All The New Imperial Guard Rules & Model Rumors So Far

imperial-guard-rumors-roadmapHere are all the new rumors for more Imperial Guard miniatures and 40k rules for their upcoming Astra Militarum 9th edition codex book.

If you’ve been hoping for something to spice up your Imperial Guard army, these rumors of new models and 40k codex rules are a step in the right direction for the Astra Militarum.

The rumors have everything from Karskin to new characters to some rules updates and even sentinels. 

Let’s start with the latest, followed by what we had already seen for new Imperial Guard miniatures and 40k codex rules.

Imperial Guard Catachan, Death Korps, & More Rules! November 9th, 2022

Warhammer Community just unveiled the latest rules, including rules, orders, weapons, and more for the Guard!

They also say that DKoK will have access to the weapons available in the Kill Team box, and Catachan will get two flamers and more combat ability.

Death Korps RulesHaving mini transhuman on all your guys is never a bad thing!Catachan rules

The Death Korps of Krieg and Catachan Jungle Fighters are both getting their own individual datasheets in the new book. Krieg troopers have access to the many options included in their Kill Team kit – such as sniper rifles and medi-packs – while Catachans boast two flamers and a particularly vicious close combat ability.

Catachan can do a little more in combat than normal Guardsmen, and with two flamers, you can just rush them up close!

Sly Marbo Rules

Imperial Guard Catachan Rules

The sneaky, stabby sensation known as Sly Marbo also returns to battle, with a significant bump in threat level. His ripper pistol and envenomed blade can now drop Chaos Space Marines and enemy commanders with ease, before Sly slips back into the shadows like he was never there at all. 

He seems to be made to charge up, shoot a character, then take them out in combat! If you get lucky, you could easily chip off 4-5 wounds with the pistol, then hopefully have enough damage left to finish them off in combat.

Imperial Guard Commissar Orders

Imperial Guard Commissar Rules

Commissars might be the furthest things from Sly Marbo’s modus operandi – championing order and discipline – and their management style was previously delivered exclusively at the barrel of a bolt pistol. Having learned that some troops respond better to gentle encouragement than the imminent threat of execution, they now have access to Prefectus Orders.

While regimental officers have access to familiar – but updated – orders, Commissars appeal to the faith and fervour of the enlisted men with a more directly aggressive set of commands. Under their visionary and threatening inspiration, your troops will be able to keep blasting away even while sprinting at full speed or regrouping from a sudden assault.

Being able to move and shoot without penalty is always awesome, and then Get Back in the Fight is just always one of the strongest orders! Plus falling back out of combat and then just still being able to shoot (or charge) is super powerful, no matter what army you play.

Deathstrike Missile Launcher

Godspear Warhead rules

The Deathstrike now puts a big, scary target on the battlefield with a unique action, which it can then fire at on your next turn. You won’t be catching anyone by surprise, but a marker looming over objectives will dissuade anyone from claiming them. After all, who wants to be clocked for 16 mortal wounds? If your turn comes around and nobody’s in the blast zone, you can just move the marker again.

If turning a small number of hard targets into a fine mist doesn’t match your battle plan, there are two more warheads to pick from. One blankets a wide area in searing plasma, while the other creates a persistent bubble of gravitational pain. The best part? You get to choose which warhead to bring after you’ve seen your opponent’s army list.

While you have to put this in a certain spot, it can either force enemy tanks and artillery to move away, or you can force enemies to stay away from a certain spot; plus, doing 16 mortals is just wild.

New Imperial Guard Regimental Doctrines Rules & How to Build Armies Revealed! November 8th, 2022

These come from Warhammer Community and revealed many new Imperial Guard rules, so let’s jump into it!

Imperial Guard Regimental Doctrines

Instead of constraining you to a single specific regiment, the new codex has you mix and match tactics to create your favourite flavour of Guardsmen. All you need to do is choose a pair of Regimental Doctrines to dictate how they fight. These doctrines represent traits like superior artillery skills, high-quality armour, impressive discipline amongst the ranks, or experience in guerilla warfare. 

Imperial Guard Regimental Doctrines 2This is interesting as they basically took what all the regiments could do and mashed them into a single army. You pick two out of the 15 different doctrines, and you have an army with whatever type of Guard you have.

Imperial Guard Regimental Doctrines 3

There are 15 doctrines making 93 different combinations, allowing you to build an iconic regiment from the lore, or cook up a custom force with its own history and home world.

Imperial Guard Regimental Doctrines 4It’s nice to see Steel Legion get a little love, but they won’t be getting any models from the looks of it, but you can still pick this doctrine if you want!

Imperial Guard Regimental Doctrines 5Honestly, for Guard, ignoring all modifiers for combat attrition is nice, as you hopefully won’t lose whole units!

New Imperial Guard Stratagems

Imperial Guard Stratagems

Some Regimental Doctrines grant unique keywords, like EXPERT BOMBARDIERS or VETERAN GUERILLAS. These specialists are even better at employing powerful Stratagems that mirror classic fighting styles, such as the trap-setting proclivities of the Catachan Jungle Fighters or the flagrant disregard for subordinate safety displayed by Valhalla’s hard-nosed commanders.

So not only will you gain the initial benefit, but picking the right doctrine will also grant you access to a decent number of specific stratagems as well.

Imperial Guard Stratagems 2

Once you’ve settled on your Regimental Doctrines, there are no restrictions on combining your favourite units and heroes, regardless of where they hail from. The officers of the Astra Militarum are quite comfortable leading any of the Emperor’s loyal servants – the indomitable Ursula Creed wouldn’t let a silly thing like different uniforms stop her from ordering some Death Korps or Atillan Rough Riders into the breach, after all.

Overall, this is pretty cool, but all the regiments of the Imperial Guard were something that made them stand apart. Still, this is better for gamers as you don’t have to spend tons of cash on older models just to play with their regiment.

Regimental Tactics

Regimental Doctrine

In fact, ordering your troops around is easier than ever before – if every model in your army has the ASTRA MILITARUM keyword, your OFFICERS can make use of the Regimental Tactics ability to spread their directives around multiple units at once, and keep the massed forces of the Astra Militarum fighting at peak efficiency.

Being able to give two orders for every one issued effectively is really sweet! This should let you really stretch those orders out for maximum efficiency.

New Imperial Guard Rough Riders & Lord Solar Rules Leaks! November 7th, 2022

These leaks come from Reddit.

Rough RidersThey have WS3, which is nice, two wounds, 4S/T, two attacks, and a 4+ save. So, they don’t have a ton of survivability, but with a 12″ move, hopefully, they will be able to get there before being shot off the board!

Then, when they charge, they get +2 Strength, and when you add that to a melta tip, they will be getting Strength 8 at that point! Meaning they will hit on 3’s and wound on 2’s versus all T4 models.

Attilan Rough Riders 5

You need more than just a sharp stick to face foul xenos war-beasts – fortunately, these lances pack a deadly explosive payload. Employing reckless battlefield techniques refined by the horsemasters of Attila, the hunting lances wielded by Rough Riders can deliver your choice of an infantry-shredding frag tip or vehicle-busting melta tip. 

This looks identical to Warhammer Community, which bodes well for the rest of these rules being real.

Lord Solar Leontus Rules Leaks

Lord Solar Leaks

He has a pretty impressive statline, and with S6, eight wounds (plus a 4+ invuln save and halves all damage incoming), six attacks, and 12″ movement, he should be able to survive and hit hard!

Allowing a core unit (like the rough riders) to reroll a hit and wound of one is really strong. Then, you can pick any unit to reroll ones, not just core, but if they are core, they also get the reroll on the wound as well.

Lastly, he can issue up to three orders which is also awesome.

Lord Solar 3

Unorthodox use of the tarot readers of The Collegiate Astrolex gives Leontus the ability to change one of his army’s secondary objectives or Agendas on the cusp of battle, reacting to his foe’s plans. Or if he’s feeling secure in his tactical choices, he can proceed with steely confidence and gain an additional Command point in the first Command phase.

This also looks identical to Warhammer Community, which bodes well for the rest of these rules being real.

New 40k Imperial Guard Cadian Rules Revealed by GW!  November 7th 2022

Warhammer Community just unveiled the latest rules, including profiles, stratagems, weapons, and more for the Cadians!

Imperial Guard Cadain Rules

The backbone of this force are two 10-man squads of Cadian Shock Troops. Cadians are drilled from birth with an aggressive fighting doctrine that has them storming breaches like the Death Korps of Krieg dig trenches. These sterling soldiers do away with cumbersome Heavy Weapons Teams in favour of a second special weapon – but even Shock Troops armed with the faithful lasgun can take a heavy toll from their foes.

If you can get off 20 shots from a single unit, this should net you 3-4 extra hits, and there’s nothing wrong with getting more hits! Also, they tease that the Death Korps of Krieg will get more rules and pay attention to more coming soon.

So keep an eye out for your regiment’s new Guard rules soon!

Imperial Guard Cadain Rules 2

Cadian Command Squads have such a proud history of command that almost all Astra Militarum field officers follow their example. Regimental standard held high, these veterans remind their soldiers of Cadia’s tragic sacrifice – ensuring that even those troops not recruited from the bastion world can take Vengeance for Cadia.

