New Updated 40k Eldar Warlocks Plastic Kit Revealed!

new-eldar-warlock-farseerAnother mainstay is being updated as GW has revealed a new 40k Eldar Warlocks plastic kit with more options and two models.

If you need more psychic prowess in your army, the new kit will get you two minis every time, so double the goodness. Plus it looks like there will be more head options and weapon choices for your Warlocks. 

Path of the PreviewWarhammer Community unveiled the new models with some insight into all the options. The article is also called the Path of the Preview, so with a name like that, we expect many more reveals before we see the Eldar codex.

Let’s first look at the Dark Reapers revealed a little while ago, then jump into the new stuff!

New 40k Eldar Dark Reapers Kit Revealed!

Dark Reapers


Dark Reapers 2

Continuing our stroll along the Path of the Preview ahead of a massive wave of upcoming Aeldari releases, we see some updated Aspect Warriors in beautiful, crisp, clean, plastic glory. Witness the grimmest, creepiest heavy hitters of them all.  

It’s awesome to see just how many kits they are revamping for Eldar, considering most are decades old, it only makes sense!

Dark Reapers 3


Dark Reapers 4


Dark Reapers 5

The kit comes with four warriors and an Exarch, as well as a Dark Reaper shrine – a representation of the god Khaine as he is perceived by these grim Aspect Warriors. 

The new figures look pretty sweet and they really kept the feel of the old ones but updated them to the current game. Considering so many people have used these over the years, we’ll have to see what kind of rules they get.

Dark Reaper Kit Bits Options

Dark Reapers 6

The Exarch has a choice of heads and a massive four weapon options, including the classic Reaper launcher, a three-tipped tempest missile launcher, an Aeldari missile launcher and a shuriken cannon.

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Dark Reapers 7

For the first time, you’ll also find unhelmeted options for each warrior for use in Ynnari armies. They still retain their iconic range-finder fins, so they’re just as good at taking down their marks. 

We’re always for more bits and options! We’ll have to see if you can magnetize the parts easily as well so you can get the most out of each kit! Lastly, they mention next Monday will have more previews, so keep your eyes peeled for even more Eldar!

New Plastic 40k Eldar Warlocks

Eldar Warlock


Eldar Warlock 2

Warlocks are Aeldari seers who have previously walked the Path of the Warrior and so find it easier to develop psychic powers suited to battle. These versatile psykers can join your army as individual Characters or form a full conclave to assist your Farseers, bolster your warhost, and wreak havoc on the foe.

The new plastic models look pretty sweet, but like with all the kits, they have really kept the Eldar feel but updated the minis to the new times.

Eldar Warlock 3

These Warlocks come as a pair and can each be assembled with or without helmets, just like the new Guardian kit – great news if you don’t want your warriors to end up with helmet hair.

It’s always nice to get more minis in a set, let’s just hope the price doesn’t get too high for the pair. If they stay at the normal price for a single character, then we’d be all about it.

Multi-Part Kit

Eldar Warlock 4

You can build each Warlock with the choice of a shuriken pistol or an open hand, ready to unleash a mystic curse – or perhaps ask the craftworld’s barkeep to produce two drinks. The kit also contains one witchblade and one singing spear, allowing you to assemble a veritable Seer Council of distinct models.

It looks like with most of the new Eldar kits, they will be making the new plastic Warlock a multi-part kit with hand, head, and weapon options.

If Games Workshop keeps following the same pattern then next Monday will have more previews, so keep your eyes peeled for even more Eldar!  Here’s all the latest on the upcoming rules updates and points changes for Warhammer 40k.

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Do you like the new look for the plastic Eldar Warlocks? 

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