    Veteran T’au Empire commanders are no stranger to the joys of soaring around in a Coldstar battlesuit, and you can now channel your inner Dam Buster with a set of hidden bomblet bays. Enemies who stop to marvel at your graceful parabola will get the shock of their lives in a rain of high-yield explosives.

    This isn’t the strongest (mainly because you have to be super close), but if you can get this off for a few turns, and use it to snipe characters, it could be really impactful.

    Stimm Injectors

    Tau Prototype Systems 2

    While finding new and interesting ways to detonate enemies of the T’au’va is fun, some Prototype Systems are more defensive in nature. A new version of the stimm injector, for instance, gives an imperilled pilot a short burst of focus during which they can shrug off even the most horrendous wounds.

    This is only once per battle, but it could be a good way to get your suit to survive one extra round. If a big weapon gets through your armor, you then have a 50% chance of saving all the damage it does.

    E-H Disruption Suite

    Tau Prototype Systems 3

    Most foes rely on primitive and cunning Stratagems to resist the Greater Good, so the ability to throw a wrench in their plans for a turn is worth its weight in gold.

    This could be really good, but it feels a little hard to use properly, but if you know they are really going to buff up one or two units, this can really get rid of all their CP.

    Tau Codex Septs Rules

    We saw rumors for these, but now Games Workshop has revealed a bunch of the new Tau Sept rules and how to make your own Septs.

    • Dal’yth is the only Sept that buffs Aux units. No build-a-Sept traits modify them.
    • A Bork’an Sept trait is “Ranged Attacks of S7 or less made against VEHICLES and BATTLESUITS are -1 strength” Like Ramshackle, but worse. Sleep in fear, Ork players.
    • Tau – reroll 1 hit or 1 wound when a unit attacks, +3″ to Auras, Litanies, Targeted buffs
    • Vior’la – +2″ mv when wholly in your deployment zone on your first turn. Reroll Advance and Charge rolls.
    • Sa’cea – Ranged Attacks targeting VEHICLES get Dense Cover if the attacker is more than 18″ away. Ranged Attacks targeting INFANTRY (and everything smaller than a Ghostkeel is INFANTRY) get Dense Cover if the attacker is more than 12″ away. VEHICLES and BATTLESUITS do not suffer the penalty for firing Heavy weapons at targets within Engagement Range of them.
    • Dal’yth – Ranged Attacks against Infantry have Light Cover unless they are within Engagement Range of the Attacker (so… fear the Dark Angels, I guess?). Aux units get your selected Montka or Kauyon.
    • Bork’an – +4″ range to all guns. Ranged Attacks against Battlesuits and Vehicles of S7 or lower get -1S.
    • Farsight Enclaves – Always have Markerlight if making attacks within 12″ Seems to be the only time to get marker benefits in the charge phase. Reroll 1 Wound when a unit is chosen to shoot or fight.

    Now, let’s see the confirmed rules from GW and how they compare.

    Tau Sept rules

    Dal’yth, for instance, is a bustling trade hub renowned for its Water Caste diplomats, given T’au are one of the few factions in Warhammer 40,000 to entertain the idea of diplomacy. This lends its armies a greater appreciation for the auxiliaries that supplement their ranks, and they excel in training Kroot and Vespid forces to use the Fire Caste’s powerful Tactical Philosophies. In turn, their Hunter Cadres pick up expert fieldcraft skills from alien comrades.

    You get light cover against all shooting attacks (more or less) and your auxiliary units actually benefit from your Philosophy, which is just pretty strong. This lines up perfectly with the rumor above that this is the only Sept to buff those units!

    Tau Sept rules 2

    Commanders from Sa’cea are meanwhile used to fighting hard-won campaigns in difficult conditions. They know better than any other the value of key strategic terrain and their commanders can delegate control of objectives to units that wouldn’t normally be expected to hold them.

    This is a great way to secure objectives. However, we don’t think this is the only rule they will get, so there’s a chance the rumor above is true where you get dense cover and can fire heavy weapons without penalty.

    Tau Sept rules 3

    Your chosen sept also gives you a unique Relic. The T’au Sept is well known for its efficiency in battle, and its Vectored Manoeuvring Thrusters give your (already upgraded) battlesuits even more mobility.

