Space Marines Strike Force Agastus Box Set Value

strike-force-agastus-value-what-is-it-worth-pricing-buyHere’s the savings and value breakdown for the new Space Marines Strike Force Agastus box set that was revealed at LVO 2023.  

This offering is definitely a little different from the normal box sets, as it isn’t really a Combat Patrol or a battleforce box set. Either way, it still has some decent value inside and will let you get the new models before they can be scored separately.

While this will get you a bunch of new minis, the question is, what kind of value is inside the new Space Marines Box Strike Force Agastus?

We’ll also look at the new Wrath of the Soul Forge King Box Set with Azrael and Vashtorr in a separate post that you can read here.

New Space Marines Box Strike Force Agastus: Savings & Value Breakdown

New Space Marines Releases

With the new increased prices for the Redemptor Dreadnought and the characters in general, this kit gained an extra $10 in estimated value already.

  • 5 Heavy Intercessors $65
  • Brutalis Dreadnought $75 (based on the Redemptor Dread kit)
  • 10 Desolation Space Marines $60-65 (based on Heavy Intercessors)
  • New Lieutenant $35-$40 (based on the existing kit, but this will have more options)

Total MSRP: $295-$310

Total Value Versus the $200 Box Price: $95-$110

Since we don’t know the exact retail prices yet for the separate releases, there is a little bit of guesswork here. The new models will also grab a booklet, but that should just be added value as if this comes out before the new Space Marines codex, you’ll actually need rules to use the models (sort of like they did with Shadowspear).

Is the Strike Force Agastus Box Worth It?

New Space Marines ReleasesThe value based on the Cadian army box is similar, as that was $129 compared to a max of $110 here.  So at a retail price of $200 for this Strike Force, it has decent value, as all the units inside may end up being pretty pricey when they release seperately. However, they are all (minus the Heavy Intercessors) new releases.

This is more of an auxiliary box, meaning it will be better for more veteran players to add minis to their collection. If you’re looking to get started with Space Marines, we’d recommend just going with the regular Combat Patrol box.

Again though, this will have all three of the reveals from LVO 2023 for Space Marines, and it will probably be three weeks to a couple of months before the models come out on their own. So, it will have some intrinsic value on launch, and with the $100 or so in value, you basically get the new dread totally for free!

New Space Marines Releases

So, if you want all the models inside, this will probably be worth a pickup, assuming the release is not capped and allocated to stores at release.

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