New 40k Eldar Dark Reapers Plastic Kit Revealed!

new-dark-reapers-eldar-aeldariAnother mainstay is being updated as GW has revealed a new 40k Eldar Dark Reapers Plastic Kit with more options and weapons.

A mainstay kit for the Eldar is finally being reworked and while they kept the old feel, the new plastic Dark Reapers kit looks pretty sweet. Plus it looks like there will be more head options and plenty of weapon choices for your Exarch. 

Path of the PreviewWarhammer Community unveiled the new models with some insight into all the options. The article is also called the Path of the Preview, so with a name like that, we expect many more reveals before we see the Eldar codex.

Let’s first look at the Guardians revealed a little while ago, then jump into the new stuff!

New Plastic Eldar Guardians Kit Revealed by GW!

The last time we saw a new Guardian, it was dead on the base of Lelith, so this is a serious step in the right direction!

New Eldar Guardians

The old Guardian squad has given us many years of faithful service, but this new kit improves upon these veteran miniatures, providing more dynamic poses and more choices of weapons, heads, and bodies.

Finally, new models with plenty of options!

New Eldar Guardians 2


New Eldar Guardians 3


New Eldar Guardians 4


New Eldar Guardians 5The new models look really sweet and they kept the older style but gave them a new feel. The poses are much more dynamic, they have way more options, and actually, look like something from this decade. Let’s just hope the legs aren’t two parts, as that is so frustrating to build. Still, even if they are two parts, we don’t care because Eldar needs these models so badly!

They can also be made as Storm Guardians, so there will probably be tons and tons of bits in this kit.

Storm Guardians

New Eldar Guardians 6

The new kit includes options to make either a squad of Guardian Defenders (including a heavy weapon platform) or a squad of Storm Guardians, with a new addition for the latter – a Serpent’s Scale Platform. The latter deflects incoming fire, allowing your squad to stroll nonchalantly across the battlefield before slicing their way through the younger races of the galaxy.

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These are super dynamic and obviously have a lot of options with power swords, chainswords, grenades, and weapons. Plus they are grabbing a new platform that will keep them protected from incoming fire. They didn’t give any rules yet, but maybe something like a minus to hit or an invulnerable save, heck maybe both?

New 40k Eldar Dark Reapers Kit Revealed!

Dark Reapers


Dark Reapers 2

Continuing our stroll along the Path of the Preview ahead of a massive wave of upcoming Aeldari releases, we see some updated Aspect Warriors in beautiful, crisp, clean, plastic glory. Witness the grimmest, creepiest heavy hitters of them all.  

It’s awesome to see just how many kits they are revamping for Eldar, considering most are decades old, it only makes sense!

Dark Reapers 3


Dark Reapers 4


Dark Reapers 5

The kit comes with four warriors and an Exarch, as well as a Dark Reaper shrine – a representation of the god Khaine as he is perceived by these grim Aspect Warriors. 

The new figures look pretty sweet and they really kept the feel of the old ones but updated them to the current game. Considering so many people have used these over the years, we’ll have to see what kind of rules they get.

Dark Reaper Kit Bits Options

Dark Reapers 6

The Exarch has a choice of heads and a massive four weapon options, including the classic Reaper launcher, a three-tipped tempest missile launcher, an Aeldari missile launcher and a shuriken cannon.

Dark Reapers 7

For the first time, you’ll also find unhelmeted options for each warrior for use in Ynnari armies. They still retain their iconic range-finder fins, so they’re just as good at taking down their marks. 

We’re always for more bits and options! We’ll have to see if you can magnetize the parts easily as well so you can get the most out of each kit! Lastly, they mention next Monday will have more previews, so keep your eyes peeled for even more Eldar!

Here’s all the latest on the upcoming rules updates and points changes for Warhammer 40k.

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Do you like the new look for the Eldar Dark Reapers? 

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