GW Previews What’s Next for Warhammer 40k in 2023

new-gw-releases-happy-guars-man-crispGW just previewed what we can look forward to for Warhammer 40k in 2023 along with some shrouded new minis- check it out!

GW has done a reveal for every major game this week, and of course, they left 40k till the end! While the other reviews had more of a roadmap of what books to expect, for 40k, it looks like it’s all about the models and no real roadmap.

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GW Reveals Shrouded Warhammer 40k Minis & What’s Next For 2023!

Warhammer Community unveiled the new models, so let’s get into what they might be!

Warhamme 40k Minis 2023Well, they did show these two books, but we’ve known about this for a long time, so nothing too exciting, so let’s get into the minis!

Warhammer 40k 2023 minis

With the war for the Imperium Nihilus escalating, even the Imperium’s finest will need reinforcements – and reinforcements they shall get. Garbled pict-captures from the Tarmoth System have caught glimpses of figures hefting what look like pretty huge weapons. If only we had a clearer picture, perhaps coming at a major event in the near future…

We’ve heard rumors about a Space Marine with a new type of missile launcher, and this looks like it could fit the bill!

rumor engine 10-26-21

This is the Rumor Engine we saw a long time ago, and it looks a lot like that weapon in the shrouded figure above, just with the top open perhaps!

Warhammer 40k 2023 minis 2

Our look ahead at the Arks of Omen series revealed a fourth book lurking beyond the shadows, its details shrouded by decree of the Ordo Xenos. What dreadful alien threat could cause such drastic action to be taken, so far beyond the Imperium’s sight?

Talking about Xenos, this looks like it would be something for Eldar, Tau, or maybe if GW gets crazy, an Exodite Army even (check out the rumors here)! Exodites are sort of like Eldar, who left before the fall and are much more in tune with nature. Maybe the trees are a giveaway to that?

Or perhaps it’s none other than Commander Farsight getting that 2020’s glow-up like so many other characters…

Warhammer 40k 2023 minis 3

Speaking of space hulks… Kill Team! Now that the Shadowvaults have been cracked wide open, it’s time to speculate about Soulshackle – the mysterious next expansion set. We know quite a few factions who’d love to get their hands on some tasty mortal souls, but how many of them have experience fighting in the bowels of a space hulk?

Who likes souls and capturing people? Dark Eldar! We would love to see some new minis for them, but there is also a chance this is for the Corsairs, but everything screams Dark Eldar here. These were the three images showcased by Games Workshop, but there were two more models in the video they didn’t talk about.

Warhammer 40k 2023 minis 4

This looks like Traitor Guard to us, but it could even be Arbites re-imagined. With the recent release of all the cultist stuff, it would make sense to follow up with a bunch of Traitor Guard or at least a Kill Team box. Either way, he appears to have some sort of breacher shield, possibly.

Warhammer 40k 2023 minis 5This sneaky fellow could be a rework for Snikrot or any Kommando, but it definitely looks Orky, and we would love to see a new Snikrot model for sure!


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What do you think these new models are? Do you think our guesses are close? 

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