Adding 1 to wound rolls is a welcome addition to the fight against CHAOS – whether your soldiers are gunning down warp-shielded daemons or blood-crazed Space Marines.

For 1 Command Point, this can really improve your chances actually to do something against Chaos units! Getting an extra +1 to wound is no joke, so hopefully, this will really help you avenge Cadia!

Field Ordnance Batteries Rules

Imperial Guard Cadain Rules 3

When small arms aren’t enough, Field Ordnance Batteries batter enemy lines from afar with rockets, shells, and las blasts. Though calling them ‘man-portable’ might be a bit of a stretch – at least without the combined efforts of all three crew members – these massive field guns are some of the most powerful weapons not bolted to a tank chassis.

This is going to be perfect for taking out light infantry, as against weaker units, you will be wounding on 2’s and averaging about 9-10 shots. If you have three of these bad boys, you could pump out 30 shots pretty regularly.

Imperial Guard Cadain Rules 4

The malleus rocket launcher is perfect for shredding alien hordes, while the heavy lascannon punches holes in big armour, and the bombast field gun lobs shells at foes from behind cover. There are no wrong choices here – when you have a hammer this big, every heretic is a nail.

With two shots, hopefully, you hit with one, and then ten strength should almost always give you the advantage to wound. If you get lucky (maybe really lucky), this could take down a tank in one go.

Bombast Field Gun

If you want something to kill marines, this might be the way to go. As D2 is becoming more important than ever, it’s also pretty versatile, so might be able to ping some wounds off stronger enemies.

New Sentinel Profile

Imperial Guard Cadain Rules 6

If you’re after something more mobile, look no further than Sentinels. Everyone loves these bipedal bad boys – fast firepower on a budget with some serious style. The new-look model is faster, tougher, and fightier than ever before – check out the substantially improved statline on the Scout Sentinel.

With more movement, Strength, Toughness, Wounds, and attacks, these should be harder to take down than before and actually get where they need to go faster.

GW Confirms Imperial Guard Rogal Dorn Tank Size! November 2, 2022

Rogal Dorn Size

Make no mistake, it’s a big lad! The Rogal Dorn has more bone-crushing power than a Leman Russ, but not quite the excess of a Baneblade. It’s the perfect middle ground – and this extends to the datasheet.

As you can see, the rumors seem right as it’s more or less right in-between on size, making the Leman Russ look sort of small, but it’s quite smaller than the Baneblade.  Hopefully it will be a decent amount cheaper money-wise than the Baneblade, but we’ll just have to wait and see on that…

Rogal Dorn Size 2

With size comes durability, and the Rogal Dorn has that in spades. Its excellent Toughness, Wounds, and Save means it’ll stick around on even the most blistering battlefield, but it has a little more manoeuvrability than a super-heavy. 

Now to compare the profiles! With four more wounds and another toughness, this should be much harder to bring down. There are a lot of Strength 4 and Strength 8 weapons out there, so should really swing some of those rolls in your favor.

Luckily, it keeps the 10″ movement so it won’t be lagging behind.

Baneblade rules

The Baneblade has also seen some improvements. Your first two sponsons packing lascannons and twin heavy bolters are rolled into its base cost, making it significantly cheaper than before. And don’t worry – you can still add an extra two sponsons if 12 barrels of death weren’t enough. Those are now cheaper too!

Getting the weapons put in the cost is always nice, but it also gets an increase in toughness which can be super powerful, and then it gets 30 wounds! These are going to be harder than ever to bring down, so roll your tanks into battle!

Turret Profiles

Then there’s the fantastic new Turret Weapon rule which allows tank turrets to target any enemies they want even while locked in melee, and also adds a nifty +1 to their hit roll as a bonus.

Although it has several excellent turret options, the Leman Russ and the battle cannon go together like chips and gravy, so tank commanders will be glad to know that this old faithful has had a boost. Then again, if you want to really splatter something from a great distance, the oppressor cannon on the Rogal Dorn cranks the firepower up to the max.

Both weapons are quite strong, but the Oppressor Cannon will hit insanely hard and can take out either vehicles, or has enough damage to take out some serious tough units with blast and a lot of shots.

New Imperial Guard Lord Solar Leontus Miniature: October 31, 2022

The new model was unveiled by Warhammer Community along with a new rule and the codex art for the book coming in the Cadia Stands army box!

Lord Solar

As the Lord Commander Solar, Arcadian Leontus sits among the highest echelons of the Imperium, boasting an unimaginable roll of titles, peerages, ranks, and probably a whole gaggle of attendants tasked solely with ensuring that his horse has enough cyber-hay.

The model itself is interesting, and the base is definitely cool (is that a dead Chaos Reaver Titan Head?). It also looks like they left plenty of room on the cape to really go crazy with some painting effects.

Lord Solar 2

With an army of logistical advisers, priests, tacticians, tarot readers, prophets, seers, confidants, and sub-commanders at his beck and call, Lord Solar Leontus is personally responsible for hundreds of stunning Imperial victories. Though his remit is technically confined to the defence of the Segmentum Solar, Leontus has led campaigns far beyond its boundaries. How else, he argues, can he protect Holy Terra from distant foes?

There are plenty of details all over the model, and if you want someone striding into battle at the spearhead of your forces, why not bring him along?

His steed Konstantin is decades old, now largely cybernetic and clad in gleaming armour. From this lofty perch, Arcadian Leontus commands the men and women of the Astra Militarum as they endure horrifying battles in their mission to protect the Imperium from the heretic, the mutant, and the alien.

Obviously, it was Lord Solar Leonatus on the cover of the Imperial Guard codex.  While some thought GW might be trolling us with that one, it turned out true!

Lord Solar 3

Unorthodox use of the tarot readers of The Collegiate Astrolex gives Leontus the ability to change one of his army’s secondary objectives or Agendas on the cusp of battle, reacting to his foe’s plans. Or if he’s feeling secure in his tactical choices, he can proceed with steely confidence and gain an additional Command point in the first Command phase.

Being able to change your secondaries based on your opponent is pretty sweet actually, and if you already like your choices, you just get a command point for free!

New Cadian Stands Army Box Imperial Guard Codex Cover

Lord Solar 4

Lord Solar Leontus (and Konstantin) feature on the cover of the forthcoming Codex Astra Militarum, which will be available first in the Cadia Stands: Astra Militarum Army Set.

The artwork for this book is really cool and just shows off the strength of the Guard as they stand against all forms of invaders!

RUMORS: New 40k Codex Imperial Guard Relics & Stratagems: October 28th 2022

These new imperial guard rules rumors for Relics and Stratagems come from Reddit.

cadian army box set imperial guard heavy weapon teams

  • THE EMPEROR’S BENEDICTION – range 18 Pistol 3 S4 AP1 D2 Abilities: ignore the Look Out, Sir rule. unmodified wound roll of 6 does 1 mortal wound in addition
  • DEATH MASK OF OLLANIUS – bearer + their unit gets a 4++
  • THE BARBICANT’S KEY Grand – Dark matter crystal/veil of shadows equivalent (e.g. pick up and put down the same turn)
  • KUROV’S AQUILA – Vect equivalent (e.g., 1 enemy strat costs 1 more CP for the game)
  • GATEKEEPER 72” rang.: Blast. Turret Weapon. Heavy D3+6 str 9 ap-3 D3
  • RELIC OF LOST Cadia- Cadian only. Once per battle. (Aura): CADIAN INfANTRY in range get +1 WS and BS and attacks and Ld
  • ORDER OF THE BASTIUM STELLARIS – Transhuman for bearer and unit
  • PSY-SIGIL OF SANCTION Psyker model knows +1 power, cast +1 power
  • ARMOUR OF GRAF TOSCHENKO bearer gets 2+ save and +1 wound
  • LAURELS OF COMMAND Can issue one order (from a specific subset, not all orders) in the enemy’s turn. Once per game
  • Claw of the Desert Tigers: Model with power sword or Power Saber only. Str +2 Ap-3 D2. Each time the bearer fights with this weapon you get +2 attacks.
  • Clarion Proclomatus: Upgrade for a Master Vox guy in a command squad. Gives a command squad officer unlimited range for orders, but only when ordering another unit that has a vox caster.
  • Relic Banner (name unknown): Upgrade for a regimental standard bearer only. 6” Aura that affects friendly core units. Friendly core units ignore any modifiers to hit and wound when making ranged attacks. Enemy models cannot use any rules to ignore the wounds it loses (no feel no pain!) (not sure how this works with Transhuman and units that can only lose so many wounds per phase)
  • Null Coat: Tempestor Prime and Commissar model only. Bearer can attempt to deny 1 enemy psychic power and gets +1 to deny.
  • Emperors Fury: Model with a plasma pistol only. Range 12” Pistol 3 Str 8 Ap-3 D2. (doesn’t seem to overheat)
  • Refractor Field Generator: Tempestor Prime Only. 6” Aura that effects friendly scions Infantry units. Friendly scions within range get 5++

We saw some rumors before about Kurov’s Aquila, and getting Vect for a relic is pretty sweet. The Relic banner is interesting, and depending on what you play against, it could be really strong, especially with ignoring FNP!

Then, getting a unit of 4++ is nice, and Order of the Bastium Stellaris is also good for buffing up a key unit.