    This is a cool way to get your Warlord out of being charged and killed. This will be super annoying for certain armies, as getting to your warlord will just feel super hard. This is all GW revealed for the Septs, but they do line up with the rumors. so this gives them more credibility and lets you theory craft a little early!

    Creating Your Own Tau Sept Rules

    Tau Sept rules 7

    When creating your own Sept Tenet, you must therefore pick two tenets from neighbouring sectors on the map above, representing the limited range of influence your army can draw from. This in no way means your sept is bereft of choice. Each sector contains four different tenets to choose from, meaning there are a total of almost 100 different combinations on offer.

    This is a little confusing for new players but shouldn’t be too hard to figure out.

    Tau Sept rules 5

    An army heavy with Crisis battlesuits can have them Play Their Part to bully lesser foes off critical objectives, using their speed and durability to employ Blocking Tactics and wrest control of the battlefield towards the side of reason and progress.

    They are adding a lot of mechanics to give your more ObSec, which is nice, but with how the rules look, we’re not sure how much charging any Tau army will be doing.

    Tau Sept rules 6

    If the Kauyon Tactical Philosophy is your kind of style, Reinforced Armour will keep your big guns safe until you hit that vital late-game surge, while Fire Warriors can bait their targets into charging before beating a Rapid Retreat and gunning them down.

    Sector D is pretty easy to use at it just makes your Battlesuits and Vehicles tougher. Then, falling back further is never a bad thing!

    New Tau Battlesuit & Vehicle Upgrade Rules

    Battlesuit rules

    They’re tough, which allows experienced pilots to keep a clear head, even when surrounded by baying hordes of knife-wielding nasties. Those who think they can make easy prey of a battlesuit in melee will quickly become the target of point-blank gunfire, crushed underfoot by these surprisingly sprightly suits.

    If Tau Battlesuits happen to get caught in melee, being able to shoot is really nice! They just have to survive the combat to get their turn to shoot back!

    Battlesuit rules 3

    Quite a lot of the support systems have also been tweaked by the Earth Caste engineers. Multi-trackers now assist their pilot’s aim when targeting large groups, while target locks highlight vulnerable areas in the enemy’s cover.

    It looks like they are giving Tau a ton of anti-infantry this time around. Scoring extra hits, even if it is one per model, is pretty nice, and getting rid of light cover can never be bad.

    Railgun Rules 2

    With such a powerful single slug, connecting with each shot is crucial, so the Hammerhead has an advanced targeting array that pairs well with the new Markerlights rules.

    Well, if you were worried about actually hitting with this… Worry no longer as you already get to reroll a hit and then who knows exactly how the new Markerlight rules will play out. Then, if you were worried about this being only effective against vehicles, it also can deal tons of damage to infantry too!

    Here are some of the other upgrades as well:

    • Counterfire Defense System – Get the keyword to use the strat. Mercifully, does not cost points
    • EWO – 5+ Overwatch for this model. The Overwatch Stratagem costs 1 less CP when used for this unit. Also free. Probably need to have at least one of these per Crisis team.
    • Iridium – 2+ save, 1 per 3 models, 10 points, does not take up a support slot!
    • Multi-tracker – 6s to hit score an additional hit for ranged attacks targeting units containing 6 or more models. Free as a bird.
    • Shield Generator – 4++, 5pts for Crisis, 10 pts for Commanders, built into Stormsurges and Riptides! Ghostkeel cannot have.
    • Target Lock – This model Ignores Light Cover
    • Velocity Tracker – Ranged attacks gain +1 to hit when targeting units with the Fly keyword

    Devilfish Rules

    The workhorse APC for the entire T’au Empire, the Devilfish is versatile enough for each Tactical Philosophy. Commanders who prefer Mont’ka can surge forwards at the onset of battle with the Armoured Aggression rule, deploying a payload of Fire Warriors into close range in order to maximise their firepower.

    These are two pretty interesting rules. The first will let you redeploy either forward, or just to reinforce a flank if you made some mistakes while deploying. Then, taking this off the board can be super strong if you really need to be somewhere completely different next turn.

