New Death Guard 10th Edition 40k Rules: Datasheets & Index Cards

death-guard-new-rules-10th-EdtionHere are a ton of new 10th Edition Warhammer 40k Death Guard rules, including Contagions, weapons, and index cards datasheets!

With army-wide rules, more datasheets, weapon profiles, and new stratagems, the picture of how Death Guard will work in 10th Edition 40k is starting to come into focus.

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Contagions Boil Over in These New Death Guard 10th Edition Warhammer 40k Rules

The new rules come from Warhammer Community.

Death Guard10th Edition Warhammer 40k Rules

Nurgle’s Gift blesses every Death Guard unit with an aura that increases over the course of the battle. Enemy units in Contagion Range have their Toughness reduced by 1 as unnatural plagues overwhelm them – a blighted salve to the increased resilience found across the board in the new edition.

By the 3rd battle round, you will have a giant ring of contagion. At that point, almost every enemy unit will have -1 Toughness which will be a massive boon for a lot of Death Guard shooting! When the close the gap in assault, Death Guard units will also now have the upper hand as well against equally equipped units.

Death Guard 10th Edition Warhammer 40k Rules 2

These contagions are so powerful that they even bend the landscape to Nurgle’s will, and as the Death Guard Spread the Sickness they cause Nurgle’s garden to encroach on realspace. Any objectives controlled by the Death Guard at the end of their Command phase remain in their control even if they move away, and also gain Nurgle’s Gift, meaning enemies who want to take it back will have to contend with the reality-warping pox weakening them.

This is a really cool rule and far better than most armies’ for holding objectives after they walk off them. Plus, with it having Nurgle’s Gift, enemies trying to take it will be weaker to reprisals!

New 10th Edition Warhammer 40k Death Guard Datasheets

Death Guard 10th Edition Warhammer 40k Rules 3

Toughness 6! 2+ Save! 4+ invulnerable save! What a bloated banquet of resilience – we need a lie down. These hulking brutes trade a little movement for an extra pip of Toughness, making them some of the toughest Infantry out there. Their Lethal Hits will make short work of tougher targets, while Blistering Fusillade grants re-rolls for Wound rolls of 1 against the closest target – a noxious pairing with the Toughness reduction inflicted by Nurgle’s Gift. 

It’s hard to say how good these are since we haven’t seen all their rules yet (most notably the disgustingly resilient). However, these terminators will still be insanely tough with Toughness 6, 3 wounds, and a 4+ invulnerable.

The Blight Launcher is quite strong, the Plague Spewer is keeping some AP, and the Reaper Autocannon gets a decent number of attacks but only -1 AP. You can also re-roll the 1’s to wound if the enemy is the closest. They get four attacks for combat, each with -2 AP, while the Flail gets six attacks with D2.

Most weapons have Devastating Hits, which will autowound targets on a Critical Hit roll of an unmodified 6.

Death Guard 10th Edition Warhammer 40k Rules 4

Another facet of Death Guard power manifests in their psychic prowess. Malignant Plaguecasters reach out and blast the enemies of Nurgle with a Plague Wind made up of corrosive vomit and feculent gas, the resulting Pestilent Fallout causing enemies to falter as they hack up bile and blood.

He’s still pretty tough, but his real strength comes from his powers. First, Plague Wind can dish out all kinds of attacks and, in the focused version, gets an average of 6-7 attacks at Strength 6,-2 AP, and D3 damage.

So a single shot could more or less wipe out a unit. However, Hazardous means he could damage himself in the attack. Then, he de-buffs enemy units well, either with wound rolls or movement and charges.

He’s shaping up to be a severe pest and quite strong to boot!

New Weapon Rules

Death Guard 10th Edition Warhammer 40k Rules 5

The Death Guard trudge into battle with grim purpose, usually flanked by Daemon Engines overripe with disease and corruption. Of these, the Plagueburst Crawlers are the most notable. Devised by Mortarion himself, these tanks are armed with a Plagueburst mortar, a long-ranged weapon expressly designed to obliterate infantry.

This is super strong, with an average of 6-7 attacks, lethal hits, blast, and indirect fire. Not to mention Strength 8 and D2. If you need to take out two wound models, this is perfect!

Plus, forcing every unit to take a Battle-chock test for just one hit is awesome.

New Death Guard Warhammer 40k Stratagems

Death Guard 10th Edition Warhammer 40k Rules 6

Of the many maladies Nurgle has concocted, the Sanguous Flux is one of the nastiest – units blessed by it gain Sustained Hits 1 on their melee attacks, and Sustained Hits 2 when within range of an Infected objective marker. Viciously efficient on the bubotic blades of Blightlord Terminators.

If you use this on a unit on your objective marker, every six will cause three hits, and for 1 CP, this is huge!

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