RUMORS: New Imperial Guard Stratagems

cadian army box set imperial guard ordnance battery field

  • Relentless: Use in the command phase on a friendly vehicle. Model counts as being on its top profile until start of next command phase. 2CP for titanic vehicles, 1CP for other vehicles.
  • Field Promotion: Costs 1 CP. Use this when your Warlord dies. Select 1 officer model in your army and give it a warlords trait it is able to take. Full all rules and objective purposes this model now becomes your warlord. If the enemy had a objective to kill your warlord then it does not succeed. Can only be used once per game.
  • Vengeful Salute: Use when a friendly vehicle is destroyed in the enemy shooting or fight phase, as long as the vehicle did not explode. Before you remove the model the vehicle can shoot with its turret weapons. The vehicle counts as having BS 5+. Costs 1CP to use on Battle Tanks or Armored Superiority units, otherwise it costs 2CP.
  • Crush them! Costs 1 CP. Use in the fight phase. Use on Battle Tank or Superheavy units. Cannot be used when fighting enemy vehicles or monsters. Model gets WS 4+. If the model has the armored Keyword the model gets WS 3+. Unmodified wound roles of a 6 do 1 mortal wound in addition to other damage. (Note sure how this works with a dozer blade)
  • Fire on my Position: Costs 2 CP. Use when a Friendly model with a vox caster dies from a melee attack. Don’t remove the vox caster model. After all attacks have been resolved roll a D6 for each unit within 3” of the voxcaster. On a 4+ that unit take D3 Mortal wounds. Once resolved remove the vox caster model. This strat only costs 1 CP for Units with the Cult of Sacrifice keyword.
  • Officer Cadre: Costs 1 CP. Standard extra warlord trait stratagem.
  • Battlefield Request: Costs 1 CP. Select a Sgt or Watchmaster model in your army and give them 1 of the following relics: Claw of the Desert Tigers, Barbicants Key, The Emperors Fury, Relic of Lost Cadia.
  • Imperial Guards Armory: Costs 1 CP Standard extra relic stratagem.
  • Maverick Maneuvers: Costs 1 CP. Use in your shooting phase. Select a sentinels unit. After they have resolved their shooting, the unit can make a normal move up to 6”. It can’t shoot again this phase.
  • Thunderous charge: Costs 1 CP. Use on Ogryns or Rough Riders when they have finished a charge. Select 1 enemy unit within engagement range. Roll 1 D6 for each Ogryn or Rough Rider in Engagement range, for each roll that equals or beats the enemy Toughness, they suffer 1 Mortal Wound.
  • Artillery Strike Request: Costs 2 CP. Use this stratagem in your command phase when the Master of Ordnance or an Expert Bombardier Officer is on the board. Place a marker on the board. At the start of your next command phase, roll 1 D6 for each enemy unit within 6” of the center of the marker. Add +1 for each unit within 3” and -1 for an enemy character. On a 2-5 the enemy units suffers d3 mortal wounds. On a 6 they suffer d6 mortal wounds. You can only use this stratagem once.
  • Vicious Traps: Costs 1 CP. Use in your opponents charge phase when an enemy unit charges one of your units is fully inside area terrain. Roll D6, 2-5 the enemy suffers d3 mortal wounds, on a 6 suffers 2d3. Add +1 to the roll if your unit has the Catachan or Veteran Guerrillas Keyword. Add +1 if they have the Melta Mine keyword. Add +1 if Sly Marbo is on the battlefield.
  • Feign & Strike: Costs 1 CP. Use on Rough Riders in the movement phase when they fall back. The unit can Shoot and Charge even though they fell back.
  • Flakk Barrage: Costs 1 CP. Use in the enemy movement phase after the enemy has set up reinforcements. 1 Hydra may shoot as though it were in your shooting phase, but can only target aircraft that have set up as reinforcements this turn.
  • Shield of Flesh: Costs 1 CP. Basically the same as it is in Psychic Awakening: The Greater Good.
  • Mount up: Costs 2CP. Use in your shooting phase. Can only be used on units with Mechanized or Militarum Tempestus Keywords. After they have resolved their shooting, if the whole unit is within 3” of a friendly transport they can embark.
  • Overcharge Lascells: Costs 2 CP. Use in the shooting phase on a Kasrkin or Scions unit. Each time that unit makes an unmodified wound roll of a 6 with a Hotshot weapon, it inflicts 1 mortal wound in addition to normal damage. Can do 6 mortal wounds max.
  • Smoke launchers: Costs 1 CP. Standard smokescreen like stratagem.
  • Ablative Plating: Costs 2 CP. Use the stratagem in any phase. Select one battle tank or Armoured unit. Until the end of the phase reduce the damage of enemy attacks by 1 (to a minimum of 1). This stratagem costs 3 CP for a Rogal Dorn or Superheavy unit.
  • Melta Mine: Costs 1 CP. Unit with Melta Mine Keyword only. Use in the fight phase against an enemy monster or vehicle. Roll a D6, on a 2-5 the enemy unit suffers d3+1 mortal wound. On a 6 it suffers 2d3 mortal wounds.
  • Battlefield Surgery: Costs 1 CP. Details unknown. Orbital Interference: Costs 1 CP. Effects Officer of the Fleet models. Other Details unknown. Acceptable Losses: Costs 1 CP. Details unknown.

It looks like we might not get the mass grenade strat anymore, but who knows, maybe you’ll still be able to throw ten grenades! Relentless can sometimes be totally worth the 1 or 2 CP, especially on a Baneblade or Shadowsword!

They also look to have a lot of AoE Mortal wound strats, which seems cool, but more often than not, they fall short a lot of time.

Still, they can help you punch through that one super tough unit. The most useful one might be the Overcharge Lascells, as you should have a bunch of shots to deal mortals, just be sure to roll those 6s!

New Imperial Guard Rogal Dorn Battle Tank Confirmed by GW! (October 24, 2022)

It’s real! After months of rumors, Games Workshop has confirmed the new Rogal Dorn Battle Tank for the upcoming Imperial Guard 40k codex!

Warhammer Community unveiled the new tank along with what you can arm it with! If you’ve been waiting patiently for this, it’s not too far away now!

Rogal Dorn Tank

The new Rogal Dorn Battle Tank is a behemoth of a vehicle, perfectly suited for smashing enemy positions and anchoring defensive lines. Its heavy armour gives it durability worthy of the Praetorian’s name, while its powerful engines ensure it doesn’t fall behind squadrons of Leman Russ Battle Tanks.

The rumors were for this to be bigger than a Leman Russ but smaller than a Baneblade, and from the pictures, it looks like this is exactly what we’re getting!

Rogal Dorn Tank 2

Its turret mounts either two full-size battle cannons, or an enormous oppressor cannon. The latter in particular is a devastating anti-armour powerhouse, capable of knocking out almost anything up to a Chaos Knight in a single salvo – and it’s still got room for a cheeky co-axial autocannon to the side.

We’ve even heard rumors about the oppressor cannon (below), but it seems hard to go wrong with two battle cannons as well!

Rogal Dorn Tank 3

The firepower doesn’t stop there – the Rogal Dorn mounts a deadly castigator gatling cannon on the hull, perfect for scything down infantry. Or you can be trade that out for a pulveriser cannon – the demolisher cannon’s only-slightly smaller brother. The tank can be further augmented with a pair of heavy stubbers or meltaguns, and in classic Astra Militarum fashion, you can also strap a pair of heavy bolter or multi-melta sponsons on the side. There’s even a pintle-mounted heavy stubber for any gunner brave enough to clamber up top.

It’s nice to have extra options, and honestly, this looks pretty awesome! If you don’t feel like throwing a Baneblade down, this might be the way to go!

Rogal Dorn Tank 4

While this doesn’t show the size directly next to a Russ, you can tell how much bigger it is when putting next to the sentinels and Guardsmen. From the 60mm weapon team base in the back, this appears to be a similar size to a Space Marines Land Raider!

The Rogal Dorn Battle Tank will be rolling off the assembly lines before long, but there’s still time for one last model reveal next week. Have we saved the best for last?

It looks like we have one new model to go for their promise of a month of new model revals! The rumors would all point to a new Lord Solar on horseback, so maybe that will be the last one. Plus all the rumors have been right so far, so we wouldn’t be surprised to see that next.

For now, though, let’s check out the rumors we’ve seen about the new tank!

Rogal Dorn Tank 40k Rules Rumors:

First, these are rumors, so take them with as much salt as you need! This breakdown was sourced from Reddit.

  • This model’s twin battle cannon can be replaced with 1 oppressor cannon and 1 co-axial autocannon.
  • This model’s castigator Gatling Cannon can be replaced with 1 Pulveriser Cannon
  • This model can be equipped with one of the following: 2 meltaguns; 2 additional heavy stubbers.
  • This model can be equipped with one of the following: 2 heavy bolters; 2 multi-meltas.
  • This model can be equipped with armoured tracks.
  • Bs 4+ T9 2+ save (turret weapon rule)
  • Oppressor cannon D6+3 shots Str10 Ap -3 Damage 4 Blast 90-inch range
  • Armoured Tracks (upgrade) D1 weapons give you a +1 arm save
  • Between 250-280 points
  • 17 wounds

We’ve also heard rumors about this for a long time, and it looks pretty strong. With all kinds of weapons, a ton of wounds, and Toughness 9. However, it does seem to be BS 4, but that was expected.  Perhaps it will get +1 to hit like the current Leman Russ Tank Turret rules rumor?