    New Tau 40k Rules Datasheets & Rumors

    This was spotted on Imgur as the new IKEA simplified rules are appearing in box sets with the new art inside. Let’s compare it to the old Tau 40k rules Datasheets and see what’s changed.

    strike team old datasheet

    Old rules

    tau strike team ikea rules

    New Rules

    New Bonuses: 

    • +1 to Leadership (was 6 now 7)
    • Misslepod changed to flat 2 damage and -2 AP (was D3 Damage -1 AP)
    • Pulse Carbine now 24″ range (was 18″ range)
    • Pulse Rifle now -1 AP (was 0 AP)
    • Smart Missle System now -1 AP (was 0 AP)

        What we don’t know:

        • Unique abilities? (Smart missiles targetting units not visible?)
        • Photon grenade?
        • Auto pass attrition ability?
        • Guardian drone?
        • Markerlights?
        • Faction-wide rules and impact on the unit?
        • Synergy with other Tau?

        Overall, Strike Teams only got better! Assuming they don’t get obliterated and made obsolete by point increases, these are looking to continue being a staple for tau players! All we have to do now is wait and pray GW doesn’t touch their point values too much.

        New Tau Breacher Team 40k Rules

        breacher team old datasheet

        Old rules

        tau breacher team ikea rules

        New Rules

        New Bonuses: 

        • +1 to Leadership (was 6 now 7)
        • Misslepod changed to flat 2 damage and -2 AP (was D3 Damage -1 AP)
        • Pulse Blaster [Close range] now 8″ range (was 5″ range)
        • Pulse Blaster [Medium range] now 14″ range (was 10″ range)
        • Pulse Blaster now has only two profiles (no longer a long-range profile)
        • Smart Missle System now -1 AP (was 0 AP)

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            What we don’t know:

            • Unique abilities? (Smart missiles targetting units not visible?)
            • Photon grenade?
            • Auto pass attrition ability?
            • Guardian drone?
            • Markerlights?
            • Faction-wide rules and impact on the unit?
            • Synergy with other Tau?

            Overall, Breacher Teams, just like strike teams, only got better! Assuming they don’t get obliterated and made obsolete by point increases, these are looking to continue being a staple for tau players! All we have to do now is wait and pray GW doesn’t touch their point values too much.

            New Tau Drones 40k Rules

            tactical drones old datasheet

            Old rules

            tau drone ikea rules

            New Rules

            New Bonuses: 

            • +2″to Movement (was 8″ now 10″)
            • Shield Drone changed to 2 wounds  (was 1 wound)
            • Pulse Carbine (on gun drone) now 24″ range (was 18″)

            What we don’t know:

            • Savior Protocols?
            • Deep strike?
            • Markerlights?
            • Gun drones only target the closest target?
            • Faction-wide rules and impact on the unit?
            • Synergy with other Tau?

            Overall, all drones, just like strike teams and breacher teams, only got better! Assuming they don’t get obliterated and made obsolete by point increases, these are looking to continue being a staple for tau players! All we have to do now is wait and pray GW doesn’t touch their point values too much.

            Also, it’s official… Tau Shield Drones are now beefy-er than Chaos Space Marines. Don’t worry, CSM players, you’ll get your 2 wounds sometime when you get a new book we hope…

            tau stormsurge

            • Stormsurge costs 330 pts. Blast cannon is the more expensive weapon. Driver Cannon is Hvy 3d3, S10, AP-4, dmg 3, Blast. Cluster Rockets retain Blast ability. Built-in 4++.
            • Piranha assembly picture is incorrect. The burst cannon is AP 0 base. The fusion blaster is a heavier, vehicle-mounted specifically for the piranha. The Crisis version remains d6 damage. Both types of FB get the new Melta treatment: +2 dmg at half range.
            • Enforcer Commanders have DR -1 innately.
            • Hammerheads are 145pts (+10 for Ion) Hammerhead Railgun is the only weapon that ignores Invuls innately.
            • Farsight gives the same buff as a standard XV8 Crisis Commander: Tactical Acumen. Choose a Crisis team in the Command Phase within 6″, they can Shoot and Charge after falling back. They Ignore and or all ranged Hit modifiers He also can choose a Farsight Enclaves Core unit at the beginning of the Fight phase and give them +1 to Hit in Melee for the phase.