There is more in this video, along with an internal link to a Google Doc with all the rules rumors.


RUMORS: New Imperial Guard 40k Codex Points! (October 19, 2022)

The rumors come from Reddit transcribed from Mordian Glory.

Leman RussLeman Russ:

  • 150 points for battle canon plus lascannon. +10 or +20 for other weapons.

Command Squads:

  • Heavy weapon teams, medic: 5+ fnp, standard: reroll 1 to wound. Elite or free HQ
  • Master of ordinance: command phase, enemy visible, 36 inches, artillery gets reroll 1s to hit. 35 points
  • Fleet: same conditions: reroll 1 for planes. 35 points.
  • Astropath: no more ignore cover. Psychic action, 7 WC, gain 1 CP. Knows 1 power. 40 points

cadian army box set imperial guard heavy weapon teamsInfantry points and abilities:

  • 65 points infantry/Cadian squads. Cadians get 2 sp, infantry gets 1 + Heavy weapon, and all equipment should be included for free.
  • Catachan = 70 points
  • Krieg = 80 points
  • Krieg: mini transhuman (2 to wound always fails), a medic for 5 points (5+ fnp?). Is a Kill Team box.

    HQ points:

    • Tempestus Prime + command squads are combined, 110 points total. Might not be the final points.
    • Platoon command squads (commander + 4 dudes): 80 points. Should include upgrades
    • Ursula Creed: 100 points
    • Orgyn bodyguard: 55 pts, Nork: 75 pts.
    • New castellan: 75 points. Laspistol and chain sword. Chainsword can be replaced by a bolt gun, powefist, or power sword. Laspistol can be replaced by plasma pistol. 5++. Reroll hit rolls of 1. Issue 2 orders.
    • Gaunts Ghost: 145
    • Strakken: 80 pts. Wildly out-of-date rules: reroll wound against monsters, a target that was ordered by him auto wounds vehicles in melee on 6s to hit.
    • Lord Solar: 200 pts. 12″ move, 2+ ws\bs, 10 W, 3+, 4++, half damage. 3 orders a turn. Lord solar righteous gaze and conquest for equipment, unclear what they are.
    • HQ pts should include upgrades.

      We also saw a bunch of rumors from Mordian that you can check out below. There are some similarities and some differences, but take them all with a grain of salt.

      RUMORS: Imperial Guard New Weapon Profiles, Ogryn Buffs, & More! (October, 18th 2022)

      These rules rumors for the Imperial Guard 40k codex come from the B&C sourced from a Mordian Glory video, and look to support previous rumors…

      Armies-on-Parade-Lore-40k-Imperial-Guard title horWeapon Profiles and Tanks: 

      Heavy Lascannon:
      • Range: 48”
      • Shots: 1
      • S14,
      • Ap-3? (unconfirmed ap),
      • Damage d6+6 (Ignores invuns)

      It looks like Guard will be next in line to have a weapon ignore invulnerable saves! Move over Tau and Leagues of Votann, the humans are getting smarter!

      Leman Russ:
      • Leman Russ Tank (AoC unknown) M10” WS6+ BS4+ S7 T8 W13 LD7 A5 2+ save
      • Turret Weapons have Turret keyword (+1 to hit when firing)
      • Demolisher D6 shots S9 Ap-3 Damage D3+3
      • Nova Cannon: Shots d6+3 SameS Same ap damage 3 (Ignores cover)
      • Executioner: Shots: Unknown S8 AP-4 Damage 3 (Always considered overcharged)
      • Exterminator Autocannon: Shots: Heavy 6 S8 AP-2 Damage: 2
      • Battlecannon: Shots: Heavy d6+3 S8 AP-2 Damage: 3
      • Gatekeeper: Shots: Same as BC S9 AP-4 Damage: 3
      • Punisher: Shots: Heavy 20 S6 Ap-1 Damage: 1
      • Vanquisher: Shots: Heavy 1 S14 Ap-4 Damage D3+6 (Ignores invuns and D3 mortals on top)

      The +1 to hit will be nice, considering they have BS 4. Then, a lot of the weapons are here, but we won’t worry too much until we see some confirmations.Tempestus Scions CommandUnit Changes: 

      • Toughness +1 (to 6),
      • all Ogryns +2wounds (to 5),
      • Ability: Reduce damage by 1

      This would make them quite tough (especially with reducing damage)! However, we’re not sure how the points will increase with these huge buffs.

      Command squad –
      • Platoon (Elite) or Company commander (HQ) command squad units
      • 2 Guardsmen make veteran heavy weapons Medic gives just the command squad a 5FnP Regimental standard – Reroll 1s to wound Any number of veterans can swap weapons in the same as before and well as
      • Master Vox (Unknown what this does)
      • Standard Vox (as before)
      • You cannot select the same special or heavy weapon more than once in each unit.
      • Refractor still has a 5+ invuln
      • Veteran guardsmen have BS4+ but 2 more attacks

      Giving the Veteran Guardsmen two extra attacks is okay, but having the extra BS would probably be better as you’re taking a lot of special weapons on them.

      • Hotshot back to 24”
      • Hotshot sniper 36”, Heavy 1 S4, Ap-2, Damage (MW on a roll of 6+)
      • Shocktroop Squads cost the same as Cadian (65points [p])
      • Cadian squads only get 2 special weapons (no heavy weapons) in squads – 6s explode to hit (ranged)
      • Catachan squads (70p) – 6s explode to hit in melee
      • DCoK squads (80p) – Minitrans human
      • Astropath – No longer lets you ignore cover. 🙁 🙁 :disappointed: (Psyker divination stays as a psychic action WC7). This gets you a CP if you complete the action
      • NoHQ commissars

      cadian army box set imperial guard ordnance battery fieldOverall some interesting changes, but we’ll have to see what the mini Transhuman does for DKoK and if they get more minis! Plus, it looks like Catachan might be able to do something in melee, but we won’t get our hopes too high.

      New Attilan Rough Riders Models for Imperial Guard! (October, 17th 2022)

      Warhammer Community unveiled the new Attilan Rough Rider Imperial Guard minis and a rule for what they can do on the charge!

      Attilan Rough Riders 2

      Do you like going fast? Do you want to plunge into battle sat astride a powerful steed, armed with nothing more than a lance, a sidearm, and a fur-trimmed hat? Then polish your spurs and book a trip to Attila – the legendary Rough Riders are back in the saddle with some brand new models. 

      It’s pretty awesome to see Attila get some models! While they didn’t say anything about DKoK, we hope they are in the book, or at least we assume you can use them as proxies and no one would care!  We know we are, at least!

      Attilan Rough Riders 4

      Rough Riders first appeared way back in White Dwarf #111, with the planet Attila – home to the most famous of these far future cavaliers – arriving a few years later in the second edition of Warhammer 40,000. They’ve been on something of a hiatus since 2009, but the wait is over – they’re raring to go, and ready for horseplay. 

      They really took the old look and revamped it, so pretty sweet to see the direction they are going with them.

      Attilan Rough Riders 3

      It takes a ridiculously brave soldier to ride into the horrors of the 41st Millennium on horseback – not to mention a ridiculously brave horse! Daring Rough Riders specialise in lightning assaults on enemy weak points, and punch far above their weight thanks to the sheer destructive power of their hunting lances.

      We’ll have to see if this is all the Attilan get, but we’re expecting some sweet conversions to get a full army of them!  Or perhaps some folks putting Death Korps on tops if it possible.

      Attilan Rough Riders

      Far from lonesome outriders, Rough Riders are an integral part of the Imperial war machine – the PLATOON keyword lets them receive orders from Cadian Castellans and other officers, while the CORE keyword grants access to a wide variety of bonuses. They even pack a lasgun each for the rare moments when they’re not ramming explosive lances through traitorous faces.

      Having Core and being able to receive orders will make them much more flexible, and really be able to cause some serious damage!

      Attilan Rough Riders 6

      Maybe this was the picture in the codex, and GW wasn’t actually trolling us! Either way, the horses are back in the Imperial Guard line!

      Attilan Rough Riders Rules

      Attilan Rough Riders 5

      You need more than just a sharp stick to face foul xenos war-beasts – fortunately, these lances pack a deadly explosive payload. Employing reckless battlefield techniques refined by the horsemasters of Attila, the hunting lances wielded by Rough Riders can deliver your choice of an infantry-shredding frag tip or vehicle-busting melta tip. 

      This is pretty awesome, as any hit will become three for the first profile! Even though it’s just -1 AP and D1, it should be able to take out a ton of infantry.

      Then, the Melta tip is super powerful, with D3 and -4 AP. This is also a huge upgrade, as the Melta Tips used to be single-use. It doesn’t seem like that anymore! Well, not yet, at least…

      Massive New Warhammer 40k Imperial Guard Codex Rumors! (October 13th, 2022)

      Castellan Cadian 2These come from Reddit and cover a ton, so buckle up!


      3-4 different people/groups have come to me with info.
      I have cross-referenced as best as I can, and I am sharing the stuff that comes from at least 2 sources
      I have seen a few pictures (but tbh not many) but can’t share – requested by sources

      Some pictures would be nice, but again, more references are always a good thing when looking at rumors. Now, let’s look at the rest.

      Regimental Doctrines

      cadian army box set imperial guard heavy weapon teams

      • Mech infantry – may disembark after moving.
      • Parade Drill – already given in a Warhammer Community article
      • Armoured superiority- Sentinels count as 3 models for objectives. Other tanks 5. Super heavies count as 10
      • Blitz Division- costs halve PL when working what goes in reserve. Can deploy on turn 2 with the “turn 3” rules for setup
      • Bombadiers – if a Vox or sentinel can see an enemy unit and is within 12 from an artillery piece add +1 to hit
      • Heirloom weapons +4 inch range
      • Brutal Strength – moving and shooting heavy weapons no -1 hit. First turn in combat and +1 str for infantry
      • Grim Demeanor – do negative rolls for combat attrition
      • Guerilla fighters – ranged attacks more than 18 inches away give infantry and sentinels softcover
      • Elite shock troops – reroll one hit roll per unit
      • Industry efficiency – treat Ap1 as AP0
      • Swift as the wind – infantry gain +1 inch movement. All others gain +2. Also, add +1 to charge rolls
      • Trophy hunter – attacks against monsters and vehicles get +1 str
      • Recon operators – Cavalry and sentinel units get a pre-game move that must end further than 9 inches away from the enemy.
      • That’s it for doctrines. HOWEVER, you must give up “Hammer of the Emperor” which is massive! Edit 13/10/2022 02:19: I have been told from another source that you dont need to give up HoE, take the whole HoE situation with a bucket of salt until more info comes out

      There are some interesting ones here, with options for more defensive, better offense, making your guys harder to hit, and even some for combat. However, giving up the Hammer of the Emperor (if true) is quite big, so be careful what you pick!

      It is nice, though to see a wide range of choices, most times, it will boil down to the three or four most effective.

      New Imperial Guard Regimental Orders Rumors

      cadian army box set imperial guard heavy weapon teams

      • In your command phase officers can issue orders 6 inches for regiment and perfectos orders. 12 inches for mechanized orders. If an officer disembarks from a transport it can issue an order as it was in the command phase.
      • FRFSRF – Heavy 3
      • Take Aim +1 to hit +1 AP
      • Fix Bayonets +1 to hit on Melee +1 AP
      • Take cover – Get light cover if already in light gain dense.
      • Move Move Move! +2 movement if you chose to advance auto 6 (no roll )
      • Suppression fire – target infantry unit only. Can only target 1 unit. If 5 or more hits are scored enemy unit subtracts 1 from hit rolls until your next shooting phase.
      • Tank Orders
      • Pound them to dust – when using blast weapons double the number of models on the enemy unit.
      • Full Throttle – add 2inch movement. Count as stationary if advanced.
      • Gunners kill on sight – reroll 1’s To hit.
      • Blitz them!! – add +1 to charge rolls. If a charge is made roll a die a 4+ inflicts D3 mortal wounds. (Dozer blades add +1 to “hit roll”)
      • Shock and awe – Gain objective secured
      • Pinning fire – target infantry unit only. If 5 or more hits are made unit subtracts 2 from movement
      • Other Orders (possibly prefectus/commissar orders)
      • Forwards, for the Emperor! – When shooting, the unit counts as having Remained Stationary if it made a Normal Move or Advanced
      • Duty and Honour! – The unit can perform actions even if it Fell Back or Advanced, and shooting does not cause actions to fail.
      • Get Back in the Fight! – The unit can shoot or charge (but not both) in the same turn it Fell Back
      • At All Costs! – Unit gains Objective Secured (its models each count as 1 extra model if it already has this ability),
      • Show Them Steel, Show Them Contempt – Add 1 to the unit’s Leadership, and its models can ignore mortal wounds on a 5+
      • Remain Vigilant – units cannot be set up within 12*, and the unit can Hold Steady if charged (and its overwatch hits on a 5+)

      We already also saw that Castellans can issue two orders a turn, so it looks like with all the orders available, your troops will stay quite strong. There are some classics here, but some pretty good additions to the list as well! Plus, giving different types of officers different orders is pretty flavorful.

      Tank Aces

      Rogal Dorn Tank

      • Name Unknown – SUPER-HEAVY model only. This model gains the OFFICER keyword and knows Mechanised Orders. In your Command phase, it can issue one Order, and the unit you select for that Order can be an ASTRA MILITARUM TITANIC unit.
      • METICULOUS CALIBRATOR – Ignores Enemy Light Cover
      • MECHANICAL PACK RAT- Transhuman on a tank
      • VETERAN COMMANDEER – Pick a bonus regimental doctrine
      • KNIGHT OF PIETY – This model has a 5++ invulnerable save. Ignore mortals on a 5+,
      • MASTER OF CAMOUFLAGE- Get light cover from ranged attacks over 12 inches away. Titanics must be 18”
      • STEEL COMMISSAR – Gains Commissar Orders, can order Ogryn.

      Being able to order Titanic units is pretty crazy when you look at how effective it can be for such a big model. Then, getting something like Transhuman on a tank or a 5++ and ignoring mortals is awesome.

      Psychic Powers


      • TERRIFYING VISIONS – Malediction: warp charge 6. select one enemy unit within 18″ Until the start of your next Command phase Subtract 2 from the Leadership + Your opponent cannot select that unit for the Insane Bravery Stratagem and no re-roll for Morale. Also, roll 2D6 and if beat the enemy Ld they fail any actions they were doing
      • GAZE OF THE EMPEROR – Witchfire: warp charge 6. select one enemy model within 12″ of and visible. Draw a straight line between any part of that model’s base and PsYKER’s base. Roll one D6 for that enemy model’s unit, and one D6 for each other unit that this line passes over: on a 1-5, the unit being rolled for suffers 1 mortal wound; on a 6, the unit being rolled for suffers D3 mortal wounds,
      • PSYCHIC BARRIER – Blessing: warp charge 6. select one friendly ASTRA MILITARUM unit within 12″ of this PSYKER. models in that unit have a 5+ invulnerable save.
      • NIGHTSHROUD – Blessing: warp charge 6. select one friendly ASTRA MILITARUM unit within 12″ of this PsYKER. That unit gains transhit
      • MENTAL SHACKLES – Malediction: warp charge 6. select one enemy unit within 18″ of this PsYKER. -2″ from the Move + -2 from Advance and charge rolls
      • PSYCHIC MAELSTROM – Witchfire: warp charge 6. roll a number of D6 equal to the result of the Psychic test. for each 5+, the closest enemy within 18″ + visible suffers 1 mortal wound (max 6).

      Mental Shackles could be really annoying for your opponent and really save your army one extra turn of shooting from melee armies. Terrifying Visions is also a great disruption tool, and forcing enemies to fail actions is quite nice.

      Warlord Traits

      cadian army box set imperial guard command squad

      • If your warlord is not an officer it must have front-line combatant
      • FRONT-LINE COMBATANT – melee attack: exploding 6s and +1 to wound
      • MASTER TACTICIAN – 3 unit redeploy and can go in strat reserves
      • GRAND STRATEGIST – CP refund on a 5+ (per CP spent)
      • SUPERIOR TACTICAL TRAINING – Select one type of order the model doesn’t know, it now knows them. E.g. officers can do commissar orders
      • OLD GRUDGES – select enemy unit pregame. Units with 6 inches of warlord have +1 to wound against that unit
      • LEAD BY EXAMPLE – can issue Orders to its own unit, even though you cannot normally select OFFICER.

      Refunding on a 5+ is pretty nice, especially since it’s per CP spent and not per stratagem. Getting an extra unknown order is also pretty strong, but if you somehow don’t have an officer in your army (GW said they have to be Warlords if on the table) then you have no choice but for Exploding 6 and +1 to wound.


      cadian army box contents

      • THE EMPEROR’S BENEDICTION – range 18 Pistol 3 S4 AP1 D2 Abilities: ignore the Look Out, Sir rule. unmodified wound roll of 6 does 1 mortal wound in addition
      • DEATH MASK OF OLLANIUS – bearer + their unit gets a 4++
      • THE BARBICANT’S KEY Grand – Dark matter crystal/veil of shadows equivalent (e.g. pick up and put down the same turn)
      • KUROV’S AQUILA – Vect equivalent (e.g., 1 enemy strat costs 1 more CP for the game)
      • GATEKEEPER 72” rang.: Blast. Turret Weapon. Heavy D3+6 str 9 ap-3 D3
      • RELIC OF LOST Cadia- Cadian only. Once per battle. (Aura): CADIAN INfANTRY in range get +1 WS and BS and attacks and Ld
      • ORDER OF THE BASTIUM STELLARIS – Transhuman for bearer and unit
      • PSY-SIGIL OF SANCTION Psyker model only knows +1 power, cast +1 power
      • ARMOUR OF GRAF TOSCHENKO bearer gets 2+ saves and +1 wound
      • LAURELS OF COMMAND Can issue one order (from a specific subset, not all orders) in the enemy’s turn. Once per game.

      Gatekeeper is pretty sweet with a possible nine shots, strength 9, and D3! The Aquila is really awesome as you can just get Vect as a relic instead of paying the super high CP cost for it! Issuing orders in the enemy turn is also awesome, but for a once-per-game effect, we’re not sure how impactful it will be.