            shadowsun point costs tau greater goodAbove is the old rules for Shadowsun from The Greater Good

            • Shadowsun has Full Re-roll Chapter Master Buff, does not break Sept Traits if she doesn’t match the army, and is a Supreme Commander.
            • BOTH Farsight and Shadowsun have RR1s to Hit for Core aura.
            • Farsight has A5 and does that “Choose Double weak attacks or Single, 2x 3 dmg attacks”
            • Shield Drones are 12ppm.
            • Crisis Suits profile: W4, 30ppm base, 3-6 unit size. ATS is gone now. Most support systems are free (not shield generators) and they get a 4th hardpoint only for support systems.
            • Vespid are 12ppm. WS 4, BS 4, S4, T4, W1, A1, Ld8, 4+ SV
            • All three Crisis Commanders are still around. They each have a different buff they give to a unit of Crisis suits. They have the RR1s to Hit aura for Core units and they give a benefit (not mentioned what benefit is) to a group of Crisis suits. Still, only 1 per detachment unless you are FSE – then you get 2.
            • Sunshark is all damage output. 12 Ion Rifle shots that can overcharge. I think it’s the only model in that game that can murder itself stacking Overheat MWs now. The Pulse Bomb seems alright. 6d6 dice, 4+ is an MW. Can go to 10 dice against large squads.
            • Ghostkeels 160pts, apparently very hard to shift now, and cannot get an invulnerable save.

            Tau Empire 9th Edition 40k Warlord Traits Rules

            tau warlord traits

            Of the 6 new Warlord traits, two look a little better than the rest. The Precision of the Hunter is simple but powerful! While the age of Coldstar Commanders may be gone, getting to have one with re-rolling hits and wounds, does make it feel like they might be back into prime time!

            Second, Exemplar of the Kauyon also looks very strong, being able to completely switch up your turn 1 gameplan after deployment to surprise your opponent is a powerful competitive edge. Especially if you are Kauyon and get to redeploy three whole units!

            tau kroot warlord traits

            As for this group of 3 dedicated Kroot warlord traitsPack Leader seems to be pretty good! As Kroot are cheap units, getting into melee to stall more expensive units is a powerful plan and this trait helps nearby Kroot do just that!

            Tau Empire 9th Edition 40k Relics Rules

            tau relic rules 1

            As for relics, the first page has a total of 5 with Puretide Engram Neurochip looking like a good CP generation option. Unlike other factions’ equivalents, this doesn’t state that you can only get one CP per unique stratagem. However, this is more restrictive with only two categories

            . At least if there is even just one strong option you’d use multiple times, you can continue to get CP back!

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            Multi-Sensory Discouragement Array also looks like a great competitive option. With three fantastic options, when this goes off you will almost always have a great effect to help out in that turn specifically, whether that be neutering a threat, clenching extra Victory Points, or slowing the enemy advance!

            tau relic rules 2

            As for the second page, Ohr’tu’s Lantern looks like a simple but strong option greatly boosting a single model’s effectiveness at getting Markerlight on a target.

            Neuro-Empathic Nullifier looks like another great competitive option by preventing a single unit from performing any actions for a turn and causing any current actions to fail, making room for outplays.

            Tau Empire 9th Edition 40k Ethereal Traits Rules

            Ethereal traits

            Since the tau doesn’t have psychic powers, their Ethereals get these trait options to make up for it! Think along the lines of a shaman with their elements. Of the 6 options, Sense of Stone looks decent by giving an entire unit a 5+ FNP potentially saving quite a few wounds.

            Power of Tides also looks good with an easy +1 to wound for an entire unit! Maybe this will make huge squads of Fire Warriors a legitimate option?

            So far the new updates to infantry and battlesuits seem to be just what the doctor ordered for the Tau rules-wise in 9th edition!

            Here’s all the latest on the upcoming Tau rules updates and points changes for Warhammer 40k.

            All the Newest GW Model & Rules Previews

            Are you excited about a new tau 40k codex rules and models? What rules changes would you like to see?

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