      Other Bits

      cadian army box set imperial guard heavy weapon teams

      • Core army rules. Hammer for the emperor stays “possibly new name” but adds “units in 6 inches can use officers leadership”
      • May for go hammer of the emperor and pick 2 doctrines
      • Scions are now elites but may be taken as troops if your whole detachment is scions (+2 other keywords)
      • Chain of command. You must select an officer to be your warlord if your army includes any officers. You can only have 1 commandant in each detachment If you have a “commandant” he must be your warlord. Unless your army contains Lord Solar then he must be your Warlord
      • On the scion thing above they are taken in troops instead of elites. So you can’t have them in both slots.
      • Platoons are kinda back, different from how we have seen them before (not like back in 2nd/3rd ed). Special Detachment rules (kinda like Dark Eldar) and there is a platoon keyword
      • Cadian shock troop squads can double up on SW. Sniper rifles are Tanith-specific now, or elite if in a different army…
      • Artillery “are mortal wounds machines.”
      • The new lord solar character has a movement of 12 so he is a Calvary model. (Supreme commander)
      • No conscripts 😢 (but Whiteshields have a datasheet)
      • No Veterans
      • No Commissar Yarrick
      • No special Weapon squads
      • No spam of special weapons anymore in storm trooper squads. 4 allowed in a 10-man squad max of 2 with the same weapon. 5 man squads get 2 special weapons but can only have 1 of each type max.
      • No Pask, Creed, or Kell
      • Rough Riders confirmed to be back
      • Ok so the Hammer of the Emperor stayed the same and adds 6″ if a leadership test is passed based as long as it is within 6″ of an officer or… 12″ with a vox
      • You can play Scions as its own faction but lose a lot of abilities and about 25% of the codex is unusable
      • Lord Solar is what allows you to take scions as a troop. If Creed is taken, she must be your Warlord as well.
      • Command squads are back. You attach people to them like in the old days. Officer 4 guardsmen. Then an officer of fleet/ordnance / astropath. They all have 1 wound. You can also attach Ogryn bodyguard, which has the “big rule” do if you target the unit you have to use his toughness etc. same as the one previewed in the chaos Ogryn
      • Preachers/engineers are still independent and have more wounds etc
      • Orders still spread

      Wow, a lot to digest here. First, it really does look like conscripts are going away, as we’ve seen this in a bunch of rumors, but there might be something to allow you to take big units still.

      They took out a lot of special characters by the looks of it, but gained a new Lord Solar character on a horse! So maybe GW wasn’t trolling us… Then, Rough Riders seem to be making a real return; command squads can have attached dudes, and no veterans, but you can take some more special weapons with Cadians. We’ll see how it plays out, but some very interesting stuff so far!

      Rogal Dorn Tank:

      • This model’s twin battle cannon can be replaced with 1 oppressor cannon and 1 co-axial autocannon.
      • This model’s castigator Gatling Cannon can be replaced with 1 Pulveriser Cannon
      • This model can be equipped with one of the following: 2 meltaguns; 2 additional heavy stubbers.
      • This model can be equipped with one of the following: 2 heavy bolters; 2 multi-meltas.
      • This model can be equipped with armoured tracks.
      • Bs 4+ T9 2+ save (turret weapon rule)
      • Oppressor cannon D6+3 shots Str10 Ap -3 Damage 4 Blast 90-inch range
      • Armoured Tracks (upgrade) D1 weapons give you a +1 arm save
      • Between 250-280 points
      • 17 wounds

      We’ve also been hearing rumors about this for a long time, and it’s looking pretty strong. With all kinds of weapons, a ton of wounds, and T9. However, it does seem to be BS 4, but that was expected. The oppressor cannon is pretty wild and can basically take out either a ton of infantry or tanks.

      Here is what appears to be the source with an internal link to a Google Doc with all the rules

      RUMORS: New Imperial Guard Doctrines, 40k Rules & Units (October 12th, 2022)

      These rules rumors for the Imperial Guard 40k codex come from Reddit:

      Imperial Guard rumors

      So, quite a lot to get into here; first, conscripts and veterans are gone (which we heard rumblings of before). This is huge for a lot of armies out there and could really change the complexion of a bunch of armies.

      We’re not exactly sure why they want to get rid of the conscripts, but there’s a chance you can use a stratagem (or maybe just in the book) where you can still take giant squads but of just regular troops. The veterans make more sense as the Cadians are supposed to be more specialized, so they are all sort of like veterans. Then, you also kind of have Scions moving into that role of being elites.

      Tempestus Scions Command

      Next, nothing too crazy about officers being warlords (as it makes some thematic sense), Hammer of the Emperor remains, and you can still take Scions as troops if they are their own detachment.

      Now, onto doctrines (we also assume there might be more than this). Blitz Division and Bombardiers are probably the most interesting. Getting to deploy into your opponent’s zone is really cool, and then getting +1 to hit on all your artillery is really sweet, as you could easily have a cheap squad with a vox caster just sit by them.

      Then, moving and shooting heavy weapons without penalty is nice and lastly, disembarking after moving could have some really cool shenanigans. The last set is pretty much things we have seen, so nothing too crazy.

      So with that said: let’s check out how these stack up with some recent rumors for the new Imperial Guard codex.

      New Imperial Guard Cadian Castellan Miniature (October 10, 2022)

      Games Workshop just revealed another Imperial Guard miniature, this time in the form of a new Cadian Castellan commander!

      Castellan Cadian 2

      Unlike regular Command Squads, Castellans don’t go into battle accompanied by a retinue. They move among their troops, issuing orders and directing fire wherever it’s needed, all while extending re-rolls to every CORE unit in range.

      Giving re-rolls for every core unit, and being able to move through units is pretty cool.

      Castellan Cadian

      Astra Militarum officers can all boost the effectiveness of their Guardsmen with orders, but the Castellan can issue two per turn. Orders are a vital aspect of the war machine, encouraging units to hit harder, pin down foes, and surge across the battlefield in mass human waves.

      We’re assuming the orders will work somewhat like the old ones, but obviously, there will be some big changes. Being able to give two orders is going to be pretty key to getting your army working well.

      This incredible new model is tremendously versatile, and comes with plenty of weapon options and four separate heads which you can use to make it truly your own. It can be used with any Astra Militarum army, Cadian or otherwise – even the Death Korps of Krieg and the Catachan Jungle Fighters need battlefield command.

      As you can see, there are a few different options, and with four different heads and some weapon options, you should be able to use it for whatever sub-faction you like. So, while the focus is on Cadians, don’t worry if you play something else, as they can also be used for that!

      New Kasrkin & 40k Shadowvaults Kill Team Announced! (October 8th, 2022)

      Shadowvaults is a new 40k Kill Team box that will have all the new Kasrkin and Necrons Hierotek models from the 2022 Warhammer Day preview!

      Kill Team Shadowvaults


      Finally, the long-awaited Kasrkin it for the Imperial Guard has finally been announced by GW, and we are pumped!


      Necron Hierotek Circles

      This new Kill Team Shadowvaults box set will feature an epic battle between the legendary Kasrkin Cadians and a group treasure hunting Necrons named the “Hierotek Circle.”

      Necrons Hierotek

      Necron Hierotek Circles Kasrkin Kasrkin The stream mentioned the multipart versatility found in the Kasrkin Kit and that the Necron half of the box will contain a number of previously released kits along with never before seen upgrade sprues.

      Necron Hierotek Circles

      Not to be left out, this exciting new Kill Team set will include exclusive terrain pieces designed to spice up your games of skirmish combat.

      kill team shadowvaults

      The Warhammer Community stream also mentioned that the Kasrkin’s 40k rules will function a bit differently than regular Guardsmen. As fitting their veteran status, the Kasrkin are capable of using not one, but TWO Regimental Doctrines.

      Check out the full video below for a closer look at all the new models coming in the Shadowvaults Kill Team 40k Box:

      Cadia Stands: New Imperial Guard Army Set Box Revealed! (October 8th, 2022)

      cadian army box contents

      Games Workshop has revealed a new army box set for the Imperial Guard featuring a ton of new Cadian miniatures during the Warhammer Day 2022 preview!

      The box contains 20 Cadian Shock Troops, a Command Squad, a Field Ordnance Battery, and a Sentinel – plus a spoilerific codex that we can’t show quite yet – but these are far from the only new miniatures coming for the Astra Militarum.

      This long-awaited update to the Astra Militarum line looks better than we could have expected. The 35th Anniversary Warhammer Day Stream revealed a ton of new multipart kits in this new army box so that players will have plenty of options!

      cadian army box set imperial guard heavy weapon teams

      cadian army box set imperial guard heavy weapon teams


      cadian army box set imperial guard heavy weapon teams

      cadian army box set imperial guard heavy weapon teams

      cadian army box set imperial guard heavy weapon teams

      cadian army box set imperial guard command squad

      According to the Warhammer Day preview stream, all the new Imerial Guardsman models will be on 28mm bases like the revamped Eldar line.

      Not to let the new Cadians outdo them, the classic Sentinel is also getting a makeover! There are concrete ways to differentiate between the varieties of sentinels available, but it looks like the box will make two kits.

      There aren’t just revamped miniatures either, new units will also premier in this army box. Check out the Field Ordinance Battery we had been hearing rumors about. It can be built in three different ways and comes with a variety of poses for the Guardsmen manning the guns.

      Games Workshop also mentioned these would have a wide stance and be mounted on 100mm bases.

      cadian army box set imperial guard ordnance battery field

      Not to be left out, the stream also discussed the basic idea behind the new Imperial Guard Codex’s design. Regimental Doctrine is the new keyword that dictates how your guard army will differentiate how your Guard army fights vs. other Guard armies.

      The stream also mentioned that the new Kasrkin’s 40k rules function a bit differently than regular Guardsmen. As fitting their veteran status, the Kasrkin are capable of using not one, but TWO Regimental Doctrines.

      Check out the full video below for a closer look at all the new models coming in the new Imperial Guard Cadians Army Box:

      RUMORS: New Kill Team Box Will be Necrons Vs Imperial Guard (September 30th, 2022)

      New Imperial Guard 4

      These come from B&C and Chapter Master Valrak, he says he trusts the source, but take that how you will. Let’s check out the rumors.

      Again I’ve done a video dedicated to this but also wanted to make a post, apparently, the next boxset will be out in October and will feature Guard vs Necron.

      • New Kasrkin for the Guard 
      • Necrons are apparently Immortals/Deathmark and have a Technomancher.

      As we said, this would make sense to include the new Imperial Guard Kasrkins in a Kill Team style box. However, often with these releases, one side gets a new model kit, and the other side either gets nothing new or an upgrade sprue for an existing squad.

      Obviously, this is now a fact with the reveal of the new Shadowvaults Kill Team box for Necrons and the Kasrkin from the 2022 Warhammer Day Preview!

      Kill Team roadmapAs you can see, GW said major quarterly expansions and into the dark basically just came out a few weeks ago.

      RUMORS: New Imperial Guard Army Box Set Contents (September 27th 2022)

      New Imperial Guard 4

      The rumors come from Valrak over on B&C, and while he doesn’t say army box specifically, this list appears to have  data cards and codex.

      Here are the rumored contents of the new box:

        • New Command Squad
        • New Squads of Cadians
        • New Sentinel
        • New Ordinance Battery (Super Heavy Weapon team)
        • Cards, Codex, Etc

      Again, just because I trust the source doesn’t mean you have to, anyway, have a good day 🙂

      As we know now, this was proven correct with the new Cadia Stands Imperial Guard reveal!

      cadian army box contents

      Games Workshop has revealed a new army box set for the Imperial Guard featuring a ton of new Cadian miniatures during the Warhammer Day 2022 preview!

      The box contains 20 Cadian Shock Troops, a Command Squad, a Field Ordnance Battery, and a Sentinel – plus a spoilerific codex that we can’t show quite yet – but these are far from the only new miniatures coming for the Astra Militarum.

      However, we’ve also heard rumors of a combat patrol as well, which sort of, in a way match some of what was mentioned above.

      (as posted on B&C; edited for grammar)

      New Guard Combat Patrol:

      • Cadian Shock Troops 
      • Field ordinance battery 
      • Armored Sentinel 
      • Cadian Command Squad

      This looks similar to the Votann one but with a few differences.

      Leagues of Votann Combat Patrol

      Plus, this could be closer to the truth than a rumor, as the image of what may be the new Leagues of Votann Combat Patrol box is basically the army box with one unit changed out and no codex or datacards.

      So, while these are rumors, they are good to see as long as you take them as rumors!

      What Codex Books Are Next For Warhammer 40k: (September 1st, 2022)

      40k roadmapSo again, new Codex release-wise, Leagues of Votann will be jumping Imperial Guard, and finally, World Eaters.

      Here’s a look at what is confirmed and rumored still to come for 2022 and into 2023

      This isn’t in exact order but could be close. However, with so many books left and 2023 as the tentative date for 10th edition Warhammer 40k, it’s great to see World Eaters didn’t get pushed back.

      RUMORS: New Imperial Guard 40k Codex Rules Changes & Updates (July 14th, 2022)

      new-imperial-guard-modelsAccording to an industry insider, there are a ton of spicy rules and course, new kits rumored to be on the way for the Imperial Guard.

      • The new tank is called the Praetorian (aka Rogal Dorn) and it will feature twin battle cannons that can be replaced with an even bigger gun.
      • Roughrider kits are coming, sadly with no DKoK options, and overall a serious lack of DKoK in the new codex.
      • Hotshot lasguns are the same on Scions and Kasrkin, except the range will be different. 10 to a box for the new kit.
      • Cadian Shock Troopers will get their own datasheet now.
      • Ignore -1 AP mechanic for tanks, as well as ways for their shots to wound on 2’s. Also, a “drive me closer so I can hit you with my sword” upgrade, and a combo melta/psychic defense

      IG rumors

      • New Shock Trooper models are in the fore of the Angron image, and the middle back of the Cadian reveal, with only two special weapons in the squad it makes sense to be a dual kit with the Kasrkins.
      • Guard Codex is next after Daemons

      angron and cadians

      According to the rumors, the troops in red above are the new Cadian Shock troopers! You can tell they look different from the current box. Plus, they were also in the leaked pictures of Angron, so it’s looking like a new box for them.

      This was confirmed with the new Cadia Stands Imperial Guard army box during the 2022 Warhammer Day open!

      It’s also worth noting what appears to be a new tank chassis in the lower right of the Angron pic that could also be the new Praetorian tank.

      RUMORS: New Imperial Guard Plastic Model Kits On The Way

      Recently, Chapter Master Valark claims to have the goods on the new Rumor Engine model for Imperial Guard and even more upcoming kits.

      Did a video on this for those who want to watch but listed down below as well, this comes from the source who I call Alpharius who hasn’t been wrong before. This comes with the Rumour Engine image from today.

      Lots of new stuff for the Imperial Guard:

        • New Tank (Apparently named Rogal Dorn Battle Tank)
        • New Kasrkin Kit
        • New Sentinel Kit
        • New Veteran Cadians/Command Squad
        • New HQs 

      From what was said to me, it’s basically a range refresh with a bunch of badass-looking Cadians.

      As always trust in what you want, just because I trust this source doesn’t mean you have too.

      So either someone is trolling Valrak, or perhaps there is a shred of truth to be gleaned from all of this.

      Reddit Imperial Guard Models & Rules Rumors

      These rumors also come from Reddit and seem pretty solid. The tank has been confirmed, and we’ve seen a few Rumor Engines around what may happen with the Karskins.

      Cadian Upgrade Sprue

      • Rogal Dorn Tank is confirmed, it has less than 18 wounds and is Toughness 9.
      • Hopefully, Baneblades and variants are also Toughness 9, but he didn’t hear anything about them, so fingers crossed.
      • Tank Commanders are nerfed to BS 4+. Ouch. Turret weapons no longer fire twice, but they have a +1 to hit and they can now shoot out of combat (as in, if you’re locked in combat with a melee unit, you can still shoot your turret weapon at another unit not within engagement range with your tank, hence allowing you to still shoot blast weapons even though you’re locked in combat). Sponson and hull weapons remain the same, so they are probably still BS 4+ and have to shoot into combat with a -1 penalty.
      • Probably get a bunch of tokens (like Genestealer Cultists? Crossfire markers and whatever).
      • Deathstrike now can take 3 missiles, seems like its weapon has improved, and the firing mechanism has also been changed. The main explosion does lots of damage to the primary target, then 3D3 mortal wounds to units within 6″ of the primary target.
      • Death Korps of Krieg are in the book as their own new regiment, will have a new Regimental Doctrine, Stratagems, Relics, Warlord Traits, and stuff.
      • Rough Riders are back in the codex, no longer shunted to Legends and having a new model.

      We also heard the new tank’s name has been confirmed as the Rogal Dorn Battle Tank (cause we can’t have just one tank named after a Primarch, lol). It also makes sense, as it gives you another choice, bigger than a Leman Russ but smaller than a giant Baneblade.

      Supposedly it will also be less than 18 Wounds, so it can still be obscured. With Toughness 9, this will be much harder to kill than normal tanks.

      Krieg becoming their regiment makes sense, and with how they move with the line, they could (read as should) come out with more plastic. Hopefully, come out with a cheaper unit for troops (this is just a hope, nothing is confirmed for them).

      Best-Hobby-Supplies-1Click Here For All the Hobby Products & Tools We Swear By

      If Tank Commanders move to BS 4, that would be quite sad, but it seems they will have +1 to hit on their turret weapons. Eh, pretty sad, but maybe they are getting enough buffs in other places and may have been done to keep the power a little lower on the new tank because it might be insane.

      RUMORS: New Imperial Guard Tank Hidden in Plain Sight!

      Let’s take look at the box art for the new Cadia Stands Imperial Guard Army Box.

      Rogal Dorn TankEven from a distance, you can see two tanks in the top right of the box!

      Rogal Dorn TankWhen you get closer, that looks an awful lot like a giant tank, but not quite a Baneblade size. Oh, what’s a little smaller than a Baneblade, but bigger than a Leman Russ, supposedly? That’s right, the new tank! The proportions seem to be too off for it to be a Russ or any other tanks we know are out there.

      Plus, it seems to have troops riding on the back of it, on a firing deck, and it has pretty much-exposed treads for the most part as well, unlike the current Leman Russ kit.

      Rogal Dorn TankSeems to be firing from the top? In a later pic, below with Angron, it even looks to have sponsons right up on the front. However, this isn’t the only picture we have of the rumored tank. 

      Hidden in Plain SightIf you look in the background of this reveal for the Castellan, that looks a lot like the wreckage of a giant tank in the background! Obviously, they have it very blurred, but when compared to the Guardsmen in front of it, it looks giant! It could obviously just be a scratch-built piece of terrain, but when you look at the top turret, it could very well be the new tank.

      For reference, the front of the wrecked Tank seems to be positioned to the far right of this image, just over the Ogryn’s shoulder.

      However, as you have seen, this isn’t all we’ve seen of what may be a new “Praetorian” Rogal Dorn Imperial Guard tank.

      RUMORS: New Astra Militarum Miniatures & 40k Rules


      This round of rumors comes from Dakka Dakka,  consistent with some of the new Imperial Guard rumors we saw. However, they are rumors, so take them with as much salt as you need. That said, though, the picture is one of these rumors! 

      Let’s jump into the new stuff and see how it all stacks up.

      So, according to MordianGlory, he’s “seen pictures of the new Astra Militarum models” and they are apparently…

      • Kasrkin – looks very true to the originals. Many weapon options, grenade launchers, flamers, plasma guns, melta guns, at least. Respirators, backpacks, hellguns, the shebang.
      • Heavy Weapon Teams – he saw heavy bolter and autocannons. Magazines are attached to the side instead of the classic belt-fed from a box on the ground. Different shapes for the front shields on weapons.
      •  New “Creed-like” model – thinks it might be Creed’s daughter. Long hair up in a bun behind the head. “Severina Raine-like breastplate”. Tactical rock, greatcoat, more slender, and small banner on a pole. Pair of pistols, sash, and power sword – Creed’s signature weapons. -This is what the photo appears to be. 
      • New Sentinels – Says he saw an armored Sentinel. Sleeker, “like mechs from Iron Harvest” – more like a capsule from Admech. Instead of a roll-cage or armor, it has a single armored slit instead of two. Weapon layout similar, side-carry, but mounted higher up. Bigger and bulkier than the current sentinels.
      • New Lord Commissar – “most improved model” in his opinion. A reimagining of the Power Fist + book sculpts model. Foot on an ammo can, heroic pose.

      He was also told but did not see that Attilan Rough Riders are returning. Unsubstantiated, but it’s apparently what he heard. More Attilan style rather than Death Korps’ style.  He also did not see that the Leman Russ or Chimera was updated, looked like the same models.

      Imperial Guard Codex Release Date Rumors

      Imperial Guard codexSo, the quick version, industry sources are saying they are coming after Chaos Space Marines. this is about what we expected; however, this also most likely puts it after the wave one releases of Horus Heresy that are supposed to be hitting in June. 

      However, with the reveal of the Daemons codex, the chances are Imperial Guard will be a fall release instead.

      GW Reveals New Imperial Guard Kasrkin, Sentinel, & More Models!

      As you know, communication across vast galactic distances is complex, and the work of faithless traitors can lead to pictorial intelligence of a substandard quality ending up in your dutiful hands. Fortunately, we stand ready to address this oversight – our astropaths have been able to broadcast glorious images of forthcoming Astra Militarum reinforcements.

      Traitors? That’s a little harsh, but it got GW to reveal the minis! Plus, the new models are looking pretty sweet!

      New Imperial GuardIf you ask us, there are more units than they showed off below in the picture. However, we’ll also speculate on those.


      New Imperial Guard 4

      The new Lord Castellan deserves to command only the finest troops in battle – and who better than the renowned Kasrkin? These warriors are the elite of the elite, and they’re getting a stunning kit to match their fearsome reputation.

      Clad in the finest carapace armour, these special forces have more skills than your standard Astra Militarum trooper, and are able to cut down their enemies with volleys from their hot-shot lasguns.

      The New Imperial Guard Kasrkin models take the look of the old ones and just up the ante! They are sleeker with better-looking weapons and just overall. If you ask us, that’s a pretty good upgrade.

      Ursula Creed

      New Imperial Guard 2

      Ursula Creed is the Lord Castellan of Cadia – and we dare any of you to tell her that she can’t hold the post simply because Abaddon destroyed that entire planet. Creed follows in her father’s footsteps – but while nepotism is alive and well in the 41st Millennium, this is no hereditary title. She’s earned that mantle like her father before her, and is every bit as ruthless, tactical, and unflinching.


      New Imperial Guard 3

      Wait, could that be her father’s battered old greatcoat? But wasn’t he wearing that when Cadia fell?

      This is a cool addition to the line, and the model has all kinds of throwbacks to Creed. However, we’re not so sure about the paint job on this one, mainly the face, but we’re sure it can be made to look cooler.


      New Imperial Guard 5

      Finally, there’s an incredible new take on a classic kit – the Sentinel. These agile walker-vehicles are superb hunter-killers, and can be equipped with a variety of weaponry and wargear that enables them to deal with any foe – from blasting apart a tide of frenzied cultists to bringing down xenos monstrosities.


      New Imperial Guard 6

      The new miniature can be assembled as an Armoured Sentinel or – if you prefer to feel the wind in your hair as you slay the enemies of the God-Emperor – a lightweight Scout Sentinel.

      This is pretty sweet! While it keeps the feel of the old one, it updates it to the new edition! Plus, if you look hard enough in the picture at the top, you can see the scout sentinel there!

      RUMORS: New Imperial Guard Kasrkin, Weapon Teams & More Models SPOTTED!

      Boom goes the dynamite; the whole image that was previously leaked of new Imperial Guard models has been revealed coming in the new Cadians Army box!

      Whew, this is a lot to digest. Okay, first up is what looks to be the rumored Creed daughter with #pattonpistols, then the new armored top sentinel as well (note open-topped version far right in red light).

      Then the long-awaited Kasrkin models that look true to their metal counterparts from the 2000s, which are on what appears to be either Kill Team style or Blackstone Fortress style bases?

      Then the middle appears to be new Cadian Shock Troopers who were rumored to be “more elite” now than regular guard.  However, they could just be the old models with the new upgrade sprue as well- it’s really hard to tell.

      Now confirmed is a five-man command squad pictured far right, as even the tassels do not match the current plastic kit from the mid-2000s.

      cadian command old

      cadian army box set imperial guard command squad

      The new Lord Commisar model is also visible in the middle from the previous rumors, and last but certainly not least are the new Imperial Guard Heavy Weapon Teams!

      Looking closely, you will notice the armored shields are missing, and the location of the ammo feeds are different from the current models pictured below:

      imperial guard weapons squads old

      cadian army box set imperial guard heavy weapon teams

      Pretty cool to finally see some pictures, and if we’re seeing them, it most likely means the release isn’t that far off.

      RUMORS: New 40k Imperial Guard Catachan, Scions & Krieg Rules

      Armies-on-Parade-Lore-40k-Imperial-Guard title hor

      These were supposedly from the GSC Discord by “the same guys as previous leaks” (as posted on B&C; edited for grammar)

      • You won’t be running pure cadians (of course you could) You will be able to mix and match different regiments into one force.
      • Your army bonus doesn’t care that half is Catachan and the other Krieg; you’ll still get your army rule.
      • The only benefit in running, say, a unit of Catachan is to use a strat like “vicious traps.”
      • In the enemy charge phase, spend X cp When a unit is charged and is in terrain, roll a d6 +1 if the unit is Catachans or guerrillas +1 if the unit has a melta mine +1 if Sly Marbo is on the battlefield.
        • On a 2-5, the enemy unit suffers d3 mortal wounds. On a 6+, the enemy unit suffers 2d3 mortal wounds.
      • The Command Squad is now the HQ (Exceptions being Commissars and Special Characters)
      • You don’t get individual characters leading
      • Field Ordinance Battery Choices
        • Bombast field gun
        • Heavy lascannon
        • Malleus rocket launcher
      • Scions range is now 24″ get the regiments bonus and also 6’s to hit score additional hits
      • Veteran Squads and Special Weapon squads are gone from the book, and Infantry squads lose access to heavy weapons but gain a second special weapon slot.
      • New Guard Combat Patrol:
        • Cadian Shock Troops 
        • Field ordinance battery 
        • Armored Sentinel 
        • Cadian Command Squad

      There are a lot of takeaways here. First, there was a new heavy weapon squad, which as we know now, the Field Ordinance Battery is a completely new kit on a 100mm base.

      cadian army box set imperial guard ordnance battery field

      Second is the supposed configuration of the new Imperial Guard Combat Patrol box that looks to perhaps be all new models if you believe our CSI-type breakdown of the leaked new model image from early 2022.

      Last seems to be some cool rules that won’t penalize you for mixing and matching regiments in your armies!

      Either way, the Imperial Guard looks to be getting a slew of new models that may also satiate the discerning treadhead.  Dope new rules would be a fantastic pairing to have as well in their upcoming codex.

      Check out the latest rumors about the rest of the 9th and 10th Edition Warhammer 40k rumors for new releases, including the next 40k Primarch, Space Marines, and more!

      Click Gallery below for full-size images.

      Here’s the most up-to-date list of new Games Workshop bits from preview models that we should watch out for. Click on the gallery above to see dozens of Rumor Engines with new models still to be revealed!

      All the Newest GW Model & Rules Previews

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